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Deadman Wonderland (main)
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Deadman Wonderland (official)

* Based on a manga written by [Kataoka Jinsei] and illustrated by [Kondou Kazuma], serialised in [Shounen Ace].
A massive earthquake ravaged Japan`s mainland and destroyed most of Tokyo, sinking three-quarters of it into the ocean. Ten years later, the story starts with [Igarashi Ganta], a seemingly ordinary, unassuming middle school student attending Nagano Prefecture`s middle school. An escapee, a survivor of the great earthquake, Ganta has no memories of the tragedy and has lived a simple, normal life. This all changes one day when a strange man covered in blood and crimson armour appears, floating, out of his classroom windows. Smirking madly, this [Red Man] massacres Ganta`s entire class and, instead of killing him, embeds a red crystal shard in his chest. Within days of the massacre, Ganta is declared the sole suspect and, following a suspiciously quick trial, is sentenced to death and imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland, a massive theme-park-like prison.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 5.05
Start Date – 2011-04-17
End Date – 2011-07-03

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2011-04-17 Death Row Inmate
2 2011-04-24 L`antipoison
3 2011-05-01 G Block
Le secteur G
Bloco G!
G Tou
4 2011-05-08 Crow Claw
Garra Do Corvo!
Crow Claw
5 2011-05-15 Carnival Corpse
Carnival Corpse
Carnival Corpse
6 2011-05-22 Hummingbird
Humming Bird
Humming Bird
7 2011-05-29 Wretched Egg
Original Sin
8 2011-06-05 Scar Chain
Scar Chain
9 2011-06-12 Worm Eater
10 2011-06-19 Undertaker
Les croque-morts
11 2011-06-26 Gig of Despair
GIG of Despair
Parada De Desespero!
Zetsubou no GIG
12 2011-07-03 Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead

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It`s pretty gory which is awesome but you might get annoyed by the main character`s attitude..he tends to be too much of a damn crybaby that it makes you want to punch him.

Nice animation, nice dub, but the story makes no sense whatsoever or at least is hard to believe. I got the feeling that even the author does not really know where this is going.

Main protagonist is pathetic weakling and many moments do not bother with logic, but if you like blood and torture than go ahead.

This anime is underrated, I think, due to the fact that it is an incomplete adaptation of the manga. It has an intriguing plot and decent character designs. Worth the watch, but don`t expect closure.

I have noticed there is not much “down the middle” reviews on this show. Either Love/hate. I think this at least shows it does get people talking. No show would ever please everyone, at least i hope not.
I think its a must watch, wait for Blu-Ray though if you can, This is such a twisted story…

Another very good story left half with an open ending because of 12 episodes lenght. It started really good, and it went nice until the very last episode, which was where one notices and says “oh damn, that one is the last episode…”. Still, recommended.

Great anime. It starts off really good but the last two episodes seem to lack anything special. It basically a round up of what`s been happening throughout the series.
I would recommend watching it though!

deadly but wonderful!!!

Anime started with a nice twist and was very dynamic, but after few episodes it was predictable what the “twist” will be, after 8th episode anime loses atmosphere that was build. Main character wasn`t as I expected he would be in some situation it felt like he wasn`t in the center of the anime. Overall pretty good anime.

Nice interesting story, if you like sadist series this one is for you. In every chapter you`ll discover more and more secrets of this twisted prison.

I look forward to every episode. Twisted, dark, lunatics running the asylum and ultra violence. The penalty game is going to be one of the most memorable scenes in an anime series for me.

This anime had excellent animation and sound, and the level of gore was top notch–similar to Gantz in gore. If one would compare this to an American movie, then it is quite similar to Cube or Saw in the fact that people were kept prisoner in a place that had crazy weapons that would kill or maim them. Overall, this anime was an excellent thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I liked this story quite a lot although 12 episodes doesnt do it justice whatsoever. It`s not hard to understand if you`re paying attention so I have no idea what other recommenders were talking about. I understood after the first couple episodes. Since it`s so short, I wouldn`t say watching it would be a waste of time. It was entertaining but albeit the manga answers more questions and fleshes out the story more.

So far this show is GREAT! Each episode is better and more intense than the last. It has great plot continuity and tons of violence and gore as well as an intricate plot. Similar to Gantz in violence and has resemblances to Freedom in regards to the resistance group aspect.


I hardly find an anime with a dark pace, with enough drama mixed with good fight nowadays. The strong violence is sometimes sadist, even with the censorship, what is excellent, fitting the mood that I like to watch, but lacks in most of the animes we see in these days. The Opening, as well as it`s song, is awesome, making me watch it everytime, and not just skip it as I do always. The plot, at least for now, is excellent, filled with many misteries and the struggle to survive of a boy thrown at the middle of a deadly system. I strongly recommend you to start watching this.

Wonderful horror/drama/action anime.
One of the rare of this type, where sole survivor is fighting for his life in a hostile environment, where he doesn`t know who is friend or foe.
Must see for hardcore action/horror fans.

This is one of those animes that you will watch and ask at the end – where is season 2?!
It starts being a bit odd but after a couple of eps it totally gets you in with the story.
It`s like a pearl inside an oyster. You think that it isn`t nothing big but it ends being awesome!!
Prison, chaos, bad guys, good guys, super-powers, wtf scenes, blood everywhere, why this is so small πŸ™
A friend resumes this show well with a phrase – “Prison Break got an anime and it`s a gore one.”

really liked it, too bad it ended too soon, i would like to see rest of the story as well

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