Amagami SS (720p – 204MB)

* Based on the PlayStation 2 romance simulation game Amagami by Enterbrain.
Tachibana Jun`ichi, a 2nd year high school student, always feels depressed around Christmas time due to a certain past experience. And due to his fear of opening his heart to love, his school life is rather lonely.
One day, Tachibana asks himself if he is really satisfied with ending his high school life in such a pathetic way? Setting aside his fears, Tachibana determines that he will spend the coming Christmas with a girl.
Thus resolved, he goes on to meet many different girls. In the end, what will Christmas hold for Tachibana?
~ translated and adapted from the official Japanese site by Cranston

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 25
Rating – 6.41
Start Date – 2010-07-02
End Date – 2010-12-24

Ep Num# Date Title
1 2010-07-02 Haruka Morishima: Episode 1 – Admiration
Morishima Haruka Hen Daiisshou Akogare
2 2010-07-09 Haruka Morishima: Episode 2 – Approach
Morishima Haruka Hen Dainishou Sekkin
3 2010-07-16 Haruka Morishima: Episode 3 – Jealousy
Morishima Haruka Hen Daisanshou Yakimochi
4 2010-07-23 Haruka Morishima: Final Episode – Romance
Morishima Haruka Hen Saishuushou Ren`ai
5 2010-07-30 Kaoru Tanamachi: Episode 1 – Buddies
Tanamachi Kaoru Hen Daiisshou Akuyuu
6 2010-08-06 Kaoru Tanamachi: Episode 2 – Hesitation
Tanamachi Kaoru Hen Dainishou Tomadoi
7 2010-08-13 Kaoru Tanamachi: Episode 3 – Betrayal
Tanamachi Kaoru Hen Daisanshou Uragiri
8 2010-08-20 Kaoru Tanamachi: Final Episode – Progress
Tanamachi Kaoru Hen Saishuushou Shinten
9 2010-08-27 Sae Nakata: Episode 1 – Underclassman
Nakata Sae Hen Daiisshou Kouhai
10 2010-09-03 Sae Nakata: Episode 2 – Training
Nakata Sae Hen Dainishou Tokkun
11 2010-09-10 Sae Nakata: Episode 3 – Changes
Nakata Sae Hen Daisanshou Henkaku
12 2010-09-17 Sae Nakata: Final Episode – Lovers
Nakata Sae Hen Saishuushou Koibito
13 2010-09-24 Ai Nanasaki: Episode 1 – The Worst
Nanasaki Ai Hen Daiisshou Saiaku
14 2010-10-08 Ai Nanasaki: Episode 2 – Heartthrob
Nanasaki Ai Hen Dainishou Tokimeki
15 2010-10-15 Ai Nanasaki: Episode 3 – Transformation
Nanasaki Ai Hen Daisanshou Henshin
16 2010-10-22 Ai Nanasaki: Final Episode – Confessions
Nanasaki Ai Hen Saishuushou Kokuhaku
17 2010-10-29 Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 1 – Memories
Sakurai Rihoko Hen Daiisshou Omoide
18 2010-11-05 Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 2 – Assistance
Sakurai Rihoko Hen Dainishou Tetsudai
19 2010-11-12 Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 3 – Succession
Sakurai Rihoko Hen Daisanshou Hikitsugi
20 2010-11-19 Rihoko Sakurai: Final Episode – Goodbyes
Sakurai Rihoko Hen Saishuushou Sayonara
21 2010-11-26 Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 1 – Discoveries
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Hen Daiisshou Hakken
22 2010-12-03 Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 2 – Hidden Side
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Hen Dainishou Uragawa
23 2010-12-10 Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 3 – Pride
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Hen Daisanshou Pride
24 2010-12-17 Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Final Episode – Promise
Ayatsuji Tsukasa Hen Saishuushou Yakusoku
25 2010-12-24 Risa Kamizaki: The Truth
Kamizaki Risa Hen Shinjitsu

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##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 16 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
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##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 18 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 19 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
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##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 23 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 24 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 25 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Amagami SS 26 [BD][720p][90MB][Cyber16].mkv##

Two of the arcs were amazing, the others were just pretty damn good. Definitely worth watching if you`re into anime like this.

Each arc got me wtf at least one with its scenario, weak roamance and humour.

Dating sim fans wet dream

This series essentially follows one guy as he theoretically becomes romantically involved with each of the following:

The popular girl whose quirky,
A swimmer with short hair,
A very shy girl,
One who constantly diets and is in the Tea Club,
A friend who becomes something more,
And your student class representative.

Definitely worth seeing and it`s not Harem like it appears since none of the girls above are “competing” for the central protagonist. Think of it as a “what if one guy got with x-type” and that`s how the series presents itself. As a fan of the romance genre, I found it original and fresh. Definitely worth checking out!

This puts a twist to the usual dating-sim-based anime–here, you get all of the girls, one at a time! If you like getting one girl every month, welcome home.

If you`re looking for pure romance, and a pretty competent protaganist, this is the show for you.

THIS SHOW DOES NOT CONTAIN: rediculous harems, 20/24 episodes of the protaganist being an indecisive coward, awkward love triangles, needless drama, and excessive ecchi.

*Several independent story arcs that are 3-4 episodes in length and consist of the protaganist falling in love with one of six beautiful women.
*A protaganist that is sometimes a block head but never screws around when it comes time to confess.
*Heroines that are very well developed and almost never interfere when it`s not their story arc to fall in love.

Finally, this show has a wonderful opening that suits the show`s feel without flaw.

It is a refreshing anime.
It is different in that it has several stories all very good.
I personally loved this anime is one of the best I`ve ever seen, and perhaps best of 2010.

Awesome, sweet and romantic… in short: a must see!

Must see if you like romance animes. Shows so many different perspectives, without wasting time on irrelevant interactions. You`ll never have that feeling that it isn`t going anywhere.

Must see (8.5/10) for those who like the High School/Romance categories.
As an addition to all the other recommendations here i would like to add that it might be best to watch the 2 `extra` episodes each arc gets (from Amagami SS Plus) directly after an arc is finished.
This makes it that you can watch 6 episodes in a row following the same girl (only valid for those who start watching after 30.03.2012).

It also has one of the best imouto`s i have seen.

The arc-format manages to keep most romances interesting, even at a mere 4 episodes per arc. Shit actually happens! It`s not everyday you see a harem (well, one can argue whether this is one or not – I really don`t judge it as such), or romcom, where the romance actually goes somewhere. And it has several great characters to boot. Some arcs are better than others, sure, and that`s the reason this show gets an 8, because it`s not perfect. That aside, it`s still one of my favorite romantic shows in the last few years.

Better than KimiKiss….
Good romance…
Try watch it & u will like it… ^_^


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