Ergo Proxy (720p – 90MB)

Ergo Proxy
Ergoproxy (synonym)
Ergo Proksi (synonym)
EP (short)
proxy (short)
ergo (short)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)
Ergo Proxy (official)

Sometime in the distant future, humanity has managed to survive, but only in isolated cities and through the use of cloning and robotic servants called Autoraves. Life in the cities is strictly controlled by management dedicated to preserving their `utopian` way of life. But something is causing the Autoraves to become independent and is driving them to seek to escape the city. [Re-l Mayer], a female inspector from the Citizen Information Board, learns that the awakening of the Autoraves is caused by an encounter with something called a Proxy. In seeking to learn more, Re-l stumbles into a secret that management is desperately trying to hide and will go to any length to keep suppressed.
— summary from MIKOMI

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 23
Rating – 7.22
Start Date – 2006-02-05
End Date – 2006-08-12

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Ep Num#DateTitle
Il battito del risveglio – awakening
Hajimari no Kodou – Awakening
Confession d`un concitoyen
Confessione di un concittadino – Confession
Yoki Shimin no Kokuhaku – Confession
Le grand saut
Salto nel vuoto – Mazecity
Miejski labirynt
Se atirando no vazio – Cidade labirinto
Mu e no Chouyaku
Signes du futur, Hades du futur
Mirai Yomi, Mirai Yomi
Richiamo in patria – TASOGARE
Ritorno a casa – domecoming
Retorno – Volta ao domo
82006-04-22Shining Sign
Faisceau lumineux
Raggio di luce – shining sign
Sinal luminoso – Raio de luz
92006-04-29Angel`s Share
Frammento lucente – angel`s share
Fragmento brilhante – A partilha dos anjos
Kagayaki no Hahen
Esistenza – cytotropism
We mgle
Shiroi Yami no Naka
Si tu souris
Se tu sorridi – hideout
Kimi Hohoemeba
132006-06-03Wrong Way Home
Impasse conceptuelle
Punti morti concettuali – wrong way home
A lacuna no plano – Caminho errado para casa
Kousou no Shikoku
Quelqu`un comme toi
Qualcuno che assomilglia a te – ophelia
Anata ni Nita Dareka
152006-06-17Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!
Cauchemar Quiz
Who wants to be in Jeopardy!
Ki Akumu no Quiz Show!
162006-06-24Busy Doing Nothing
Calme plat
Calma piatta – busy doing nothing
Pracowicie bezczynni
Calma morta – Ocupado fazendo nada
Dead Calm
172006-07-01Terra Incognita
Bataille sans fin
Battaglia senza fine – Terra incognita
Ziemia niczyja
Owaranai Tatakai
182006-07-08Life After God
Indagine finale – life after god
Shuuchaku no Shirabe
192006-07-15Eternal Smile
La fille au sourire
Sorriso di bambina – Eternal smile
Sorriso eterno – A garota do sorriso
Shoujo Smile
202006-07-22Goodbye Vincent
Au revoir Vincent
L`occhio sacro nel cielo – Goodbye, Vincent
Kokuu no Seigan
212006-07-29Shampoo Planet
Dove il tempo e esaurito – shampoo planet
O lugar que o tempo esqueceu – Planeta Shampoo
Toki Hate Tsuru Sho
Catene – bilbul
232006-08-12Deus Ex Machina
Emissario – deus ex machina
Deus ex machina

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[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 18 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 101.3 MB
[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 19 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 101.2 MB
[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 20 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 101.3 MB
[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 21 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 101.4 MB
[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 22 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 101.3 MB
[Animeout] Ergo Proxy – 23 [BD][720p][ven].mkv – 116.0 MB

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Great dystopian feeling around a destroyed world and people treated as robots without will

totally amazing and depressive… worths watching and pretty interesting ,recommended for those who love psychological animes and different philosophy concepts

If you like a deep dark & good story this is it for you.

I just love the dark, ominous, urban tones of this anime. Having a strong female lead character in such a setting is a nice change of pace. The ending is surprising as well.

