Karas (720p BD – 204MB)

The Crow (synonym)
Crow (synonym)
Kruk (synonym)
Varnas (synonym)
Karga (synonym)
The Karas (official)
Karas (official)
Karas (official)
Karas (official)
Karas (official)

The city of Shinjuku in the near future. A wave of multiple murders has hit, shocking even for this crime-racked city. The victims are always drained of their body fluids… and there is always a sole survivor.
Behind the murders stands [Otoha], the one who is to be the new Karas. He must now battle Ekou`s forces to save the city and its inhabitants, be they human or youkai.

Anime Type – OVA
Total Episodes – 6
Rating – 6.99
Start Date – 2005-03-25
End Date – 2007-10-23

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Doesn`t make much sense, but looks great!

Must bee seen on huge tv with proper surround!
Music, sound, combat and animation are excellent.
Story is good but can be a bit confusing.

I only have one word to describe this, Masterpiece!

Absolute animation ! Hallucinating action, intra-Japanese story full of symbols maybe a little bit difficult to understand at first. But it is so well made that you won`t be lost at the end.
One of ever well made anime of all time !

Very well made art, however the first impression of deeper meaning slowly dissipates as the final act closes-by. But what the hell, hardcore fights also counts :))


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