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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon  (720p – 140MB)

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere (synonym/official english)
kyoukaisen (short)
horizon (short)

[infopane color=”6″] * Based on a light novel series written by Kawakami Minoru and illustrated by Satoyasu.
In the far future, humans abandon the devastated Earth and move to the upper world Tenjo. But Tenjo and the law of causation collapse in a war and humans return to the Earth, which has turned into an uninhabitable planet except for Shinshu area.
Shinshu is too small to accommodate all the humans, so they duplicate the area and create Juso Sekai in a parallel world. In order to rebuild Tenjo and the law of causation, the returned humans start reproduction of the history from B.C. 10,000. When the reproduction proceeds to A.D. 1413, a war breaks out in Shinshu and Juso Sekai falls onto the original world.
The humans living in Juso Sekai lose their land and invade the original world. People in Shinshu surrender and the land is divided by the invaders from Juso Sekai. They try to resume the history reproduction from A.D.1457, but the update of the history terminates in A.D.1648. A rumor of apocalypse begins to spread the world. [/infopane]
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 4.33
Start Date – 2011-10-02
End Date – 2011-12-25

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2011-10-02 Those Lined Up Before the Horizon
Kyoukaisen Mae no Seiretsu Mono-tachi
2 2011-10-09 Innocents at the Table
Shokujiba no Seijun Mono
3 2011-10-16 Commandos in Town
Machijuu no Yuugeki Mono
4 2011-10-23 Covert Ops Under the Night`s Sky
Yoru Tenka no Anyaku Mono
5 2011-10-30 Graduates Under the Moon
Gekka no Sotsugyousha
6 2011-11-06 Advocate at the Confession Grounds
Kokuhaku Ba no Daibensha
7 2011-11-13 Musashi`s Knights
Musashi no Kishi
8 2011-11-20 Ruler of the Land
Zen`iki no Shijisha
9 2011-11-28 The Summit`s Flower
Takane no Hana
10 2011-12-04 The Trumpeter at the Start Line
Start Line no Rappafuki
11 2011-12-11 Musashi no Fukanou Otoko
12 2011-12-18 Opposition Against Crossing over the Parallel Lines
Heikousen-jou e no Soutai Mono
13 2011-12-25 Those Lined Up Above the Horizon
Kyoukaisen-jou no Seiretsu Monotachi


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Episode 9 : Direct Download
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For light ultimate fantasy fans.

Great series with tons of characters, first half was mainly focused on character and plot presentation while second half is pure awesomeness.

Beware! This series is the ultimate mix: every stereotype of characters wielding every kind of power/skill ever thought.

this series is only rated so low becuase no one really understood whats going on , what I personally did (and it worked quite well for me I must say ) , is that I watched the series up until episode 5 ,and then went to its wiki and found out everything I dont know about .Once I got whats going on , I felt it has a good amount of orginality that makes it watch worthy.

To the average viewer, Horizon may be either a nonsensical story-less anime, or a good cute-turned-cool comedy. You can watch the first half of the season mindlessly, but towards the end the story actually becomes less meaningless. At least it still puts a smile on my face throughout the season. Good enough for a launchpad for a second season too.

EDIT: This is an anime worth watching. The animation is fun but to enjoy the actual story you have to do quite a bit of research. This anime is significantly underrated as viewers can`t be bothered to research about the story, and the amount of fanservice which make the superficial viewer think low of it. Do not let this hinder you from enjoying this anime.

Not your average start-to-end mindless anime that follows a steady predictable plot. First few episodes seem really random and implies to a lot of things that you dont know about, but yet the later episodes slowly fills in the pieces and gave you the sense of “Ah HA! So that`s what happened!” Very enjoyable, very original, lots of interesting characters and looking forward to 2nd season.

Reminds me of when Mission Impossible first came out and most people was like “huh? What happen?” and then once you THINK about it, you get it. Not for your average viewers that just dont want to bother thinking about what you are watching.

same as other really confused on 1st episode, but if you see through till 6 episode you will got awesome story, usually “bonds” that created a long time ago with Toori and Horizon with all of their friends

You should watch this show AFTER acquiring a bit of the background. The light novel it`s based on is actually a huge work with many volumes, but luckily there are good intros like the one by Stilts, just google “Kyoukai Stilts” it`s the first link.
Then, the whole show WILL make a lot more sense and reveal itself as deeper than you`d think.
Also, keep in mind that everything happens in just two days (eps 1-5 in the first day, the rest in the second one) with time overlapping, you will follow different characters` point of view. Hope this helps.

Oh, and the female charachters are undeniably hot.

I started watching this series after 6 episodes were already out. After the first episode or two, I was wondering if I should keep watching as the series was becoming hard to follow with a vast cast of characters introduced all at once, a complicated setting explained in a couple of sentences and a bunch of terms and background information everybody seemed to know except the viewer. But I kept watching. After episode 6, many if not all of the info the show was trying to convey has sinked in. I have a grasp of most of the important characters, the setting and plot. Honestly can`t wait to watch the next episode.

Give it a chance, there`s potential for great stuff in here.

It might require a bit of external reading since first 3 exposition episodes are not doing their job well, but after that the setting, plot and the character interactions are interesting to watch.

This anime was probably produced for people who were already fans of, and have read, the book series. If you had, I guess it would be interesting to see some of the scenes played out in animation. If not, you will likely have no idea what people are talking about as very little is actually explained. If you were scratching your head reading the description above about this anime, trying to figure out wth it is actually talking about, you will likely feel the same while watching it too.

