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Synonyms: Dragon Ball Z (main),Dragon Ball Z (synonym),Ejder Topu Z (synonym),Dragonball Z (synonym),dbztv (short),DBZ (short),DRAGON BALL Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Bola De Drac Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),DragonBall Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official),Dragon Ball Z (official)
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 291
Aired: 1989-04-26
Ended: 1996-01-31
Rating: 6.13

[Gokuu] is now an adult and will meet his destiny.
First arc: Saiyajins & Freezer
[Raditz] tells Gokuu of his true origin as a Saiyajin. Gokuu refused to join him, so Raditz kidnaps Gokuu`s son, [Gohan]. Gokuu sacrifices his life to win the battle. [Vegeta] & [Nappa] come down to Earth but are defeated. Vegeta retreats to one of [Freezer]`s command posts. Gohan, Bulma, and Kuririn get in Kami-sama`s old spaceship and head off towards Namek to collect their Dragon Balls.
Second arc: Jinzouningen & Cell
The plot centers on 4 jinzouningen who were built to kill Gokuu and fight everyone who tries to protect him. [Cell], one of the 4 jinzouningen, absorbs 2 of the others to become capable of destroying the universe. Gohan, is the only one who can stop him since he has been shown to be more powerful — and faster — than his father.
Third arc: Buu
[Buu] is the new threat to Earth, and he turns people into candy to then eat them.
Note regarding the US/R1 version and any version based on it:
The first 80 episodes of DBZ were cut down to 65. For a listing of the episodes scroll down to the “O” specials and read their episodenames. All other episode were not cut together.

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