K-On! Season 1 (Complete Episodes) (1080p – BD – 200MB) + Special & Bonus!

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K-On! Season 1 + Special & Bonus Episodes [1080pp – 200MB]

Hirasawa Yui, a young, carefree girl entering high school, has her imagination instantly captured when she sees a poster advertising the ‘Light Music Club’. Being the carefree girl that she is, she quickly signs up. However, Yui has a problem, she is unable to play an instrument.

When Yui goes to the clubroom to explain, she’s greeted by the other members: Ritsu, Mio and Tsumugi. Although disheartened at Yui’s lack of musical know-how, they still try to convince her to stay to prevent the club’s disbandment. After playing Yui a short piece which re-ignites her imagination, they succeed in keeping their new member and guitarist.

Along with the tasks of school and homework, Yui begins to learn the guitar with the help of the other band members, experiencing many mishaps along the way. However, with the school-festival drawing near and Yui getting stuck with her practice, will the Light Music Club be ready in time for their debut?

Alternative Titles

English: K-On!
Synonyms: Keion
Japanese: けいおん!


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 2, 2009 to Jun 25, 2009
Producers: Kyoto Animation, Pony Canyon, TBS, Movic, Rakuonsha,Bandai Entertainment
Genres: Comedy, Music, School, Slice of Life
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


K-ON! (Complete) (720p - BD - 70MB - Encoded)


DDL Links for K-On! 1080p BD 200MB Encodes + Special & Bonus Episodes

Episode 01: Direct Download
Episode 02: Direct Download
Episode 03: Direct Download
Episode 04: Direct Download
Episode 05: Direct Download
Episode 06: Direct Download
Episode 07: Direct Download
Episode 08: Direct Download
Episode 09: Direct Download
Episode 10: Direct Download
Episode 11: Direct Download
Episode 12: Direct Download


K-On! Bangai-hen: Fuyu no Hi!

Episode 13: Direct Download


K-On! Bangai-hen: Live House!

Episode 14: Direct Download


K-On!: Uraon!

Special-Episode 01: Direct Download
Special-Episode 02: Direct Download
Special-Episode 03: Direct Download
Special-Episode 04: Direct Download
Special-Episode 05: Direct Download
Special-Episode 06: Direct Download
Special-Episode 07: Direct Download


MEGA Download-Links

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      Direct Downloads are only for Donators, meaning the people who have donated some amount to help the site be up and online. DDL( Direct Download links) Is only for the Donators. If you are a donator, You Might want to provide your information when asked in your browser to download the file. This is posted on behalf of the Admins, I am not an admin. If you need to consult an admin, please do so in the IRC At the very bottom of the website’s pages.

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    ##[AnimeOut]K-On! 13 – A Winter Day! (BD-720p)[Kira][Daylighter].mkv##

    This one are not working , please fix this

    • @nime Kami

      I just checked the following episode with the Ziddu and Zippy share and it was working fine here ToT

      • AQ AF

        yeah (T_T) , and quess what ?

        Season 1 actually have 14 episode , so where is the last one ?

        • @nime Kami

          Once a wise man said that “Be 100% sure about your knowledge before actually having a conversation with someone” as you might like to know that The K_ON! Season you stated has only 13 Episode, the episode 14… Good Sir that you were asking for T_T or talking about is an OVA, which one should atleast try… to look into OVA Section… before complaining about it in here…

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    Why you not make subtitle indonesia for this film? Thanks

    • @nime_hunter

      Don’t u think it would be to uncommon if u use Indonesia subs

    • @nime_hunter

      Many people prefer English Subs nd it’s common

  • Sorry to ask but Ordered Chapters aren’t working for me. I use several versions of MPC (CCCP, KKP, KCP). CaN SOMEONE HELP ME?

    PS(I’m new to animeout but im pretty much familiar with OCs from other sources)

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    • Azurpha

      Well, to answer your question directly would be me suggesting Freemake, a pretty good video converter, but however that is ineffective, because to converter is resource demanding and just use a different video player is easier and faster; vlc is pretty decent at playing all kinds of files including .mkv

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  • no op & ed?

  • mui

    i might be doing something wrong but chapters aren’t working?

    • Daylighter

      some episodes dont have chapters sorry!

      • mui

        why not do Kira’s subs for all the episodes?

        • Daylighter

          Because i have better subs and sourcefiles for the first 10 eps.

      • Sorry to ask but your Ordered Chapters aren’t working for me. I use
        several versions of MPC (CCCP, KKP, KCP). Doesn’t work with VLC either. Any way for me to fix this?

        PS(I’m new to animeout but im used to OCs from other sources)

        • Daylighter

          IIRC the first few eps dont have chapters

          • hajii

            hello, i want season 2 with eng sub can someone help me please?

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  • Shady

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