Akame ga Kill! (Complete Batch)(720p|100MB)

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Akame ga Kill! (720p – 100MB)

Akame ga Kill!

Tatsumi is a fighter who sets off to the Capital in search of a way to make money to assist his poverty-stricken village. After falling victim to a robbery by a woman and losing all his money, Tatsumi is taken in by a noble aristocratic girl by the name of Aria. In the following night, Aria`s place is attacked by a group of assassins known as Night Raid. While Tatsumi at first tries to defend Aria from the assassin Akame, another member of the group stops the fight. She reveals that Aria has kidnapped several villagers and tortures them for fun. Shocked upon seeing the tortured villagers — including his two best friends, Tatsumi kills Aria.
Seeing potential in Tatsumi, Night Raid invites the boy to their group warning that regardless of how they want to assassin corrupted people, they are murderers. Tatsumi accepts in order to become stronger and protect his village. In their fight against the Empire, Night Raid starts antagonizing an organization known as The Jaegars led by Esdeath, the most powerful fighter in the Empire. As both Night Raid and Jaegars suffer losses, the Empire forms a new secret police force, the Wild Hunt, with the son of the Prime Minister, Shura, as its leader, to bolster its law reinforcements, though Wild Hunt heavily abuses its new authority by killing innocent civilians for fun.
Source: Wikipedia

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 24
Rating –
Start Date – 2014-07-07
End Date –

AkamegaKill-Episode12-Omake-2AkameGaKill-Episode6-Omake-11 AkameGaKill-Episode6-Omake-9

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Rapid Release (HorribleSubs)

Episode 8 : DDL
Episode 9 : DDL
Episode 10 : DDL
Episode 11 : DDL
Episode 12 : DDL
Episode 13 : DDL
Episode 14 : DDL
Episode 15 : DDL
Episode 16 : DDL
Episode 17 : DDL
Episode 18 : DDL
Episode 19 : DDL
Episode 20 : DDL
Episode 21 : DDL
Episode 22 : DDL
Episode 23 : DDL
Episode 24 : DDL

Proper Release (Doki)

Episode 1 : Direct Download
Episode 2 : Direct Download
Episode 3 : Direct Download
Episode 4 : Direct Download
Episode 5 : Direct Download
Episode 6 : Direct Download
Episode 7 : Direct Download

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Complete Batch MEGA

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  • Trunks-san

    I cant download from rapid release section Error 404 not found fix that pls

    • Frenzy

      can you specify which episodes?

  • Ikan Ganas

    ddl rapid release horrible sub is broooken 🙂

  • Kariri Kun

    Mega Batch please T.T

  • Þoúmþälī moħämễḑ


    • nathanaelhp

      those are donators only

  • Leigh

    could we get mega batch or mega links please??? :3

  • dyrt

    please upload mega link…tnx

  • Celestial Karen

    So only for donators then? Okay.

  • nathanaelhp

    pls release more proper versions!

  • Kiryuu Zero

    where is the aka mega link?

  • Bill

    no MEGA link?

  • hi

    whai cant i download the rapid release ones?

  • Cy

    I would like to watch this. Is there a mega folder?

  • nathanaelhp

    more proper releases pls! or at least make the rapid available to everyone

  • Shanta

    thx alot

  • Inuk Egede

    great work TheOnlyZii 😀 uuh are there someone can tell me anime names? i mostly like ¨Crazy¨ animes just like ¨Future dairy¨ ¨Another¨

    • Get Corspe party, and elfen leid

      • BirdyBird

        daang Corpse Party xD… Elfen Lied was good if they could make new Episodes Would be SUUUPEEER Great 😉 Thanks for Reply 😉 Elfen Lied last Episode were my 6493th watched video ¨anime¨ xD xD xD

  • Tokarew

    i agree with cristot10… would you guys change the proper sub release to anothersub group? would be nice;)

  • cristot10

    Seems like Doki dropped this anime already. Could you change proper sub release into Vivid-Asenshi subs? Thanks 🙂

  • BokuWa

    what do you use to have these hd encoded in such small size sire? may i know?

    • danpmss

      MEGUI, probably^

  • Raymond

    Cant watch this episodes…only audio…pls….how to watch these episodes

    • Zero992

      Change video player since that one obviously doesn’t support the mkv format.

      • George

        Just use MPC-HC and play everything!!!
        And never ever have problems playing anything 🙂

  • qwert

    cant seem to download ep 8. for some reason, it only downloads the link.

  • Fadol Fakhoury

    when is the
    Proper Release (Doki)
    ep8 >> 24 will be released

  • Bill

    what is the different between proper release and rapid release?

    • Proper has better subtitle, Vid quality, and mostly less size compared to rapid

      • BIll

        About this anime,when the proper release shows up?

        • proper release is being stalled on doki, there’s no ETA and we’ve putting it on hold at the moment

          • Daylighter


  • Vinicius

    hey sr , why don’t video? , only audio

    • what ?

      • Nandatte

        Nice reaction Zii 😀
        No seriously, perhaps Vinicious couldn’t see the
        video and only audio. Perhaps his codec is not up to date, or perhaps
        he used a wrong setting? Not that I am an expert…

      • Raymond

        cant watch the episodes …oh men

  • Akari

    I can’t seem to download ep 23 the download keeps stopping

    • nothing wrong with the link

      • Akira

        Thats weird now it downloads but 1min in it doesn’t play anymore

        • its definitely your internet or pc since its only you encounter this issue

        • Akira

          I have the same problem just do it at night like really late at night idk why the download is stupid in the morning/afternoon LOL at night say around midnight or 2am it downloads in under 2min for me

        • nathanaelhp

          it’s usually because it didn’t completely finish downloading even though it looks like it. always check the file size

  • Ookami


  • Ookami

    CANT wait for ep 22 to get uploaded and available for direct download!!! <3 HURRY!!!! lol

  • concern87

    episod 20?

  • Twinblader

    When are you gonna put episode 19 up? :3

  • 6863

    Are these with hardcoded subs?

    • Zero992


  • mochichi

    are you guys always gonna do rapid now or proper releases are gonna get added someday?

    • Zero992

      Rapid is in rapid section Proper release are in Direct Download section. So we already got proper releases 🙂

    • Proper Release is Stalled at the Subgroup end.
      I will update it as soon as doki start catching up

  • Zandalphon

    Can’t download from DokiSubs(I can’t click the links), Please fix.

    • There is nothing wrong with it here

      • Zandalphon

        The links are finally working after updating my browser, thanks for replying.

  • Maul Renji


  • Anon046

    How can I play the video?

    • Double click it

      • Suriadi Chandra

        which video are we talking about ?
        the trailer ?

        Thanks for your hard work as usual 😀

  • Marek

    Helo how i can download this anime from Torrrent becase when i click on Torrent in epison 1-7 on start i download program FLVPlayer_doland what i need do too have normal torrent file.

    • Zero992

      Torrents dont work. We stopped using them. Use DDL its free for this season ongoings.

      • Marek

        K but all time when i try download all time i have one episod and this FLVplayer can i download w/0 this ? and do you have nice player wher i can watch this episod on andriod/ipad but i will need players who can use

        • Marek

          sory for spam subtitles for them.

          • Zero992

            Can’t help you there i dont use android sorry 😐

        • Jess

          Use MX Player.

    • FLVPlayer ? we dont have such thing on our Download links
      try to download with another browser or another download manager
      this is the 1st time i heard such problem

  • anonymous

    where is episode 6?

  • Hitoyoshi

    HS episode 4 is missing subs


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