Amagami SS Plus (main) (Complete Batch) (720p|100MB)

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Amagami SS Plus (main) (720p – 100MB)

Amagami SS Plus (main)

* Based on the PlayStation 2 romance simulation game Amagami by [Enterbrain]. Following [Amagami SS] each character arc receives another two episodes.
The alternate relations between 17-year-old [Tachibana Jun`ichi] and fellow female students are explored: [Ayatsuji Tsukasa], [Sakurai Rihoko], [Nanasaki Ai], [Tanamachi Kaoru], [Nakata Sae], and [Morishima Haruka].

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 5.71
Start Date – 2012-01-06
End Date – 2012-03-30

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12012-01-06Tsukasa Ayatsuji: First Half – Temptation
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Zenpen Yuuwaku
22012-01-13Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Second Half – Showdown
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Kouhen Kessen
32012-01-20Rihoko Sakurai: First Half – Dusk
Sakurai Rihoko Zenpen Yuugare
42012-01-27Rihoko Sakurai: Second Half – Wind Chime
Sakurai Rihoko Kouhen Fuurin
52012-02-03Ai Nanasaki: First Half – Bravado
Nanasaki Ai Zenpen Tsuyogari
62012-02-10Ai Nanasaki: Second Half – Escape
Nanasaki Ai Kouhen Tousou
72012-02-17Kaoru Tanamachi: First Half – Sketch
Tanamachi Kaoru Zenpen Sketch
82012-02-24Kaoru Tanamachi: Second Half – Traveling Companion
Tanamachi Kaoru Kouhen Michizure
92012-03-02Sae Nakata: First Half – Doubt
Nakata Sae Zenpen Utagai
102012-03-09Sae Nakata: Second Half – A Wish
Nakata Sae Kouhen Onegai
112012-03-16Haruka Morishima: First Half – Sexy
Morishima Haruka Zenpen Sexy
122012-03-23Haruka Morishima: Second Half – Departure
Morishima Haruka Kouhen Tabidachi
132012-03-30Miya Tachibana: Hot Springs
Tachibana Miya Hen Onsen

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I recommend that you watch these `2 episode long arc endings` directly after each corresponding arc from season 1, as its just a continuation of each story/girl.

If you see this as a new season it might disappoint you (for those who seen S1 1,5 year before S2), so better treat this as season 1: you only need to do some puzzling to get all the episodes in the right order.

So better watch S1 and S2 at the same time.

I dunno, I really loved season 1 but for some reason ss+ feels like a recap. Very disappointed of this season 🙁

Good sequel to the first season. Watch it if you liked Amagami!

Watch this to know even more about the characters!

well, as usual amagami back with lovey dovey stuff but to short for each arch

Amagami SS (Prequel)

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