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Baby Steps S2 (720p – 100MB)

Baby Steps Season 2 Synonyms: Baby Steps Second Season Japanese: ベイビーステップ 第2シリーズ (official)

Anime Type : TV Series Total Episodes : 25 (Finished Airing) Rating : 8.11 Genres : Romance, School, Shounen, Sports Air Dates : Apr 5, 2015 to Sep 20, 2015 Second season of Baby Steps series. Download AnimeOut

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  • I am no fan of tennis, but I’m a huge fan of Baby Steps. Baby Steps really hooked me to love tennis since Season 1. Just like Season 1, the story is still realistic and what’s so good about Season 2 is tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!! “BUDGET”. Unlike season 1, the Season 2 really improved a lot in its animation, you can really tell the differences between the previous Season. Finally, it gives justice to Baby Steps to have a good animation since the previous season lacks the budget to gave a good art.
  • The story continuous as Marou Eichirou continue to play tennis, he finally aim to go pro-tennis player. They development of the story has quite improved and it is more interesting. Of course the romance that we’ve been waiting for is developing really fast. Expect more match will come out and is absolutely satisfying.
  • The art if I would rate, I’ll give it 9, it’s no longer mediocre unlike in previous season. Studio Peirot finally gave enough budget to improve the art of Baby Steps, and I really like the animation right now. Just like the art, the sound improved too. But some of its music and sound are just re-use from previous season, but there’s no need to be worry about. They are still well executed. Special mention to the Opening “Believe in yourself” as it made me realized what is the meaning behind this song, I like it more than before.
  • Unlike the previous season, this season has way faster character development. Years already passed and you’ll see the characters are already grown up just by looking on its art. You’ll see that they are no longer high-schooler like. The Character Development improved a lot, the cast are more matured and adult like mindset as they are already deciding what they need to do in their future. The Enjoyment improved a lot. You can tell it yourself how it improves by watching it. Overall I’ll rate it 9.3 since this show improves everything from story, sound and art. There’s no reason for us to rate this below 8 since Baby Steps improves a lot than the previous season.


Baby Steps S1: Season 1

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  • fruitepunch

    hi there Lacoste this anime have a 3rd season??

    • Lacoste

      They didn’t announce anything & I don’t think there will b 🙁

    • Lacoste

      I don’t think there will be….. 🙁

      • Bankai™

        ow…tnx hope for upcoming new anime

  • R Tape Loading Error

    The batch of Mega Links is missing Episode 09.

    But many many thanks for the Mega Batch (as they’re great for download managers).

    • Lacoste

      Sorry abt that….I’m uploading it right away…..

      We love to keep you guys happy 😉

  • lyeik

    hi 🙂 i tried the mega link for this, but it doesnt work 🙁 help pls 🙂

  • Lacoste

    Do inbox me the problems anytym, in case of urgency…… Since I dont usually stay up here most of the time…. xD

    @ [email protected]

  • Shota

    fixed ep 9

    • Lacoste

      Thnx bro FYA 🙂

  • Raizellis


    There is no episode 9 in the Mega link.

    • ApelPrince

      I saw that too, i know we’re a being bit too demanding but please do try and fix it so we can download the episodes effectively and consistently without having to stop and download from another link.. Sorry for the bad english.

      • Harun Salleh

        patience is important, guys.. they are humans.. they also have their own living..

        • Lacoste

          Thnx for the support bro….. We do this for you ppl to enjoy…. 😀

      • Lacoste

        Will do keep in mind….. I know that feeling of emptiness too…. xD

    • Lacoste

      Sorry Bro…. Took me sometime…. but I did update the MEGA links 🙂

  • jai11

    Hi Lacoste,

    Thanks for the upload. But how come HS subs is proper subs?
    Did u add lyrics for op & ed?

    • Lacoste

      Well…. no other Subbing group even does it……So I had to label it Proper by default…… 😉

      • jai11

        Thank you for your high quality episodes


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