Accel World (main) (720p – 100MB)

Accel World (main)
Dunia Percepatan (synonym)
AW (short)
Accel World (official)
Accel World (official)

* Based on a light novel series by [Kawahara Reki], with illustrations by HIMA.
One autumn day in 2046, [Haruyuki] has an encounter with [Kuroyuki-hime], the prettiest girl in his school. For the middle school boy who is often bullied, the meeting changes his life. Through a mysterious piece of software she gave him, Haruyuki learns about the existence of the virtual Accel World. It was after that fateful encounter that Haruyuki of the lowest school caste becomes Burst Linker, a courageous knight defending a princess.
Source: ANN
[i]Note: The first two episodes received a pre-airing held in collaboration with various stores and webstreaming services. The first one took place at Gamers`s Akihabara head office in Tokyo on Friday, March 23, 2012. Others took place at Softmap Akihabara also on March 23, 2012, Animate Nipponbashi in Osaka on March 24, 2012 and Comic Toranoana in Nagoya on March 25, 2012. Attendance was limited to 400 people, 100 for each location, and participants were chosen through a post-card lottery held until Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Additional webcasts were streamed at Bandai Channel on March 26, 2012, at PlayStation Store between Wednesday, March 28 and Tuesday, April 3, 2012, at Warner on Demand between April 1 and April 2, 2012 and at Nico Nico Douga on April 2, 2012. Viewership was limited to 1000 accounts for all services except Nico Nico Douga, which was limited to 2000. The regular TV broadcast started on April 7, 2012.
Note 2: The setting is the same as that of [Sword Art Online], another series by the [same author].[/i]

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 24
Rating – 5.68
Start Date – 2012-03-23
End Date – 2012-09-22


Ep Num# Date Title
1 2012-03-23 Acceleration
2 2012-03-23 Transformation
3 2012-04-21 Investigation
4 2012-04-28 Declaration
5 2012-05-05 Aviation
6 2012-05-12 Retribution
7 2012-05-19 Restoration
8 2012-05-26 Temptation
9 2012-06-02 Escalation
10 2012-06-16 Activation
11 2012-06-23 Obligation
12 2012-06-30 Absolution
13 2012-07-07 Violation
14 2012-07-14 Arrestation
15 2012-07-21 Destruction
16 2012-07-28 Imagination
17 2012-08-04 Fragmentation
18 2012-08-11 Invitation
19 2012-08-18 Revolution
20 2012-08-25 Domination
21 2012-09-01 Insurrection
22 2012-09-08 Determination
23 2012-09-15 Consolidation
24 2012-09-22 Reincarnation

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it`s very good anime, even animation is good, the only thing i have problem is the protagonist being a pig and in the arc in the middle which involve *imuoN* it gets really frustrated for me, but its good for those that enjoy this type of story, overall recommended 🙂

This series has a potentially rich and unique setting but unfortunately it fails to deliver due to many short comings. First and foremost the protagonist holds no self esteem and self confidence, he doesnt even develop as the show goes on. Second the supporting cast is quite bland. Third there is no real or compelling villain / no compelling goal or objective. This same setting/universe could have been a lot better with a well crafted plot than what was given.

People before me have already told you how it lacks in plot, character development and how annoying the main character is so there is no need to advance further into that.
The main issue of the series is that its based on a ongoing light novel abd despite there being 12 issues released so is only the first 3 animated. This leaves us with an unconcluded series, a lot of questions and a feeling of unfulfillment.
They should at the very least animate the chapter of SAO vs AC.

Might had been a great series if the main character wasn`t sucking ass.

It starts of really well. The idea is very solid but is presented quite badly. After a few episodes it starts to become dull and even feels like it`s a filler. Quite frankly, I consider over half of the episodes filler-like. They could`ve made this anime so damn awesome, but with an annoying main character and not making the main reason of Burst Link (becoming Lv. 10) the main goal of the series, this anime is fundamentally flawed and in the end extremely disappointing.

