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DearS (official)
DearS (official)
DearS (official)

* Based on a manga series by [Peach-Pit] serialized monthly by [MediaWorks] in their magazine [Dengeki Comic Gao!] from March 2002 to December 17, 2005.
A year ago, an alien spaceship crashed in Tokyo Bay. Since the so-called DearS — meaning “Dear Friends” — were unable to continue their space voyage, the aliens received Japanese citizenship. In order to study the Japanese language and customs, a homestay system was established.
One day, high school student [Ikuhara Takeya] encounters a DearS girl wearing nothing but a blanket. Due to hunger and fatigue, she collapses on the street. Much to his embarrassment, he has no choice but to bring the alien he later names [Ren], to his apartment, to stay for the night. But she insists on staying, referring to Takeya as “Master”. Ren learns Japanese overnight due to her race`s high intelligence and linguistic abilities, with some help from [Neneko], Takeya`s childhood friend and daughter of the apartment manager.
Later, Ren goes on to attend Takeya`s school, where she is mistaken for another DearS exchange student. However, trouble occurs when the real exchange student, [Miu], appears.
Source: AnimeNfo

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.84
Start Date – 2004-07-11
End Date – 2004-09-26

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2004-07-11 I Want to Nibble Sweetly
Mein Name ist Ren
Ikushima Mitai no
2 2004-07-18 Was It Too Small?
Der Einkaufsbummel
N`est-il pas un peu trop petit ?
Chisakatta Kashira
3 2004-07-25 Ball! Ball!
Tama! Tama!
4 2004-08-01 Wipe Your Mouth
Der Wettkampf
Kuchi o Fuke
5 2004-08-08 Partners?
Meine liebe Feindin
6 2004-08-15 I`m Frustrated
Der Kochkurs
Yokkyuu Fuman Desu ne
7 2004-08-22 Pervert
Meine beste Feindin
8 2004-08-29 Mius Geschichte
9 2004-09-05 It Hurt a Little
Chikutsu Toshita
10 2004-09-12 We`ll Have An Orgy-nii!
Die Matheorgie
On va se faire une orgie, Mia !
Rankou Suru Desu ni!
11 2004-09-19 Liebe und andere Schwierigkeiten
Tu veux essayer ?
12 2004-09-26 Ren ist in Gefahr

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[Animeout]_DearS_Ep13_[480p]_[DA]_[ven].mkv – 62.6 MB

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Any anime with the “Chobits” genre is a must see. Add to that the “master/slave” nature of the relationship, you have a full weekend.

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