Definitly the best dystopia anime I`ve seen. The dark slightly surreal mood is consisten throught and I loved both the backgroud work and character design. If you are tired of generic brightcoloured ecchi and sappy romance and want something a little more thought provocing than ergo proxy is for you.

Top-notch animation, coloring work and story. A really enjoyable anime series about a man in search of who he is. Humor and quite serious events all wrapped up in a dystopian/post-acopalyptic setting.

It`s one of my favorites, and that will never change. I have re-watched it several times and never get tired of it. The story is extremely good. It`s well thought out, and I love how complex it is. The setting is amazing, the characters are so believable. I love how they change trough the episodes. The story, again, is just great. They truly know how to twist things together and make an epic story. While I`d love to make this one a “must see”, I realize it`s not for everyone. If you don`t feel like thinking much it`s probably not for you. But if you enjoy it? You`d love it.

This is one of my favorite series. Loved the plot and the ending was especially good. Also the main characters were awesome. If you like watching series with a dark atmosphere, dystopia, philosophy and twisted plot then this series is just made for you!

My favorite anime of all time.Ah, i still remember the good old times when i had spent an overnight watching it and didn`t go write an exam of a lesson at university the next day.Anyway,it`s the best sci-fi series in my opinion and the only one than can compete with it is Ghost in the Shell, but i prefer Ergo Proxy.If you manage to get by the first 2 episodes which are complicated you will be rewarded.But this series is not for everyone.It has deep philosophical meanings on which the average viewer will have difficulty understanding.Deserves a much better rating.

One of the best series I`ve ever seen. Great story with great characters. The scene and music totally fits into the storyline.

the first episodes was a totally mess to understand , but at some point in a single episode u can understand all of what happened back there and u just want MORE , u will end up watching the whole anime in 1 day
strong moralistic side of the story too with a strong dystopia concept i

this is the best anime I`ve seen so far, i loved each episode, this anime is so philosophical and i truly appreciate the ones who made it. since each of the actions, settings, things that you see in the anime, has a background in a book, a philosophy, a mythology and are truly lovely, the Vincent`s split personality is just as splendid as it can be (i wonder why his image is not on the cover since he is the main char) even the smallest character like pino, says philosophical things like : “pino wa pino” which has a philosophy of awakening in it, which takes 2 pages to describe. u need to watch it, no matter what

simply cool. the story is a bit complex, but the good kind of ^^
have to pay attention to follow story, but definitely worth it

Incredibly great anime right here. Not for casual viewer, it`s very dark, very complicated (correct term would be “mindf*ck”), has a lot of character development, but is really slow-paced and may seem boring at first glance. Watching till the end is worth it and if you will then I bet that you`ll want more. Can be considered similar to Lain, Kurozuka, Texhnolyze as all of those are also cyberpunk. It may be really hard to understand what`s happening or what the plot is, but the anime has quite a lot of hints and most of it should be clear near the end. PS. it has a great soundtrack.

This anime is where it`s at. It will make you think the entire time, and the story, even if you can`t manage to pick it all up in one go, is wholly fulfilling.

In my opinion a must see, since Ergo Proxy is not just your usual kiddie anime, but a far more deeper series …

Great! Athmosphere and filosophy

one of the best anime I`ve ever seen!

Perfect, from the opening to the characters, the story.. and that ending…!
This is the reason why I watch anime!

Amazing anime, as someone else said, this is what makes me watch anime.

This is an incredible series, especially if you`re philosophically literate or even mildly intellectual.

Cyberpunk as it should be. Best Headtrip-Anime besides Berserk and NGE.

Absolutly one of the best series I have watched in a long time.

Overall, Ergo Proxy is the complete package in terms of story, animation, sound, character development.

One of the best Animes ever!

Amazing Anime, I`d say the best ive seen yet, even beats Death Note. 10/10 from my humble self

One of those rare anime that should deserve a perfect rating, in my opinion. The storyline is awesome and the graphics aren`t that bad. I got hooked up with it within the first couple episodes.

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