Be warned that this anime has one of the most pathetic protagonist I`ve ever seen. So if you`re expecting a cool protagonist like Kirito in Sword Art Online, you WILL be disappointed. I found myself rooting for the bad guys more often that the protagonist 😆

That being said, it`s still a good anime if you like the “Massively multiplayer online” (MMO) theme. The soundtrack is pretty good and the protagonist doesn`t look as pathetic when he`s in his Accel (fighting) form. If you`re looking for something more similar to SAO, you`ll probably find BTOOOM! a lot better.

Unfortunately, this is one of the shows where the characters get into a heated discussion with their opponents before finishing them, thereby ruining their chance of defeating them. This to me is one of the fatal flaws of an otherwise enjoyable series.

Another let down is that the turn of events is a bit unrealistic. Other than that, great looking heroines, and I don`t mind the pig. 🙂

It was interesting , it could have been better , but no… Also , from ep 13 it got boring and retarded. also , interesting choice for a main character.. Overall it was watchable…

Very good anime with only 1 minus point, the main hero is a “pig”. . . lol

Honestly, I was underestimating this anime before.
Just finished watching yesterday, I can say this show is great. Absolutely.

The world-system concept is one of my favorite, great animation and mecha design, plus great soundtracks. (May`n, kotoko, ALTIMA)
And of course, Kuroyukihime-sama…she`s one of my favorite girl now :3

Well, it`s a must see. I`m hoping for 2nd season ASAP 😀

I really wanted to rate it with at least an 8, but couldn`t bring myself to do it. There was plethora of plot holes, bunch of characters that were in the opening but barely appeared once, maybe twice. Many insignificant characters, weird character relationships, plot holes, deficit of episodes, and plenty of other reasons were what turned me off in this series. Otherwise, it would be amazing! eh…but I think you should still try it out, some things about it are not half bad.

This show was really good, but I feel that that the plot could have been better expanded and … also made so it was not as predictable

An above average anime, definitely worth picking up. I rather liked the departure from cliche/generic pretty boy protagonist, though you will at times want him to man up.

great shounen anime with romance and friendship. and seriously need a second season.

Good one. It`s easy to watch (most of time), but at the same time it has some cool psychological features, and it`s up to the viewer whether to notice them or just enjoy the action.

Seriously underrated. It may look like a typical martial arts anime in an online game guise at the first glance, it is very definitely not. Very emotionally and intellectually engaging, and the animation is top notch.

This one actually gets even better as it progresses. Go season 2, onegai!!

Well. this ones definitely was an awesome anime~
Pretty diff settings for the main char~ u might think that he kinds sucks at first but… cmon we cant expect the same main char all over n over right? ^^
n.. yeah Accel world / SAO got a damt awesome world…
Trust me. Its a Must see in every aspect!!

One of the best new comers so far!
Really surprised me, since some dudes kept writing crazy negative recommendations for this…
But after seeing the first episode i really fell in love with it, watching it all in one go!

Oh and i got a good recommendation for people, who might believe in judging a show drastically after seeing only a few eps: Someday, you will see one anime, in which the story or setup changes completely after the 6th ep, keep watching!

This show is a bit… unusual. It has almost every genre in it with quite the large quantity, comedy, romance, drama, action, harem, cute moe blob fest, you name it. The characters don`t fail to impress and the plot moves rather smoothly with well placed cliff hangers on every episode. It suprisinly meshes all together so well to give you a really nice and interesting show. I recommend it and would go so far to say it`s a must see.

underrated !! . a must see


Good plot.

Great anime and love the connection beat wean the Accel World and Sword Art Online need to watch both and a lot of things will be clear, great universe.

A great anime to watch. A little slow at times and too fast at other times, but it is still a great anime you will enjoy.

I have never seen a underrated anime like that, this one is one of the best here, grade should be at least 8.5. Give a try, you will not regreat, for sure!

I start watching this anime after 4 episodes was out and it blew me away literally, it`s like nothing else u have see until now trust me in that, there is so much awesome ideas & the plot is amazing it keep u glue to the screen asking for more, I check all the 20+ new anime released every season this anime become my favorite for this season in an instant, MUST SEE!

Accel World OVA (Sequel)
Sword Art Online (Same Setting)

Log Horizon


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