Detroit Metal City (main) (720p – 60MB)

Detroit Metal City (main)
Detroitas, Metalo Miestas (synonym)
demc (short)
demeci (short)
Detroit Metal City (official)

* Based on the seinen manga by [Wakasugi Kiminori] serialised in Young Animal.
Souichi Negishi is a shy young man who came from the rural Ota Prefecture to Tokyo for college and wished to become a kindergarten teacher. However, for some reason he became the singer and songwriter of a metal band named “Detroit Metal City,” with a stage name “Johannes Krauser II.” Whenever he wears the heavy makeup, Negishi becomes a completely different person, shouting the most vulgar profanities beyond anyone`s imagination. With the popularity of DMC increases, Negishi starts worrying his double personalities can have negative effects on his (romantic) life off stage.

Anime Type – OVA
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 8.42
Start Date – 2008-08-08
End Date – 2008-08-08

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just…. must see!

Very, very funny! 🙂


Very short anime, but really good. I just love the lead chracter 😀


i already watched it 6 times, twice at the same day, and it never gets boring!! A MUST WATCH1

Laughed till I cried.

it Rox!!

Absurd and wonderful, not quite as pointed as Gagu, but still funny.

Funny funny funny

Lold each episode. Also good music for anime.
Only bad thing, jokes become a bit repetitive.

Stomach Cramps from laughing so much!!!


Negishi FTW 😀 total lmao on this one

10 rapes per second

Fucking hilarious

best comedy

10 rapes in 1 second ffs

One of the funniest series ever made. I still see it from time to time and laugh every time. I would not like ANYONE to miss this diamond!

not real metal ?????????go listen to f@#!# justin bieber and lady gaga !!!!SATSUGAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

You will laugh your ass off if you have even the slightest sense of humor!

Don`t delay.. watch this today!

This is absolutely a must see. At some point in this anime , i just started to drool just from the laughter. The way they just reference the music industry is just so goddamn awesome.

masterpiece…the show was so funny :DDDDDDDD

The funniest anime yet! DEATH PENIS!

If you dont hate metal, then you gona love this!

gokill nih anime

Must see for everyone!

Must watch!

So glad I started watching it… hilarious… a must see!! P:

Holy shit!

May very well be the funniest anime that I`ve ever seen.

Best comedy ever !!!

Best Comedy for 2008! And if it`s not, Krauser will rape you all!

Expected little, received a brick ton. Must see comedy for 2008.


awesome anime is awesome


Fun all the time

You will cry from laughing! >w< awesomly funny!

my favorite comedy anime

sorry but if you dont like this, and if you dont REALLY FUCKING like this, you have a serious problem

Long Live Krauser II

even if you`re not into metal, you can`t stop laughing.

I have seldom seen a better anime. This one is a masterpice!

If you want to laugh..That`s exactly what you are looking for!

you won`t stop laughing watching this show. watch it now (if you haven`t already).

This can make you go down on the ground from laugh…
and try the manga as well > it is even better than the Anime 🙂

An absolute MUST !

a crazy little show just about everyone should see! each of these short eps is unbelievably funny and entertaining – my only regret is that it`s sooooooooo short. 12 eps each about 10 min long (w/o op/ed)

One of the best animes ever, hella funny, hella awesome, it helps if you`re a metal fan as well 😉

Gakuen Mokushiroku: High School of the Dead
Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san
Hen Semi (2011)


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