Heroman (Complete Batch) (720p|150MB)

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Heroman (720p – 150MB)

HEROMAN (official)

* Based on an original idea by American comic book writer http://anidb.net/cr14788 [Stan Lee], creator of Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.
An American kid named http://anidb.net/ch15967 [Joey] lives in an urban city and has always wanted to become a hero. Unfortunately he is just an orphan working part time to support his grandma and himself. After watching a toy commercial on a new robot action figure, Joey comes to believe that he will gain strength once he obtains one of those. But the only robot toy he can get his hands on is a broken one that was abandoned by a rich school bully. Feeling pity for the trashed action figure, Joey takes the toy home to repair it. Little did he know, that once he repairs the toy, it will make his hero dream become reality.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 3.54
Start Date – 2010-04-01
End Date – 2010-09-23

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Heroman – 01
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Heroman – 05
Heroman – 06
Heroman – 07
Heroman – 08
Heroman – 09
Heroman – 10
Heroman – 11
Heroman – 12
Heroman – 13
Heroman – 14
Heroman – 15
Heroman – 16
Heroman – 17
Heroman – 18
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Heroman – 22v2
Heroman – 23
Heroman – 25
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Heroman EX-1v2
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Heroman Music Video – Boku no Te wa Kimi no Tame ni
Heroman Music Video – Calling
Heroman Music Video – Joey and Heroman
Heroman Music Video – Missing

Complete Batch

Episode 1 : Direct Download | Torrent
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Episode 5 : Direct Download | Torrent
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Episode 10 : Direct Download | Torrent
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Episode 12 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 13 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 14 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 15 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 16 : Direct Download | Torrent
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a few years ago i stopped watching anime for a long peroid of time (because i had nowhere to get it from and any ideas to watch)
but after watching this it made me remember how awesome anime is. Recommeded by my dearly brother, i enjoyed it 🙂

a nice serie that gives me the same feeling that I got with old hero programs like power rangers. Main difference has a storyline. And is better made.

Old school comic book action mixed with japanese flair

very american i agree but not suprisingly for stan lee.i recommended for : animation & nice fight scenes…

A story about how a hero is born,lives,learns and fights a really refreshing experience away from the usual Shounen hero kind where they win by just leveling up to the new 1 hit K.O move or power (Naruto,Bleach,DBZ,..).

Now that the series ended, i can without a doubt recommend it.
It begins with a pretty cliche plot, but after the first arc ends the plot just blooms and develops at a pretty good pace right until it explodes in the ending, while keeping the story fresh.
The animation is absolutely superb, as one would expect from Studio Bones, and the story is well thought.
Shamefully, the ending feels a little “cut short” as many characters are left with fate unknown, but the classic “to be continued?” teaser is waved at the viewers.
Definetely one of the sleeper hits of the year, and personally, i can`t wait to see a second season of the show.

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  • LilyIsGood

    Uh…. can somebody please re-upload Heroman Episode 5. All websites has been deleted.

    • Zero992

      There is mega batch of it Right above direct download

      • Darkluis Alianza Lima

        Media info pliz

        • Zero992


  • kamichansama

    zero992 please re-encode episode 23 since its dont have audio past 3:00 minute

    • Zero992

      yeah yeah working on it for months since every source i found sucked and failed encode -.-

      • Zero992

        DDL and mega fixed. No filehosts.

        • kamichansama

          Thank you for fixing episode 23

  • sunny9009

    Plz fix this asap. after this point there is no audio. plz make v2.

    • sunny9009

      forgot say its ep 23.

      • sunny9009

        are there people here just post and forget things???? at least a reply won’t hurt anybody. i’ve attached the problem pic along with the comment but there is no reply. does encoder check the quality before posting???

        • Zero992

          Ok will be done got to get source again

          • sunny9009

            thanks for the reply. just downloaded the source last night. but thanks any way.

          • Zero992

            After 5th july i got exams until than. Also i downloaded same source already and encode keeps failing i gave up until i finish my exams.

  • V-S

    episode 23 audio cuts out at 02:52 and does not come back can you fix this please cuz i really love this anime and have been looking for a good download for ages and this is the best iv found so plzzzz fix ep 23


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