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Gift: Eternal Rainbow (480p – 55MB)

Gift: Eternal Rainbow

[infopane color=”6″] The seaside village of Narasakicho is special in a number of strange ways. Crowned by an eternal rainbow, the village is rumored to grant all of its residents a once-in-a-life-time magic ability called a “gift”. When two hearts are in-sync, the gift of an aspiring love will manifest itself in a wondrous and magical way. A student named Amaumi Haruhiko finds himself entangled in the village`s special magic in his 2nd year of high school. His new school year starts with the return of his cute adoptive sister, a morning misadventure with a broom-riding witch and encounters with a number of other cute fellow students. [/infopane]
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.26
Start Date – 2006-10-06
End Date – 2006-12-22

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2006-10-06 The Rainbow Town
Niji ga Yadoru Machi
2 2006-10-13 Little Sister who Returned
Kaettekita Imouto
3 2006-10-20 First Love
Hatsukoi no Hito
4 2006-10-27 Passing Summer
Surechigau Natsu
5 2006-11-03 At the Closed Place
Tozasareta Basho de
6 2006-11-10 Face
7 2006-11-17 The Meaning of Happiness
Shiawase no Imi
8 2006-11-24 Time of Memories
Omoide no Jikan
9 2006-12-01 Linked Hearts, Broken Feelings
Tsunagaru Kokoro, Togireta Omoi
10 2006-12-08 A Past Taken Away
Ubawareta Kako
11 2006-12-15 The Secret of Gift
Gift no Himitsu
12 2006-12-22 The Eternal Rainbow
Eien no Niji


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This one really reminded me of Da-Capo. Reminded me that DC was a lot less shallow.

I may be consider this anime a little underestimated, I mean, from the point of the romance- harem show, its not as bad as the rating says. Its of course not, no way xD, a masterpiece, but I think that at least it`d pass other animes with a five or even a 6. A 7 seems to me toomuch. I must admit, that the ending sucks

The story is decent. I can`t stand the way the main character looks though. His eyes are weird. Totally different from every other character in the anime. For me it was distracting at times.

D.C.: Da Capo
D.C.S.S: Da Capo Second Season

[tab title=”Characters”]

ID Name Pic Desc
3580 Amami Haruhiko Haruhiko is the main protagonist of Gift. He is a ….
3581 Fukamine Riko Riko is Haruhiko`s younger sister in name, althoug….
3582 Konosaka Kirino Kirino is Haruhiko`s childhood friend and next doo….
3583 Hokazono Rinka Rinka is a very tough but beautiful girl who is ab….
3584 Fujimiya Chisa Chisa is Kirino`s best friend. Unknown to everyone….
3585 Satou Nami Nami is a girl who has been seen clinging to Rinka….
3586 Edo Masaki Masaki, known as Maki to his friends, is one of Ha….
3587 Asakawa Sena ….
3588 Amami Souichi ….
3589 Amami Haru ….
3590 Kasai ….
3591 Konoe Tamami ….
3592 Himekura Nene ….
3593 Akihara Miyu ….
3594 Kamishiro Yukari Yukari, or “Yukarin” as she is known by her friend….
12821 Yajima Ibuki ….
12822 Maiko ….
12823 Ayako ….
12824 Sakaguchi ….
12825 Kikuchi Miho ….
17559 Jinta It is the pet of Fujimiya Chisa…..


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