Kill La Kill (main) (720p – 150MB)

Kill La Kill (main)
KILL la KILL (synonym)
klk (short)
Kill la Kill (official)
Kill la Kill (official)

In a high school where students possess uniforms that give them various powers and abilities, student council president [Kiryuuin Satsuki] rules by force. However, a transfer student named [Matoi Ryuuko] stands in her way, wielding a scissor sword and a possessed school uniform.
Source: Wikipedia
Note: The first episode was pre-aired at a special event on 28.09.2013, regular TV broadcast started on 04.10.2013.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 24
Rating – 6.87
Start Date – 2013-09-28
End Date –

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12013-09-28Azami no Gotoku Toge Areba
22013-10-11So Sexy She Might Pass Out
Kizetsu Suru Hodo Nayamashii
42013-10-25Dawn of a Miserable Morning
Un matin bien malheureux
Totemo Fukou na Asa ga Kita
62013-11-08Don`t Toy Me on a Whim
Kibunshidai de Semenaide
72013-11-15A Loser I Can`t Hate
Nikumi Kirenai Rokudenashi
82013-11-22I`ll Wipe My Own Tears
Ore no Namida wa Ore ga Fuku
92013-11-29A Once in a Lifetime Chance
Tu n`as qu`une seule chance
Chance wa Ichido
102013-12-06I Want to Know More About You
Anata o Motto Shiritakute
112013-12-13I`m Not Your Cute Woman
Ne dis pas que je suis mignonne
Kawaii Onna to Yobanaide
122013-12-20Spit Your Sadness Away
Kanashimi ni Tsuba o Kakeru
132014-01-10Crazy for You
Dingue de toi !
142014-01-17Ride Like the Wind
Isoge Kaze no You ni
152014-01-24Episode 15

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Kill la kill

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For fan of all [url=]anime genre[/url], let it be [url=]ecchi[/url], [url=]old school, [url=]with plot[/url], [url=]without plot, [url=]comedy[/url], [url=]parody[/url], [url=]drama, [url=]action[/url], even [url=]tragic!

If you like the old Gainax style from FLCL and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann this one is definitely a must-see.

If you like go nagai anime style… this is absolutelly for you!

very recomended…

A hilarious anime swelling with comedy and action. In this show high school/everyday themes get`s mixed with overhyped scenes of fighting and absolute destruction.
I`ll highly recommend Kill la Kill for anyone who needs to spice up their mood with some raw action and a good laugh. This type of anime might not be appealing to everyone though.

At ep12 it`s just pure pleasure to watch. Wacky, over the top, while still holding story worthy of attention – all the while twisting common anime tropes in most witty ways possible.

From the creators of Gurren Lagann… comes another show that`s just as crazy awesome, if not more. The anime is a throwback to older 80`s/90`s anime and is filled with many clever references. The animation is unique, the soundtrack is great, and the story is quite interesting (and weird) so far. If you`re a long-time anime fan, you should enjoy this.

It`s a wild, crazy and sexy action/comedy epic that`s akin to a visual rollercoaster. You owe it to yourself to give this a try.

The staff who worked on Gurren Lagann are back for Kill La Kill and they don`t disappoint.

if u wanna see something unusual but awsome watch this!

like what da fuq?
its really brings back the FLCL feel. And yes TTGL feeling is there too
actions are fast paced, and scenes are crazy and fly at the speed of sound
its spontaneous, its crazy, its weird, its high octane, its full of energy, its vulgar, its ecchi, its is not your normal anime. It will not make you regret. It will make you claw away the weekdays waiting for the next episode …
Just go watch it will you

…. Woah.

FREAKING EPIC! Hot damn I have not such EPICNESS since Gurren Lagann. Everything you ever wanted from any genre is compressed in this amazing series! Episode 5 is still air and this is growing to be one freaking epic thrilling story!

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Furi Kuri
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Dead Leaves
Re:Cutie Honey
Honoo no Tenkousei
Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai


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