Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners (main) (720p BD – 200MB )

Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners (main)
Boundary of Emptiness: The Garden of Sinners (synonym)
Garden of Sinner (synonym)
Kara no Kyoukai (synonym)
rakkyo (short)
knk (short)
KnK1 (short)
Rakkyo1 (short)
The Garden of Sinners (official)
The Garden of Sinners (official)
The Garden of Sinners (official)

* Based on a novel by [Nasu Kinoko], writer for [Type-Moon]. Kara no Kyoukai plays in a parallel universe to that of [Shingetsutan Tsukihime]. Considered the precursor/inspiration for the story of Shingetsutan Tsukihime.
From a long sleep, Ryougi Shiki awoke. As an after effect, she gained the power to perceive the death of things. A power to kill anything with just a knife lures Shiki into a dark world. The murderer from two years ago. Swarm of floating ghosts. A girl who can bend things by just looking at them. A spiral construction which collects people`s death. When numerous bizarre incidents collides with Shiki`s Mystic Eyes, her lost memories reawaken.
The main character, [Ryougi Shiki], was involved in a car accident and fell into a deep coma for two years. When she finally awoke from it, she had gained the Eyes of Death Perception ability but believed to have lost something instead.
The Ryougi family attempted to create human beings that exceeded normal humans, and to accomplish this, they trained their children in various martial arts and fencing, and also made them split their personalities. They believed that by using this method, one personality could be an expert in one subject while the other could be a master of other subjects. Shiki was no exception to this, and she had a masculine and feminine side that switched places with each other.
After having woken up from the accident, Shiki believed that her masculine personality side had died during the accident. Instead she tried to supplement the spiritually dead Shiki`s personality by her masculine tone.
Note: Chronological order of movies is 2, 4, 3, 1, 5-7

Anime Type – Movie
Total Episodes – 7
Rating – 8.45
Start Date – 2007-12-01
End Date – 2009-08-08

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The anime can be confusing at times but the ending makes it worth it. As a warning though, don`t watch the epilogue if you don`t like series that feel like they didn`t come to a close.

it`s my precious πŸ˜€

Brilliant Anime from Type-Moon!


Absolutely lovely animation, breathtaking at times. The unsettling non-linear storytelling is hard to get used to until the third ep. Great sound & seiyuu, good story.

Great Visual, nice story and action

One of the most visually and musically gifted anime I`ve ever seen. You had better have a good surround sound system and a batch with decent video quality.

Great movie, but the story is kind of confusing since the timeline is messed up a bit.

Visually stunning to the point of scenery porn and accompanied by a heartrendingly beautiful soundtrack, Kara no Kyoukai is a series of movies based on early novels by Kinoko Nasu. Rich in allusions, set in the immensely elaborate Nasuverse, and told in anachronic order, familiarity with the setting enhances the experience dramatically.

Great story with beautifull animation.. I can honestly say, I ve never seen anything like this.


Excellent series: very high production value, an engaging storyline, fantastic animation. The ending was a little ho-hum, and the epilogue was just philosophical meandering, but overall this was very much worth watching.

Visually stunning & dark story.

Very good animation, PERFECT background music and non-linear storytelling make this anime shine.

Hundred percent masterpiece)))

Its has good music and the scenes seems very awesome. I think that its great to watch! ;D

visually and musically stunning. the producers managed to combine every technique to create a atmospheric masterpiece of art.
but unfortunately they could not resist to add a disturbung erotic scene.

Truly a formidable masterpiece.

During first four episodes I was thinking: “It`s good, but not my kind of anime, too many pointless scenes…” Then came the fifth episode, at first I was even more confused, but little by little everything started to make sense, masterpiece. And same goes for the last episode. PS: Don`t forget to wait to credits end, or you might not understand the story at all.

One of my all time favorites and by far the best fantasy anime I have ever seen. There wasn`t a single thing about this series of movies which I didn`t find exceptional. A must see without doubt.

A masterpiece in its own right, the series is like a gigantic puzzle, with each episode unveiling a different set of pieces. From start to finish, you won`t want to stop watching!

This anime is mix of action and fantasy.
with fantanstic drawing, specific mood, and OST.
This is perfect anime.
There is nothing I can say without just must see it.

There are not enough words to describe this masterpiece. In all aspects, this is a pure perfection.

A thrilling yet touching anime with great animation and music.

To-ta-lly awesome…..can`t think of something better that will fit, what ya feel when you have watched it. Be warned it is complex, but if you can deal with it it is worth it all the way!

