Busou Shinki Moon Angel (720p BD – 204MB)

Busou Shinki Moon Angel

* An original story based on [Konami]`s Busou Shinki line of armed female action figures.
In a secluded facility miniature female mecha, Shinki, are built and then tested for combat. One such mecha, an [Arnval Mk. 2], ignores her orders and flees the combat zone.
[Tsubasa], like most boys in this town dreams of becoming a Shinki Master, finds the damaged android and reactivates her, naming her Kaguya (after the Moon Princess).
The manufacturer of these Shinki is all but pleased by Kaguya`s defiance to follow orders and sends another powerful and quite violent Shinki on her trail… meanwhile Tsubasa hopes to win his first Shinki battle with partner Kaguya.
— written by foo2
Note: While the distribution format for this anime was the PlayStation Store, the first episode was streamed on YouTube and NicoNico Douga on 07.09.2011. On 22.09.2011 the first episode was distributed on the PS Store for no charge, the subsequent episodes could be downloaded for a fee as well.

Anime Type – Web
Total Episodes – 10
Rating – 3.80
Start Date – 2011-09-07
End Date – 2012-01-26

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