IS: Infinite Stratos (main) (720p BD – 204MB)

IS: Infinite Stratos (main)
Infinite Stratos (synonym)
Infinite Stratos IS (synonym)
IS (short)
IS: Infinite Stratos (official)

* Based on a light novel series by [Yumizuru Izuru] with illustrations by [Okiura].
The story revolves around the IS Academy and its students who are training to become pilots for the IS (Infinite Stratos) weapon system. It so happens that this system can only be operated by females. However there was one young man named [Orimura Ichika] (15) who was able to use the IS. He then finds himself attending the busy academy dominated by girls. As it turns out [Shinonono Houki], a childhood friend, is one of his new classmates.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.14
Start Date – 2011-01-07
End Date – 2011-04-01

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Similar league as Asobi ni Iku yo! A little bit of comedy, a little bit of harem, a little bit of ecchi and a little bit of sci-fi. Watch it if you have a lot of free time or you need take a break. 6/10 😉

meskipun tiap episode ada beberapa adegan yang berasa aneh, tetapi gaya harem yang dibungkus dengan lembut bisa melumerkan suasana…
rada kocak sih, terutama sama Charles/Charlotte Dunoa-nya… hahahaha…

Five different girls are kawai and robots are wonderful. I admire ichika a lot. However, story is not complete and second season will not come. It is too sad.

Has every cliche in the book, from the childhood promise to `I want to protect everyone`. Despite being so generic, it`s well made enough that it`s watchable for a fairly wide range of fans.

great harem anime. relationships are more direct than negima and sekirei. less ecchi but more action than otoshimono. downside is that its rushed into 12 eps.

One of the worst show I`ve ever seen. No plot, horrible characters with random or interchangeable personalities (they even thought that since usually the childhood friend is the most annoying character of a show, it`d have been a great idea to put two of them in this one, with the same tsundere-ish traits on top of that), mediocre animation (surpassing the Pareto principle they spent all the budget for the first two-three minutes of the show) and music. Stay the hell out of this!

recommended for those who love seeing females in power suits

a blast laughed alot

Love this serie.. Too bad is just 12 eps 🙁

Action, Comedy, Harem, High School, Mecha, Novel, Power Suits, School Life, Sci-Fi, Seinen
couldn`t be any better.

i fell in love with this anime and its head char
i seriously want to marry him^^

It`s a decent relaxing watch, but don`t expect too much.
After all it`s just a standard harem anime.

Overall its interesting and entertaining, though the thing it lacks is a villain. If ur going to have mech suits at least have a villain >.> other than that its more of a new way to do the usual highschool life, with some action…

A good anime, but has a few holes in the way its presented. Laura made me fall off my seat laughing, though. I`ll recommend it, however it could have been a little bit more action to talk ratio.

by far the best anime of the season ^^

I love this anime! 🙂

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