He`s My Master (synonym) (480p – 60MB)

He`s My Master (synonym)
That Is My Master (synonym)
HiMM (short)
kgwngs (short)
He Is My Master (official)
He is my Master (official)
He is my master (official)

* Based on gag comedy manga by http://anidb.net/cr11018 [Mattsu] (story) and his ex-wife http://anidb.net/cr11017 [Tsubaki Asu] (artwork) which ran in http://anidb.net/cr28951 [Monthly Shounen Gangan].
http://anidb.net/ch9923 [Sawatari Izumi] and her little sister, http://anidb.net/ch9897 [Mitsuki], ran away from home. In order to look for part-time jobs, they wander around town. However, all the shop owners refuse to hire them.
Then, they happen to see a poster looking for resident housekeepers. It turns out the job offer was by http://anidb.net/ch9922 [Nakabayashi Yoshitaka], who has lost his parents in an accident, and became quite lonesome. Sympathizing with him, Izumi and Mitsuki decide to take on the job and help him.
However, Yoshitaka is quite the pervert with a cosplay fetish, and makes the girls wear questionable maid uniforms. Izumi gets angry, while Mitsuki actually enjoys wearing them. Yoshitaka starts to enjoy being a master just that bit too much. Little did he know that the girls brought along their pet alligator http://anidb.net/ch7111 [Pochi], who has a thing for Izumi much to her dismay.
Source: AnimeNfo

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.57
Start Date – 2005-04-08
End Date – 2005-07-01

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2005-04-08 He Is My Master!?
Das soll mein Meister sein?
Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama!?
2 2005-04-15
3 2005-04-22 That Uniform-Loving, Hidden Camera-Loving, Bishojo Game-Loving Pedo
Der Wettkampf um Yoshitaka
Il feticista delle uniformi per lolita che adora le foto per guardoni e ama giocare con simulatori erotici di ragazze
Lolicon de Seifuku Mania de Kakushidori Mania no Galge Mania
4 2005-05-06 A Couple Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Will Not Last Long
Le coppie formate in circostanze straordinarie non durano mai a lungo
Ijou na Joukyouka de Musubareta Danjo wa Nagatsuzuki Sen Jarou
5 2005-05-13 There`s a Rumor About an Adolescent Boy Living
Oya no Isan o Uketsuide Hitorigurashi o Shite Iru Shishunki Mattadanaka no Shounen ga Seken no Me ga Todokanai no o Ii Koto ni Koudai na Yashiki ni Itaike na Shoujo o Kakotte Yokubou no Omomuku mama ni Jibun no Shumi no Sekai o Tsukutte Houshi Sasete Iru to Iu Uwasa
6 2005-05-20 The Battle for Izumi Sawatari Series!
Sawatari Izumi Soudatsuden Series! Zekkyou Kimodameshi! Hitou Tokkyuu Touhoku Yukemuri Shuutome Satsujin Yokubou ni Moeru Elite Katei Madonna Kyoushi no Midareta Mansion Keiei no Atome Arasoi Kaseifu wa Mita!
7 2005-05-27 He Is Izumi`s ???!?
Kore ga Izumi no XXX!?
8 2005-06-03 An Incredibly Low Strike Zone
Hateshinaku Hikui Strike Zone
9 2005-06-10 Izumi May Be Izumi But Izumi Will No Longer Yield to Anyone
Izumi wa Izumi demo Mou Nanimono ni mo Kusshinai Izumi
10 2005-06-17 He Is My Prince!?
Est-ce mon prince ?
Kore ga Watashi no Ouji-sama?
11 2005-06-24 Yoshitaka, Oh So Far Away
Yoshitaka, si loin d`ici
Harukanaru Kano Yoshitaka
12 2005-07-01 He Is My Master!!
Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama!!

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[Animeout]_He_is_My_Master_12_[480p]_[ven].mkv – 50.8 MB

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A well made comedy was bit short. But definitely fun. Recommending for maid lovers, one of the best comedies is saw.

I rate this one as A+ anime 🙂

mm kinda surprised that theres so few recommendations, seen it ages ago but it was great.


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