GJ Club, Junior High School Division (synonym) (720p – 100MB)

GJ Club, Junior High School Division (synonym)

Within the old school building of a certain high school, is the clubroom of the http://anidb.net/ch50793 [GJ (Good Job) Club], into which http://anidb.net/ch50693 [Shinomiya Kyouya] finds himself forcibly conscripted.
The other members are:
http://anidb.net/ch50692 [Mao], the short and egotistical president;
http://anidb.net/ch50691 [Megumi], Mao`s sister who`s as generous as an angel;
http://anidb.net/ch50690 [Shion], a genius lacking in common sense; and
http://anidb.net/ch50689 [Kirara], who is perpetually hungry.
~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.89
Start Date – 2013-01-10
End Date – 2013-03-28

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2013-01-10 I Am the GJ Club!
Watashi wa Good Job Da!
2 2013-01-17 Friendliness, Loveliness, and Her Strangeness?
Yuujou, Aijou, Kanojo no Ijou?
3 2013-01-24 Kyoro on the GJ String
GJ Senjou no Kyoro
4 2013-01-31 After School`s Cultural Festival Party
Houkago Bunkasai Party
5 2013-02-07 Double Fantasy
Double na Fantasy
6 2013-02-14 Four Little Sisters Enter!?
Imouto ga Yonin Iru!?
7 2013-02-21 A New Club Member Appears!
Shinnyuu Buin Arawaru!
8 2013-02-28 Sisters Attack!
Sisters Attack!
9 2013-03-07 Kyoro on the GJ Line, REBIRTH
GJ Senjou no Kyoro, Rebirth
10 2013-03-14 Autumn of Arts, Appetite, and Attack
Geijutsu to Shokuyoku to Shuugeki no Aki
11 2013-03-21 Agreement Cancelled
Kyoutei Kaijo
12 2013-03-28 Let Us Say Good Bye, GJ Club
Saraba GJ-bu to Iou

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##[AnimeOut] GJ-bu – 11 [720p][EveTaku][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] GJ-bu – 12 [720p][EveTaku][AKS].mkv##

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typical slice of life type series, decent time killer 😀

A fun slice of life with a large serving of moe. Great characters and MC isn`t that bad and plays well with the jokes. Nice OP&ED. For fans of this genre. Anyone will like it if they know what they`re getting into beforehand.

The hidden jewel of the season for me, personally. Nice and quirky charcaters, not as annoying in its cliches as one might think and buffed by fluid, colorful animation. Excellent BGM and songs. Reasonably sugary for a moeblob with a very satisfying ending. Be warned, tho, for this is indeed a moe slice-of-life sit-com with romantic elements. If u dislike the ganre, consider passing on gj-bu as well…

At first glance this show contains nothing to set it apart from the massive amount of high-school comedies. It`s got mind numbing arch-types such as the gluttony that really does eat constantly. However the comedic routines are easily digested, and somehow the show appealed to a few of my fetishes, ie there is a good amount of hair play/combing.

GJ-bu 2 (Sequel)

Seitokai no Ichizon
Lucky Star


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