Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo (Complete Episode 1-25) (720p|204MB)

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Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo (720p – 204MB)

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Due to humanity obtaining the data technology that has evolved to a great amount – called “Mana” – the human race is able to subjugate all wars, starvation, pollution, and other problems on Earth by using its power, which is similar to magic. Earth has obtained the utopia of complete peace and no wants.
First princess of the Misurugi Empire, [Angelize]. As with everyone else, she also had no wants or worries. She was celebrated by the people of the empire, and was supposed to wear the crown. However, she realizes the shocking truth that she is a Norma. “Norma”: An irregular existence that cannot use Mana, and are treated as heretics and as “things” rather than people. Having everything stolen from her, she isolates herself on a remote island.
What was waiting for her there was a fateful meeting with a group of Norma girls who know nothing but battle. The girls spend their days riding humanoid robot weapons called “Barameiru” hunting giant dragons that have come from another dimension to invade. Having her name taken from her, what will soldier Ange see at the end of the fight? What can she believe in? What will she obtain? The story of a single girl`s fortitude starts now.
Source: ANN
Note: The first episode received an early screening at a special event held at Shinjuku Milano on 23.09.2014. The regular TV broadcast started on 05.10.2014.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 4
Rating – 2.37
Start Date – 2014-09-23
End Date –

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Episode 1 : Direct Download
Episode 2 : Direct Download
Episode 3 : Direct Download
Episode 4 : Direct Download
Episode 5 : Direct Download
Episode 6 : Direct Download
Episode 7 : Direct Download
Episode 8 : Direct Download
Episode 9 : Direct Download
Episode 10 : Direct Download
Episode 11 : Direct Download
Episode 12 : Direct Download
Episode 13 : Direct Download
Episode 14 : Direct Download
Episode 15 : Direct Download
Episode 16 : Direct Download
Episode 17 : Direct Download
Episode 18 : Direct Download
Episode 19 : Direct Download
Episode 20 : Direct Download
Episode 21 : Direct Download
Episode 22 : Direct Download
Episode 23 : Direct Download
Episode 24 : Direct Download
Episode 25 : Direct Download

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  • azhar alam

    it is censored version where i can find uncensored version of this anime

  • Caption Shut-in

    Move it to the ‘Completed’ Section please

  • Xavier Frost

    There are 28 Episodes in this series Though.

    • I dont know where did you get that info, but no its only 25

      • maybe he mean there are 3 OVA?

  • adan

    any chance for free direct download please?

    • Zero992

      It should be free i think

      • adan

        what i mean is free direct download not mega links. mega links some how not working properly at my place. Thanks!

        • Zero992

          Direct Download is free aswell as far as i know

          • adan

            i’m so sorry. because it labeled “private”, so I thought I can’t download it.. thanks a lot sir!

  • Pash

    Please verify the audio as the balance feels poor.
    Hoping for a prompt response.

    • @nime Kami

      Will inform the encoder about it.

    • @nime Kami

      As this is a Rapid Release, I will suggest you to wait for the Proper Release, as we will do asap the fansub release it. ^^

    • Zero992

      Encoder here:
      there was problem with HS source sound there is nothing i can really do about it just wait for proper il put it as soon as they do it 🙂

      • Pash

        With HS becoming the proper, will there be no chance of audio correction.
        Commie seems to be subbing too. They have audio corrected or so it seems.
        Thanks for the hardwork anyway :p

        • Zero992

          I heard that the commie is same as Horrible for this anime so no hope


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