Gekidol (main) (100MB – 720p)

Synonyms: Gekidol (main),Gekidol (official)
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 12
Aired: 2021-01-04
Ended: 2021-03-03
Rating: 3.75

Five years after a mystifying disaster decimates cities across the globe, [Morino Seria] receives an invitation from a mysterious woman to join Alice in Theater, a small stage troupe that takes it upon themselves to brighten the world through their performances using 3D hologram technology. As Seria settles in, she begins to uncover unexpected truths about herself and the world around
Source: funimation
Note 1: Aired on as part of a New Year`s special alongside an [Alice in Deadly School] special. Regular broadcast started on
Note 2: The BD box with all episodes was released on

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Gekidol (main) Direct Download Links (300MB – 1080p)(Encoded)

[AnimeOut] Gekidol – 00 1080pp [70659BA6][1080pp][SubsPlease][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |
[AnimeOut] Gekidol – 01 1080pp [BFB73A13][1080pp][SubsPlease][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download |

Gekidol (main) Direct Download Links (150MB – 720p)(Encoded)

Episode 0 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Gekidol – 00 720pp [70659BA6][SubsPlease][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 1 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Gekidol – 01 720pp [BFB73A13][SubsPlease][RapidBot].mkv
[AnimeOut] Gekidol – 02 720pp [DC002A5F][SubsPlease][RapidBot].mkv: Direct Download


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