K-On!! Season 2 (Complete Episodes) (720p – BD – 90MB)

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K-ON!! 720p – BD – Complete Anime Series

K-ON!! 720p – BD – 90MB Encoded Episodes

K-ON!! Direct Download – 720p – BD Episodes encoded to 720p – BD in 90MB Size – With Torrent Download

It’s the final year of high school for Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama, and Tsumugi Kotobuki, the founding members of the Light Music Club. Together with their junior member, Azusa Nakano, they spend their days after school in the music room enjoying tea and sweets and practicing music. Amidst band practice, preparations for the new student orientation performance, scouting for new members, and student responsibilities, they still have time for “After School Tea Time”.

Alternative Titles

English: K-ON! Season 2
Synonyms: Keion 2, K-On!! 2nd Season
Japanese: けいおん!!


Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 7, 2010 to Sep 29, 2010
Producers: Kyoto Animation, Pony Canyon, TBS, Movic, Rakuonsha,Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Comedy, Music, School, Slice of Life
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

File Hosts | Direct-Download Links for K-ON! 720p – BD 90MB miniHD Encodes

Episode 01: Mega
Episode 02: Mega
Episode 03: Mega
Episode 04: Mega
Episode 05: Mega
Episode 06: Mega
Episode 07: Mega
Episode 08: Mega
Episode 09: Mega
Episode 10: Mega
Episode 11: Mega
Episode 12: Mega
Episode 13: Mega
Episode 14: Mega
Episode 15: Mega
Episode 16: Mega
Episode 17: Mega
Episode 18: Mega
Episode 19: Mega
Episode 20: Mega
Episode 21: Mega
Episode 22: Mega
Episode 23: Mega
Episode 24: Mega
SP01: Mega
SP02: Mega
SP03: Mega

Episode 1 : Direct Download
Episode 2 : Direct Download
Episode 3 : Direct Download
Episode 4 : Direct Download
Episode 5 : Direct Download
Episode 6 : Direct Download
Episode 7 : Direct Download
Episode 8 : Direct Download
Episode 9 : Direct Download
Episode 10 : Direct Download
Episode 11 : Direct Download
Episode 12 : Direct Download
Episode 13 : Direct Download
Episode 14 : Direct Download
Episode 15 : Direct Download
Episode 16 : Direct Download
Episode 17 : Direct Download
Episode 18 : Direct Download
Episode 19 : Direct Download
Episode 20 : Direct Download
Episode 21 : Direct Download
Episode 22 : Direct Download
Episode 23 : Direct Download
Episode 24 : Direct Download
Episode OP1 : Direct Download
Episode OP2 : Direct Download
Episode SP01 : Direct Download
Episode SP02 : Direct Download
Episode SP03 : Direct Download

Mega Links

Mega Batch

K-On S1
K-On Movie

Love Live S1
Love Live S2

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  • Clemmont Alura Meates

    Mega Batch or nah people have been requesting it…

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          • Noza Rashi

            I’m using Mpc star player and this is my cpu.. Intel celeron CPU847 1.10GHZ

          • DayLighter

            Oh its your CPU. Compressed anime takes a bit more power than normal releases to play. Try Using Media Player Classic Home CInema + these codecs http://www.cccp-project.net/

          • Noza Rashi

            The problem is not the video but the player. When I use VLC player the video is fine. Thanks for replying my comment. Lesson of the story dont use MPC star

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          What you mean?

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          • Zero992

            I relayed to encoder who encoded this be patient 🙂

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  • There is only 24 eps. from 26

    There is only 24 episodes from 26 and it’s written in MAL and ANN and even in this sites review so where is the rest 2 eps.

  • can u re-upload k-on season 1 in 720p 80-90-100mb plss

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    Links still not working 🙁 Kindly check this out admin. Thanks

    • Daylighter

      Links are working, but the server is responding very slowly due to large traffic. This Anime is hosted together in the same servers as the Bleach, Gintama, Naruto and Older One Piece Episodes.
      You can still download if you use a download Manager like IDM or Orbit so it automatically retries if an error occurs.

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  • dan

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  • what is sp01 sp 02 sp03

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