Furi Kuri (720p – 204MB)

Furi Kuri
Fooly Cooly (synonym)
Fooley Cooley (synonym)
Fuli Culi (synonym)
Furi Curi (synonym)
FLCL (official)
FLCL (official)
FLCL (official)
FLCL (official)
FLCL (official)

A young boy named [Naota] is hanging out with [Mamimi], the girlfriend of Naota`s absentee brother. Their relationship is an uneasy one, since Mamimi seems to enjoy teasing Naota quite a bit. Suddenly, their time together is interrupted by the arrival of a seemingly insane [girl] on a motorscooter. She runs over Naota and then whacks him in the head with her guitar…

Anime Type – OVA
Total Episodes – 6
Rating – 7.15
Start Date – 2000-04-26
End Date – 2001-03-16

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A little bit ecchi in the start.funny sometimes.
Watch this because you like chaotic plots and like to be surprised.
Yet i found it a bit unfinished towards the end

Quite decent animation and soundtracks, but apart from that this anime doesn`t have much to offer. The show is filled with unnecessarily ecchi scenes, obnoxious characters with little but no back story and an overuse of extreme slapstick jokes.
Don`t watch unless you`re a diehard fan of slapstick humor and ecchi.

All around polished (style, animation, voices, music and story). THE wtf anime. The weird thing is, it eventually makes sense (like the third time).

great anime

crazy anime

my favourite anime 😛

It`s hard to decide between recommend, must see, and for fans. This is a short series with a heavy requirement, as there are tons of references to manga, anime, and the like. Do yourself a favor and watch plenty of anime (or read manga) that predates this show. You`ll enjoy the series plenty more by doing so.

Definitely worth watching. At first it might seem “lolrandumb” style humor, and many will dismiss it as just that, but by the end of it, you see there`s a lot more going on just behind that veil, and the story it tells is a compelling and beautiful tale about love, betrayal, growing up, and overcoming life`s hardships one day at a time.

I watched this anime 2 times, 1st time I had no freaking idea whats going, but still it was funny and good.
2nd time, I watched while I was high… I totally understood the anime and found it hilarious.

A surrealistic and metaphorical twist on a classic coming of age story. Animation sequences are top notch and you won`t know what hit you when you`ve seen it.

Gets better every time.

Very FAST, very FUNNY, very FUNKY.

Great ! Humor and tragedy, strangeness and parody, astonishment and perplexity, rock and roll ! What a feast !!

Great animation, great caracters. My current number 1.

One of my absolute all time favorites.
Random, Hilarious, and wow, the Music (complete soundtrack done by The Pillows). This is really just a complete package.

Great example of how good anime can be, especially these days it`s a rare gem that people have to see.

Good animation, really fitting soundtrack – and certain events were exceptional. Kept me hooked up constantly.
I`ve watched quite a lot of “similar” stuff, and FLCL was way better than most.
A very good show indeed. Despite being short.

This one will blow your mind,.. frequently.

Watched third time. Weird, unique Gainax mindf*ck, imho must see, also great soundtrack (the pillows).

You can`t consider yourself an anime fan without seeing this. The animation is incredible, the storyline bizarre, and the soundtrack is top notch. The shortness of this series allows you to watch it many times without it ever getting old. Don`t make this the first anime you ever watch though.

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