Gekijouban Naruto: Blood Prison (main) (720p – 600MB)

Gekijouban Naruto: Blood Prison (main)
Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5 (synonym)

After being captured for attempting to assassinate the leader of the Hidden Lightning Village (the Raikage) and killing Jonin from the Hidden Mist and Rock Villages, is imprisoned in Hozuukijo, a criminal containment facility also known as: Blood Prison. The warden of the facility, Muui, uses the ultimate imprisonment jutsu to steal the power and abilities from its prisoners. In the Blood Prison, something is targeting Naruto`s life. The battle to prove his innocence and uncover the truth has begun for Naruto and his friends.
Source: ANN

Anime Type – Movie
Total Episodes – 1
Rating – 4.41
Start Date – 2011-07-30
End Date – 2011-07-30

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12011-07-30Complete Movie

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the movie is totally boring , the story plot , battle scene and animation are all bad its only good to see for naruto fans

This was a pain for me to watch. I dont think even a fan would like this -_-

Its either you love or hate this one.

Finally a nice movie of Naruto appeared , it was very entertaining it had a nice PLOT and as well it didn`t contain too many useless scenes , like most of the movies till now did.

The best Shippuuden movie, at last. Not musterpiece, but I enjoyed to wath it.

This is by far the greatest Naruto Shippuuden movie. Nice storyline, comes with epic battle and as always a heart touching scenes 😉
Definitely a 1 not to miss.

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