We offer THREE ways to download anime on this site

1. Direct Downloads (DDL)

Every single anime, be it a movie/OVA/episode, is available through DDL.
Only Donators have access to all DDL links. (You will be asked for username and password)
Free/Normal users have access to DDL on all on going anime and anime from the previous season (Spring 2015).

So, again: If you are asked for a username and password, it means this anime’s DDL links are for donators only. Try filehosts or ask for a re-upload (details read below)

2. Filehosts/MEGA

Many of our anime is also provided with filehosts (Zippyshare, uploaded, etc)
Unfortunately filehosting anime is very inconsistent. Content gets deleted a lot without warning.
We prioritize using MEGA as it works best for most users.

If a certain anime is not provided with filehosts write a ticket on the Support and Request section

A request system is a work in progress.

3. Torrents

Don’t rely on torrents for the time being as they’re a work in progress.
Most older anime that have a torrent link won’t work.
Torrents on newer anime/on-going might work.
Just give it a try.

Visit the FAQ for other related questions

If you still have questions/concerns write a comment below.

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  • Yato-sama

    can i download it in 360p??not 720p?just asking Thanks

    • Avalon

      Not 360p (that quality standard is just not enough anymore). We used to do 480p a few years ago but now almost everyone has enough bandwidth and network speed available to download the 100MB~ 720p releases, so we stopped doing 480p encodes

  • J

    do this site limited our download speed?

    • Avalon

      Public Download servers have 2MBps download speed limit (16Mbps) and 2 connections maximum per IP

      • Avalon

        PS: Private/Donator DDL server do not have any restrictions of any kind.

  • Keimer

    Thanks, this site is amazing.

    • Avalon


  • Izani

    How to become a donator ?

  • Minato

    thanks for the explanation

  • Avinash Sharma

    damn,. most of the anime is for donators. fkc why is this a forceful thing?

  • blaze077

    OMG. This is so cool. Thank you for making this guide. Hey, guys, you gotta read this! I’ve never read anything as awesome as this before. A must read. This made me reflect on my actions in life. Thanks, AnimeOut. BEST. SITE. EVER.

  • harshit

    hey there i am harshit and i am new here i wants to download Onegai teacher2002 either by ddl or by torrent. but i am not able to do that so please can anyone help me? onegai shimasu tasukete kudasai.

    • Harshit Shah

      I am harshit as well. But I don’t speak weeb.

  • yashgaur

    The old link for one piece keeps redirecting to a newlink.
    The new one has episodes after 517.
    Also the size is 155mb, whereas in the old link it was 90 mb.
    Please bring back the old link.
    It was called Rapid 702 Proper Yibis 700

  • Thanks!

  • Gundam X

    Is it possible to add megalinks to Sword of othe stranger and the Berserk movies ?


  • cornellex

    hi, where i can found the decryption code for MEGA download on gochuumon S2 ??

    or is it donators only ???

    thank you

    • MagwitchOo

      The ‘mega’ batch doesn’t require authentication.
      So try again.

  • Helpmeh

    How do I download via mega batch? I tried and it got to 100% percent, but didn’t receive my file, I clicked on ‘download via zip’

    • Zero992

      downlaod via zip almost never works

  • kyota

    Please upload Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Heaven and Earth and

    Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus. And other Fafner series. In MEGA FILE

  • kyota

    Can I ask if someone would re-upload filehosts/MEGA for Eureka Seven AO episode 7 & 8 Subbed?

  • kyota

    Can I ask if someone would re-upload filehosts/MEGA for Eureka Seven AO episode 7 & 8 Subbed?

  • Aditya

    hey is it possible for you to upload Avatar the Last Airbender all 3 seasons?

  • Jui

    The difference between proper and rapid?

    • flygon727

      rapid is from whichever sub group is fasted while proper is from whichever sub group the uploader thinks is best for that specific anime

  • kiryoh

    Help i cant download the fairy tail episodes its asking me for username and password. What should i do please help

    • MagwitchOo

      You will have to download the torrent in that page or the FileHost Links.

  • otaku sensei

    could you help me.out. cant dl the one piece episodes via direct link.keeps asking for username and password.

    • May God have mercy upon your soul. Also, don’t reproduce.

      • otaku sensei

        i have been granted mercy and i hope that the gates of gehenna will be opened to invite you that you may suffer for your insolence.

  • Traguy

    guys…could anyone re-upload the episodes…coz i can’t seem to download it…

  • Richard Wang

    hey guys i want to direct download all kurokos basketball
    How do i do it, because i’m not a donater

  • Ravisha Gupta

    hey there i want complete season of naruto but in torrent file where can i have them

    • Zero992

      Probably nowhere but google might be able to help you if you look hard enough

  • jai11

    @xander when clicking link bucks it shows link is not found. This issue persist for all anime from today. Can you please take a look

  • Spider Queen

    You guys make my day

  • Tristan Sison


  • Kaori yuuki

    I love animeout! Great work guys!!! Perfect stars for y’all hehe. much better if all of the animes are on Mega :)) just hoping ^-^

  • 420WeedWizard

    This site is great but many old anime only have a non working torrent link and no filehost upload

  • Flicefer

    I sticking with this site almost 2 years.. just a bit curious about team reuploader is any of them still active? since tokyo raven post still not fixed yet the first one request for fix almost like 1 years ._. .. anyway thanks to all animeout team, great work!.. 😀


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