This has it all. Exceptional visuals, story, characters, the supernatural, etc. The story does not take place in chronological order and there is an alternate viewing order available, but recommend watching it as the creator intended. Just helps to know ahead of time to avoid confusion.

wow… just wow this series of movies are just amazing. Started awesome ended more awesome. One of the movies were a bit… Not so good.
But overall a Very good series of movies!

Great Action, Story and Soundtrack.

This anime is beautiful. I was truly disappointed when it ended and cared for the characters deeply.

Loved it…mostly. Movie 5 kind of pissed me off because it changed pov and shifting time from past to present to past again. I mean I understood why, but waiting half an hour to go back to go to the suspensful part was agonizingg. TT_TT Other than that I don`t have any complaints about the series. πŸ™‚ Have fun watching~

An anime so ahead of its time, it needs to use the supernatural for us to even comprehend the truths it reveals. I praise even the movies out of my taste as a showing of a complete world. An eye opening experience

One of the Seven ways towards Nasuversim!
Masto Watchu! especially those Mystic Eyes of Death Perception!

relentless and beautiful… so beautiful

Simply one of the best movie series of all time, must see

Mysterious, interesting, mind boggling and most of all, beautifully animated. A mixture of Boogiepop Phantom and Tsukihime.

Very beautiful, interesting and philosophical

This anime is so unique! Of course it is not perfect, but it touched me in a way that after watching it I thought “This was the best thing I`ve ever watched in my whole life”! The animation, story and soundtrack are so amazing. Everytime I hear Kara no Kyoukai theme song I almost cry.

Masterpiece. Genius directing, anmation, music, everything. IMO the best anime ever made.

Freaking awesome! Although I didn`t quite understand it in some parts, that doesn`t stop me from loving the movies. Fantastic soundtrack also! I wish they would release the OST in CDs.
Ryougi Shiki <3

just perfect.

& pure awesome.
If you like dark, partly violent anime with a good story, this is a must-watch!

The order of episodes is very confusing at the beginning. But it makes all sense in the 6 and 7 episode. Very dark and interesting. Watch it! πŸ˜‰

One of the best anime i ever seen. Awesome animation, design, characters (Shiki!), plot and music! Kalafina + Kajiura Yuki = MASTERPIECE! Must see for all anime fans! 10/10!

The first work of Kinoko Nasu, the founder and director of visual novel studio TYPE-MOON, which establishes the most basic and important terms and character concepts of the Nasuverse. A brilliant peace of work with breathtaking visuals by ufotable, beautiful music by Kajiura Yuki and her band Kalafina, and mindboggingly deep story by Kinoko Nasu himself. This work may be too hard to understand for anyone who is not familiar with Nasuverse and its mechanics, but is a definite must see for anyone with at least moderate experience with “hard” anime, and especially for TYPE-MOON fans.

I`m speechless. I loved everything Type-Moon so far, but this is just mind-blowing. The storytelling is just fantastic, even though it might be a bit hard to comprehend things in terms of chronology at first (the movies are not chronologically ordered + there`s also some chronological inconsistency in some of the movies, though watching Remix -Gate of seventh heaven- helps a bit), so it`ll make you think, but that`s just a part of its awesomeness.

As Expected from Type-Moon ^^`!
There is not much to say here~ OST= Awesome~ Art= Awesome~ Animation= Awesome~ Plot= Awesome
what r u doing here reading the recomendations?! go get the Blu-Ray n watch already xD!!!

This is the absolute best, hands down. Great plot, great music, great visual effects. It is moving, it has great fights, scheming, plotting, great powers.

Excelente animación. Colores, sombras, luces, historia. Todo es muy bueno. Si bien al inicio se siente algo lenta, es bastante disfrutable

Everything in this anime is perfect. This is a must see!

i highly recommend it, it`s a must see in my book, great story, original developments, beautiful animation, and a strong interesting main character

everyone should be watching this

Must see anime,love paradox spiral πŸ™‚

Definitely one of the best anime novels I`ve seen in my lifetime. Great artistry, perfect soundtrack & captivating storyline, not to mention a little business savoy trying to space out each episode to make you wait.

One of the best movies I`ve ever seen. A must watch for anybody into anime.

Unique, twisted, dark … I fell in love with the whole thing after first film(ep).

One of the best out there

it`s the best

I `ve watched many anime over the years which were exceptional either in story or in animation but this series of movies combines everything in such a unique way that it goes way over the best anime out there. It is a definite MUST SEE for everyone! πŸ™‚

Definitely one of the best of the best. Go watch it you slackers!

Absolutely awesome show!

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, period. Even when it starts to slow down, it will pick right back up into complete awesomeness.

Beautiful piece of work, amazing story, amazing animation, a must watch

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