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Guilty Crown
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Guilty Crown (official)
Guilty Crown (official)
Guilty Crown (official)

* An original anime project that premiered in [Fuji TV]`s [noitaminA] program block.
In the near future, a meteorite carrying a foreign virus crashes in Japan, leading to a devastating nation-wide infection and total anarchy. An international organisation known as the GHQ intervenes by imposing martial law restoring order to Japan at the cost of its independence. This incident becomes known as the Lost Christmas.
Ten years later in 2039, [Ouma Shuu] — a teen with a special ability awakened by the Apocalypse Virus — meets [Yuzuriha Inori], a strange girl who incites him to join the struggle against the government organisation`s robotic forces and a secret society whose goal remains shrouded in mystery.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 22
Rating – 4.93
Start Date – 2011-10-14
End Date – 2012-03-23

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2011-10-14 Hassei: Genesis
2 2011-10-21 Le plus apte
Tekisha: Survival of the Fittest
3 2011-10-28 Kenshutsu: Void-sampling
4 2011-11-04 Courant
Fudou: Flux
5 2011-11-11 Kunren: A Preparation
6 2011-11-18 Leucocytes
Ori: Leukocytes
7 2011-11-25 Rinbu: Temptation
8 2011-12-02 Cour estivale
Procedimento De Conquista!
Kajitsu: Courtship Behavior
9 2011-12-09 Proie
Hoshoku: Prey
10 2011-12-16 Shukutai: Retraction
11 2011-12-23 Kyoumei: Resonance
12 2012-01-13 Saitan: The Lost Christmas
13 2012-01-20 Gakuen: Isolation
14 2012-01-27 Kakuran: Election
15 2012-02-03 Kokuhaku: Sacrifice
16 2012-02-10 Mon royaume
Oukoku: The Tyrant
17 2012-02-17 Kakumei: exodus
18 2012-02-24 Errance
19 2012-03-02 Shokuzai: Rebirth
20 2012-03-09 Vieux souvenirs
Tsuisou: a diary
21 2012-03-16 Uka: Emergence
22 2012-03-23 Inori
Inori: Convergence

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Episode 1 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 01 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [2E38B6BE][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 2 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 02 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [B8A95659][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 3 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 03 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [50E87EA3][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 4 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 04 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [5B33D937][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 5 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 05 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [117A47B7][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 6 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 06 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [11220A68][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 7 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 07 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [ECBDC672][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 8 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 08 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [A7D36688][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 9 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 09 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [B9BF5C66][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 10 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 10 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [7A296617][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 11 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 11 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [AADE14C7][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 12 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 12 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [EE4B0B7A][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 13 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 13 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [771AF099][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 14 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 14 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [2F6BA277][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 15 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 15 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [635921A6][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 16 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 16 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [CAC558D0][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 17 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 17 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [6C12DFD7][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 18 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 18 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [361390A3][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 19 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 19 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [A99A9BBF][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 20 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 20 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [2D750332][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 21 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 21 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [7CA0DE37][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 22 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – 22 BD 1080pp Hi10 FLAC [131FC7F4][1080pp][SCY][RapidBot].mkv
Lost Christmas OVA : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – Lost Christmass [BDRip 1920x1080p x264 FLAC][1080pp][Beatrice-Raws][RapidBot].mkv
OVA subtitle file : [Beatrice-Raws] Guilty Crown – Lost Christmass [BDRip 1920×1080 x264 FLAC]

720p Bluray Encodes


Lost Christmas OVA : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Guilty Crown – Lost Christmass [BDRip 1920x720p x264 FLAC][Beatrice-Raws][RapidBot].mkv
OVA subtitle file : [Beatrice-Raws] Guilty Crown – Lost Christmass [BDRip 1920×1080 x264 FLAC]

I`m going to speak a bit from what I`ve seen in this. I love the colors and the Animation. Production I.G. has another winner on its team!! While others may compare it to other type of Animated episodes or such, you`ve got to understand that most of the REAL Anime is just making a comeback. I can remember in the early 1990`s of the SLUMP that had occurred even as I was collecting what I thought was “GooD” Anime. Man, was I wrong!!! After watching THIS series, I am safe to say that Guilty Crown`s flashy music and wonderfully-detailed transformation scenes is nothing short of fantastic. It`s nice to have something different versus watching episoe 353 of Bleach. GOOD Job I.G.!!

