D.C.III: Da Capo III (main) (720p – 100MB)

D.C.III: Da Capo III (main)
Da Capo 3 (synonym)
dc3 (short)

“Hatsunejima. On this island that is perpetually in spring, stands a lone, towering cherry tree. It is a mysterious cherry tree that grants any wish no matter what it may be. The witherless cherry blossom tree. That is what this tree, an icon of Hatsunejima, has always been called.” — from intro
http://anidb.net/ch50981 [Yoshino Kiyotaka] dreams of a girl standing next to a cherry tree, calling his name, but is awoken by http://anidb.net/ch50978 [Katsuragi Himeno] in the Official Newspaper Club, surrounded by the other club members http://anidb.net/ch50976 [Morizono Rikka], http://anidb.net/ch50977 [Yoshino Charles], http://anidb.net/ch50979 [Rukawa Sara], and http://anidb.net/ch50980 [Hinomoto Aoi]. The current topic of discussion: How to beat the more successful Unofficial Newspaper Club.
Desperately trying to find a topic of note, the club visits the seemingly dead witherless cherry blossom tree, and wish for something. Should any one of those wishes come true, these would be a great topic for their next newspaper edition. As they cast their wishes, the cherry blossoms suddenly bloom again after over 20 years, and everyone standing under the magnificent tree receives the very same mysterious text message, that was sent over a hundred years ago:
“When the cherry blossoms bloom, at that promised place…”
And so this magical moment becomes the main theme for the club`s next newspaper issue… and the club members try to unravel this mystery.
— written by foo2

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 3.27
Start Date – 2013-01-05
End Date – 2013-03-30

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12013-01-05Cherry Blossoms Bloom
Sakura Saku
22013-01-12A Warm Place
Atataka na Tokoro
32013-01-19The Place Where Cherry Blossoms Dance
Sakura Mau Tokoro
42013-01-26A Place One Wants to Be Forever
Itsumademo Itai Tokoro
52013-02-02A Place Where One Is Not Alone
Hitori Janai Tokoro
62013-02-09A Place Where We Can Be Together
Futari de Ireru Tokoro
72013-02-16A Place Where I Can Rely on You
Amaerareru Tokoro
82013-02-23The Place Overflowing with Love, Dreams, and Hope
Ai to Yume to Kibou ga Afureru Tokoro
92013-03-02A Festival of Beautiful Women and a Place with a Beautiful Sunset
Bishoujo Matsuri to Yuuhi ga Kirei na Tokoro
102013-03-09A Place We Both Reached
Futari ga Tadoritsuita Tokoro
112013-03-16The Place of Memories and Beginnings
Omoide to Hajimari no Tokoro
122013-03-23The Island of the Everlasting Cherry Blossom
Karenai Sakura ga Aru Tokoro
132013-03-30Da Capo
Da Capo

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