Get Backers: Dakkan`ya (480p – 65MB)

Get Backers: Dakkan`ya
Get Backers (synonym)
GetBackers: Recovery Service (synonym)
GB (short)
Get Backers (official)
Get Backers (official)
Get Backers (official)
Get Backers (official)
Get Backers (official)
Get Backers (official) [Midou Ban] and [Amano Ginji], is known as the GetBackers whose motto is If it`s stolen, we can steal it back!. And the GetBackers` success rate is always 100%.
Always waiting around the Honky Tonk, clients call in to ask the GetBackers to retrieve something for them. And so, Ban and Ginji go through many weird and bizarre cases as they set forth to get back the belongings…

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 49
Rating – 6.32
Start Date – 2002-10-05
End Date – 2003-09-20

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Ep Num#DateTitle
22002-10-12Get Back the Rusted Bonds!
Sabita Kizuna o Torikaese!
32002-10-19Operation: Recover the Platinum!
Platinum Dakkan Sakusen!
42002-10-26Dakkanya VS Hakobiya
62002-11-09Get Back the Divine Melody!
Kami no Shirabe o Torikaese!
72002-11-16The Animal Transformation of the Beastmaster
Juuhenge Beast Master
82002-11-23Timbre of Life, Resound!
Hibike, Inochi no Oto
92002-11-30Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! Part One
102002-12-07Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! Part Two
112002-12-14Breach The Limitless Fortress – Operation: Recover IL
Sennyuu, Mugenjou: IL Dakkan Sakusen
122002-12-21The Unknown Boy, Makubex
Michi Naru Shounen, Makubex
132002-12-28Explosion! Fuchouin-School Thread Technique
Explosion ! Fuchoin, l`art du fil
Sakuretsu! Fuuchouin Ryuugen Jutsu
142003-01-11The New Four Kings
Les quatre nouveaux Rois
Arata Naru Shitenou
152003-01-18The Loulan Dance Whip That Whirls in the Night
Le fouet dansant du Rouran
Yami ni Mau Rouranbu Toupen
162003-01-25Explosion! The Lightning Emperor Angry
Bakuhatsu! Ikari no Raitei
172003-02-01Recovery Team, Rendezvous!
Shuuketsu, Dakkan Team!
182003-02-08Collision ! Shido VS Emishi
Gekitotsu! Shido VS Emishi
202003-02-22The Man from Babylon City
L`homme qui vient de Babylon
Babylon City kara Kita Otoko
212003-03-01Fukushuu no Yaiba – Ban VS Fudou
222003-03-08Awakening! The Advent of the Lightning Emperor
Kakusei! Raitei Kourin
232003-03-15Attack! Virtual Corps
Shuugeki! Virtual Gundan
242003-03-22La bataille finale ! Ginji VS Makubex
Saigo no Tatakai! Ginji VS Makubex
252003-04-05Get Back the Limitless Future!
Mugen no Mirai o Torikaese!
262003-04-12Steam Recovery: The Hot Springs Travel Diary?!
Yukemuri Onsen Dakkan Kikou!?
272003-04-19Joshikousei VS Dakkanya
282003-04-26The Man Who Lost His Past
Kako o Nakushita Otoko
292003-05-03Get Back the Arms of the Goddess!
Megami no Ude o Torikaese!
302003-05-10Mystery Assassins: The Miroku Siblings
Nazo no Shikaku – Miroku Kyoudai
312003-05-17Hera and Kait
Hera et Kait
Hera to Kite
322003-05-24Sakusen Kaishi! Ginji VS Miroku
332003-05-31Get Back the Eternal Goddess!
Towa no Megami o Torikaese!
342003-06-07The Get Backers Break Up?! The Enemy Is Ban Midou!
GB Kaisan?! Teki wa Midou Ban
352003-06-14Get Back the Flame of Life!
Inochi no Honoo o Torikaese!
362003-06-21Children of Destiny
Les enfants du destin
Unmei no Kodomo-tachi
372003-06-28Natsumi Does Her Best!
Fais de ton mieux, Natsumi !
Natsumi Ganbaru!
382003-07-05A Recital Just for You
Anata Dake no Recital
392003-07-12Ginji Hospitalized? It`s the Hospital! Everyone Assembled
Ginji Nyuuin? Byouin da yo! Zenin Shuugou!
402003-07-19Monkey Counterattack!
La contre-attaque du singe
Gyakushuu no Saru!
412003-07-26Farewell, My Beloved
Adieu, mon amour
Saraba Itoshiki Hito yo
422003-08-02The Cost of Betrayal
Uragiri no Daishou
442003-08-16The Last of the Four Kings
Saigo no Shitenou
452003-08-23Demon of Revenge: Fudou Passes Away
Fukushuu Ki – Fudou Iku
462003-08-30The Brain Trust
Brain – Trust
Brain Trust
472003-09-06Beltline irruption ! Ginji contre Masaki
Belt-line Tounyuu! Ginji VS Masaki
482003-09-13La confrontation du destin, Ban contre Akabane
Shukumei no Taiketsu – Ban VS Akabane
492003-09-20Get Backers

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One of the worst shounen anime ive ever seen with horrible character design.

Amazing 🙂

Like someone already said, a great anime with a nice story, great characters, and a few awesome musics (search makubex 13 on youtube and you`ll see what i mean), overall a great watch you should not miss

Hunter x Hunter (1999)


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