Gekijouban Cardcaptor Sakura: Fuuin Sareta Card (720p – 350MB)

Gekijouban Cardcaptor Sakura: Fuuin Sareta Card
Card Captor Sakura: Enchanted Cards (synonym)
ccs movie 2 (short)
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card (official)
Sakura Card Captors: A Carta Selada (official)
Sakura Card Captor: La Carta Sellada (official) [Sakura] and her classmates in grade 6-2, are all very busy preparing a play for the Nadesico festival. Even though it`s summer holidays, daily rehearsals are keeping everyone very busy. During this time, Sakura unexpectedly runs into [Syaoran] and Meilin who have suddenly come to visit from Hong Kong. While Syaoran has already expressed his feelings to Sakura, Sakura hasn`t had a chance to tell Syaoran her true feelings. Sakura determines to tell Syaoran her true feelings but things always go wrong whenever she tries.
Best friend, Tomoyo suggests that she, Syaoran, Meilin and Sakura all go to the new amusement park. Just as Sakura thought she could tell Syaoran her true feelings, both she and Syaoran sense a strangely familiar aura; the aura of the original Clow cards. But all the Clow cards have since been sealed and turned into Sakura cards! Yet, one by one the Sakura cards start to disappear.
The most powerful Clow card, has finally revealed itself, and so Sakura`s final battle begins…

Anime Type – Movie
Total Episodes – 1
Rating – 7.62
Start Date – 2000-07-15
End Date – 2000-07-15

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[AnimeOut]_Cardcaptor_SakuraMovie_II_[720p]_[ven].mkv – 331.3 MB

Episode 1 : Direct Download

An adorable movie and it wraps up the series. Sakura and Syaoran`s scenes are very cute~

Cardcaptor Sakura (Prequel)


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