Standard issue shounen anime with highs and lows. Should have been half as along, as the second half dragged a bit with the whole high school dystopia subplot. Still, lots of action, tragic and triumphant moments, and a likeable cast of characters.

I am sorry to say but this is just for fans imho. I personally just…didn`t like the show.
Animation: Great
Music: Ok…I guess (but no Yoko Kano)
Character design: pretty good (although I could have gone without the jiggling boobies; also, there was not one fanserice moment for girls…even Evangelion had Kaworu and Code Geass had Lelouche)
Character development: very erratic, sometimes stiff
Story line: bullshit…sometimes too fast/too slow/too unlogical

The first half was amazing then it went all down hill after that but the animation/CG is top notch the BGM is awesome so were the voids. This is one of those turn your brain off and enjoy the sound and visuals

This show looks gorgeous and has amazing soundtrack but it`s plot is a mess, it has HORRIBLY OUT OF PLACE fan service and wish fulfillment for example the main weapon (I say weapon because you must have more personality then rei ayami, who they combined with annthy form utena in order to be a character). singing “So Everything that makes me whole, I`ll give it to you, I`m yours”. maybe this would not be SO BAD if the animation and music was not so amazing, or that it was on noitamina. I am now scared for the noitamina block and if it will be staying around.

Nice music, nice animation in the first half, horrid writing that also keeps characters bouncing around with next to no consistency.

It`s soooo stupid…. but the animation and music is awesome. Throw away your brain and you could enjoy this.

This started of as a great watch for me, but towards the end at about episode 16-17 it kept getting worse and worse for me. If you`re a fan of this “code geass“ genre then by all means go for it.

Little Code geass, little elfen lied, little d-gray man total ramen with everything inside it. It must be finished after 12-13 episode but interestingly it keeps going?!? Action anime to just pass time not worth to watch it if u dont fan of this genre.

One word… EPIC

I quite agree with marduk. This anime is just concentrating on the animation and they make a really boring and stupid story. It`s kinda like Shining Tear x Wind with the Soul Blade stuff… @@!

At first I was very impressed with the first episode. Then a few episodes later, I just couldn`t bear to watch it anymore. The plot became completely uninteresting and the main character just can`t figure out how to man the hell up. Extremely irritating imo. The show DOES have amazing animation, and great music so if you can ignore the flaws, then you`ll probably enjoy this.

Animation, design, and music are wonderful. Otherwise, plot, character, development, and everything else fall short of bearable. Recommended for shounen genre fans that don`t care about the “deeper” stuff.

Started off amazing. Great animation, great music, great characters, interesting story, though nothing new. Went off downhill in the second half. Quality wise it was still good, but betrayed the expectation that it gives in the first half. Good to watch when you have time, but don`t expect too much, even halfway through the anime.

One of the anime that really showed promising potential to turn into an epic adventure,but, unfortunately the only thing it managed was to destroy it, horrible development,ridiculous cheesy battles and nonsensical plot.
The art was good along with some nice music, but the way anime tried to mix Evangelion with Code Geass and TTGL pretty much ruined anything unique you could expect from it. A huge disappointment even if it started amazing in first 2 episodes.

The story is another “lets team up against the bad people” thing , but i like the way the characters are. the color and background music is so good, and characters are likable (all except the 2 main chars..seriously)…but dot get ur hopes up, cuz ur not going to be treated with a good story

The animation and soundtrack was really good and nice to watch. The protagonist was soooo annoying…this piece of **** made the whole show unwatchable. However, when you have nothing to do, you can try to watch this one.

Very poor imitation of Code Geass, the same scenes, sometimes even the similar words spoken by characters. Music is a bit better than the plot. Watch only if you`re super bored.

edit 15.02.2012:
getting slightly better from episode 12, but still getting 95% of scenes from Geass

A very beautifully anime to watch. The animation, color, and fight scenes are fantastic. Starts off great, but is slowed down for character development. A must see for shounen fans with a hint of mecha.

This series seem to have MUCH unwarranted hate.

1st off, you can`t really expect all shounen to be the next Death Note or whatever. Cut this series some slack and appreciate it for what it is: a visual and auditory treat with little plot to think about.


just rewatched the first five episodes. the plot is not told word for word, watch out for hints outside of the character`s dialogue. it`s that kind of show.

2nd, It has memorable characters. though it`s mostly because everyone remembers the stripper. but regardless, the cast is pretty good, even if they are rather a stereotypical bunch.

3rd, noitaminA. –edit– and Production I.G.

