A Channel: The Animation (720p – 100MB)

* Based on a four-panel manga by Kuroda BB, serialised in Houbunsha`s Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine since 2008.
The energetic, long-sleeved, sweets-loving Tooru, finally made it into the same school as her dear childhood friend Run a flighty, airheaded, klutz, always kind sleepy head. Tooru is very protective of Run, and will not shy away from the use of an aluminium baseball bat — that she always seems to carry around, even in school — to fend off anyone who gets too chummy with Run. Tooru`s apparent smaller stature, and younger age by one year (Class 1-7) should thus not fool anyone into underestimating her.
Run visits Class 2-4 with her friends the timid, tall and quite busty Yuuko, and the level-headed, glasses-wearing Nagi. Through a series of misunderstandings Tooru sees Yuuko as her rival for Run`s affection, and reacts quite violently in her jealousy against Yuuko.
Daily life confronts these close friends with all sorts of banal situations, be they in school, in town or at home. But they always pull through… in their own special way.
— written by foo2

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.89
Start Date – 2011-04-08
End Date – 2011-06-24

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2011-04-08 Love: An April Day
Suki: An April Day
2 2011-04-15 A Bath on a Rainy Day: As Rain Fell
Ame no Hi wa Ofuro: As Rain Fell
3 2011-04-22 Classmate: All Good to Go
Doukyuusei: All Good to Go
4 2011-04-29 Kilogram: Attention to Your Weight
Kilogram: Attention to Your Weight
5 2011-05-06 Seas: An Ocean Far Away
Umi: An Ocean Far Away
6 2011-05-13 A Midsummer Night`s: A School in Summer
7 2011-05-20 Summer Festival: August`s End
Natsu Matsuri: August`s End
8 2011-05-27 New Term: Abnormal Circumstance
Shin Gakki: Abnormal Circumstance
9 2011-06-03 Present: Abstract Art
Present: Abstract Art
10 2011-06-10 Fizzy: Act Up
Tansan: Act up
11 2011-06-17 Birthday: Allow Me
Tanjoubi: Allow me
12 2011-06-24 Alien: Anytime
Uchuujin: Anytime

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Cute series with cute characters. There are similarities with well-known series but the plot is easy-going and doesn`t bore you much. Watchable, warm and light serie.

It`s a fun watch with likable, wacky characters that grow on you. Sometimes the pacing is a bit off but other times it delivers perfectly. It`s hard to pinpoint an ultimate judgment on this as I`m sure a lot of people will hate it as they hated K-On and similar shows. But if you`re a fan of slice of life comedy and light hearted fun it`s definitely worth a try.

Such a cute show, the character animations and the innocence of it make it a good and enjoyable show

I wasn`t expecting much given the comments I read, but I really liked this series. What made it for me was when the doctor said that he liked run-chan`s naturally sadistic streak in like episode 3 or 4. After that, I couldn`t help but notice it….all of her airheaded comments and actions took on a sinister tone and I would laugh constantly.

So nice comedy,funny characters and really relaxing mood..
And hey, if you decide to give it a shot mark these words: Do not take this seriously! ^^


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