Azumanga Daiou The Animation (2002) (480p – 55MB)

Azumanga Daiou The Animation (2002)
AZ Manga King (synonym)
Azumanga (short)
Azudai TV (short)
AzuDai (short)
AD (short)
azu (short)
Azumanga Daioh (official)
Azumanga Daioh: The Animation (official)
Azu Manga Daioh (official)

* Originally serialized in the popular Electric Shock Daiou manga. Azumanga Daiou also appears as a short online movie, known as Azumanga Web Daiou.
The story revolves around a cast of cute colourful high school girls with quite stereotypical personalities. There is the gifted 10-year-old, a cool reserved girl, a naturally outgoing girl, a girl with glasses, and several weird teachers.
Note: Based on a four panel comic, each part — at around five minutes — is rather short. Every episode is split into five parts, in total 130 parts over 26 episodes. Apparently, they also gave out a free DVD of a short movie in the March and April edition of the [Dengeki Daiou] magazine.
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 7.87
Start Date – 2002-04-09
End Date – 2002-10-01

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2002-04-09 Lapsi lukiolaisena – Nero – Pelottava? – Riehuva Tomo-chan – Se on Osakalainen
2 2002-04-16
3 2002-04-23
4 2002-04-30
5 2002-05-07
6 2002-05-14
7 2002-05-21
8 2002-05-28
9 2002-06-04
10 2002-06-11
11 2002-06-18
12 2002-06-25
13 2002-07-02
14 2002-07-09 Ostoksilla – Tapaaminen – Valtameri! – Kiinniotto-operaatio – Aikuisten maailma
15 2002-07-16
16 2002-07-23
17 2002-07-30 Osakan kauhutarinat – Mielialan muutokset – Joulukuu – Mahtava joulupukki – Joulubileet
18 2002-08-06 Lumoutunut Yomi – Petos – Innostunut – Ulkopuolinen – Mene!
19 2002-08-13
20 2002-08-20
21 2002-08-27 Toivo – En vain voinut – Vetinen hauta – Unelmasaari – Vuoristokissat
22 2002-09-03
23 2002-09-10
24 2002-09-17
25 2002-09-24
26 2002-10-01

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This is freaking fantastic. I watched most of it at work (yay dual monitors :U) and I loved it!

it`s a light-hearted anime with little to no shock value so it`s an excellent choice for any one looking to get into anime

Very fun and it will make you laugh for sure.

Anyway, even if I loved it when I started to watch this, jokes and events become too repetitive through the 26 episodes.

A nice relaxing slice of life. Not very high action, so nice to listen to while doing other things. The characters were very unique and there were quite a few pearls of wisdom given by the characters.

One of my all time favorite.
Comedy in a the cutest way.
You cannot not love Osaka!

Good anime

Slice of life school comedy. Very interesting and likeable characters, as well as slightly quirky humour.


Why must see? Because its the funniest and cutest anime I have ever seen. The humor is not in actions but in dialogues. SO can be hard for little ones. Leaves a taste of enjoyment and fulfillment at the end is awesome. #1 for me.

A defining anime series. Well liked by just about anyone.

One of the best comedies that I`ve ever seen, even 6 years later. There`s many characters that are timeless and will be imitated for years to come.

Classic. I`ve never met anyone who didn`t enjoy it.

best anime ever

I loved this anime! It`s really funny haha and sometimes completely random! You need to see this if you haven`t already.

Azumanga Daiou is a show that you will remember!

Azumanga is an anime that came from a series of 4 panel comics. Which is very hard to make, but it was done amazingly. The humor comes from how the girls interact and makes for great situations and memorable events.

One of the funniest anime I`ve ever seen

A definitely must see comedy. Most of the gags works and characters are lovable. It has a strong cast of female characters, which is a rarity in anime.

One of the many gems of anime that serves as one of the many precursors to its genre, Azumanga Daioh set the precedents of moe, “cute girls doing cute things,” and character archetypes that have evolved into what anime is today in the moe genre.

Azumanga Web Daiou (Side Story)
Azumanga Daiou The Animation (Side Story)

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