I`ve just finished watching this and thought it`s good. With all the hate out there, I doubt there would be many people giving this a chance. But if you don`t care about reviews and ratings and all the hate, or just want to find some new anime to try out, give this a go. I think it`s not an exceptional or deep-moving anime, but it`s worth a try. I love it though. The character design is super awesome.

Leave aside the soundtracks, you`ll find it nicely to watch, but not as far as masterpiece…

I have to say watch this show with an open mind its stunning and sounds amazing the story is a lil confusing i agree but if you follow along you will get it and find its actually a very wel thought out anime and is a definite watch for me… has alot of interesting abilities and roles.

The shows starts slow, and the main character is annoying, but once you kick past the first half it becomes a completely different anime (into something that actually is really good), its nearly like a completely different writer took over. The characters are more shades of grey than black or white, and the plot keeps taking turns every episode (but not in a bad way). PLS don`t hate before you`ve really given it a try. It is DEFINITELY worth sitting through this one!

Pretty good, I enjoyed it.

It has been quite a long time I`ve watched and really enjoyed an shounen anime like this. Sure it`s a little cheesy, it`s an shounen anime, after all. But the character reactions and emotion are good. Pure Inory, Gai is one hell of a son of gun, Segai have and excellent sense of humor (though a little twisted lol ). The animation is so so plus but the art is good. Music`s good. Actions ain`t an impressive but at least, they`re fast. The main char`s a pussy and constantly bump into mistakes after mistakes may pissing a lot of people off (try to keep patient, `kay ). In Conclusion this anime a hard_to_swallow_but_sweeten_to_the_end candy. Should watch if you do not hate shounen anime too much

Yes it`s poorly explained throughout, yes it`s silly and quite often poorly done. But somehow despite all the flaws it is a good series. It has lots of good characters, an interesting story (once the series actually lets you know), good animation and soundtrack.

If you do try to watch it, don`t be misled by the first 2 episodes and think it will be amazing, because that`s the trap everyone fell in to. Go into it expecting flaws and you should be fine.

For me the series should have ended like in episode 12, because i like happy endings. The hero is not really pathetic, it`s like what Inori said his heartbreakingly human. You can never really judge something unless you watch it yourself. In the end really his not alone, it`s just that she`s not there at the very end.

Luv`d it, <_<
Watch it until the end to be satisfied.
Touching moments, admirable chars, lovely ending!

Deep story, fantastic characters and lots of action! This made me watch anime again!

I watched the whole serie and I think It`s worth be watched. It`s not a masterpiece but it`s a good anime with a story, badass charas and prolly the best soundtrack of the season.

Watched up to ep 13, its not masterpiece, but rather entertaining anime in genre with really good song/animation. If anything doesnt make me bored, its not an easy task to archive.

must see anime! This anime has superb action and great story line. As u reach the end of the story u may realize that it has some plot holes but this doesn`t need to bother you at all, cause in every episode it keeps the intense high and lets you enjoy it! Plus it has great romance, Inori is really awesome and unique character!!! much of a drama!! and i `ll say it even the music is great!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my favorites so far this season. Definitely in my top five. I`ve heard people call it a “typical shounen.” But don`t let that put you off. The music and visuals are some the best you`ll get this season.

This is the one of the best anime I have seen this type.
First 5-6 episodes I were bored a bit but after sixth episode started the fun.
Music also I liked much!

Great animation and epic soundtrack, not much more to say about that.
The plot is extremely suppressed because of so few episodes, but if you keep your focus, then you`ll find an original idea and another great “from zero to hero” story!
Some shounen romance elements as well.
I don`t usually give a Must See, but this really is an underrated work of art.

Hmm this is a grate action,heart warming story sometime you might get the feeling to drop this but don`t at the end you are gonna cry it is just soo that much good trust me, i wish this didn`t end, just watch it you will understand why

It`s awesome! (:

I see so much hate on this anime and i can sorta agree BUT! you cannot judge this series off of the first couple episodes. It has a slow start but at the moment it is in my opinion the best anime that has come out this year

Above average on the first half, but absolutely incredible on the second.
All through, great animation and soundtrack.

Plot probably not original (did not see Code Geass to say to what extent), but definitely not equal to any other anime.

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas – An Episode of Port Town (Prequel)

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Kakumeiki Valvrave
Kurokami The Animation
Deadman Wonderland
Mugen no Ryvius
Shinseiki Evangelion
Shining Tears X Wind


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