As many others after the first 3-4 episodes I wondering if I must keep watching, it was too hard to follow but what kept me going was the amazing battles, well after Episode 6 I think, things become better and better with each episodes until Episode 12 that blew me away! one more episode left and now I can say I am glad I didn`t stop watching back then, keep watching folks u wont loose! 😀

Definitely do some extensive research before watching this anime (I recommend Stilts). There is hardly any introduction at all. The content is really heavy, you have to pay atention because you`ll easily miss something important.
Nevertheless, this was most definitely the best thing i have watched so far this year. Great characters, great story, great music, great comedy. There`s nothing to hate about this anime at all, except for the fact that it`s so damn hard to watch. It`s all worth it though.


USE THIS. Everything starts to make just a little more sense. This anime is already amazing, with great animation and music, but understanding the smaller nuances really brings things to life.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II (Sequel)

[tab title=”Characters”]

ID Name Pic Desc
30906 Horizon Ariadust A cybernetic doll that works at the Blue Thunder b….
30907 Aoi Toori Tori is the Head of Musashi Ariadust Academy`s Sup….
32120 Neit Mitotsudaira Nate Mitotsudaira is a knight of Hexagone Françai….
32121 Honda Masazumi The vice president of the student council. She`s v….
32122 Asama Tomo A Shinto priestess of the Sengen Shrine and a chil….
32123 Aoi Kimi Toori`s older sister. Both she and Toori were born….
33174 Adele Barrufet ….
33175 Kiyonari Urukiaga ….
33176 Shirojiro Bertoni Works as one of the youngest merchants in the Musa….
33177 Toussaint Neshinbara Toussaint Neshinbara has a very dry personality th….
33178 Noriki ….
33179 Heidi Oogezavalour Heidi Augesvarer is Shirojiro Bertoni`s partner, b….
33180 Marga Naruze A black-haired, 6-winged white magic user. Also af….
33181 Margot Night A blonde, 6-winged black magic user, as well as Na….
33182 Kazuno ….
33183 Mukai Suzu Suzu Mukai is a blind girl who acts as a “stopper”….
33184 Azuma ….
33185 Tenzou Crossunite A highly talented ninja, excelling in Ninjutsu and….
33186 Naomasa ….
35274 Innocentius Innocentius is the representative of K.P.A.Italia,….
35553 Oriotorai Makiko Makiko Oriotorai Class 3-Plum`s homeroom teacher. ….
35554 Miriam Poke Confined to a wheelchair; thus, conducts studies a….
35555 Yoshinao ….
35556 Sanyou Mitsuki ….
35557 Itou Kenji ….
35558 Ohiroshiki Ginji ….
35559 Honda Futayo Futayo Honda is a student of Mikawa, and is Masazu….
35560 “Musashi” Musashi is an automaton managing the vessel of the….
35561 Tachibana Muneshige ….
35562 Tachibana Gin ….
35563 Sakai Tadatsugu ….
36601 Galileo ….
36602 Honda Tadakatsu ….
36603 Honda Masanobu ….
36604 Matsudaira Motonobu ….
36605 Blue Thunder Tenshu ….
36606 Nenji ….
36607 Hassan Furubushi ….
36610 K.P.A. Italia The former Italy that now rules over the Aki; in c….
36611 Seitokai ….
36614 Jizurisuzaku ….
38177 Persona-kun ….
38178 Konishi ….
38179 Kuromo no Kemono ….
38182 El Azul Tres Espana Heavy-class Aerial Gods of War. With w….
38183 Jun Bahamut Kyuu Koukuu Toshi Kan – Musashi An airship city. There are two ships in the middle….
38184 Zaragoza ….
38185 Alicant ….
38274 Yuurei (?) no Shoujo ….
38275 Musashi Ariadust Gakuin ….
38276 Sannen Ume Gumi Class 3-Plum of Musashi Ariadust Academy…..
38277 Musashi The only independent territory in the Far East, an….
38282 Sannen Take Gumi Class 3-Bamboo of Musashi Ariadust Academy…..
38329 Mikawa The Far East`s representative country.
Source: gen….
38330 Seiren An organization established by the world`s superpo….
38331 Blue Thunder A snack shop located on Musashi…..
38332 Hanami ….
38333 Chimpira An Archdevil Thug who lives on Musashi. He is part….
38334 Shinagawa Majin Kai ….
38335 Sakakibara Yasumasa ….
38336 Tres Espana The territory of Shimoseki, currently under provis….
39229 Erimaki ….
39230 “Shinagawa” ….
39231 P.A. Oda Provisional ruler of the Kinki~Tokai region in the….
39232 Kyokutou The stage of the story, and the only inhabitable a….
39233 Matsudaira Shitennou The four who directly serve Mikawa`s ruler, Matsud….
39234 Zantei Gikai An organization comprised of adults who have alrea….
39235 Mikawa Keigo Tai The only other armed group permitted by the Testam….
39236 Souchou Rengou The organization within the Musashi Ariadust Gakui….
39261 Shinshuu ….
39263 Juusou Shinshuu ….
43067 Diego Velazquez ….
43425 Juana ….
43426 Flores Valdes ….
43427 Pedero Valdes ….
43428 Hironaka Takakane ….
43429 Era Yosae ….
43430 Achiyuki Byakko ….
48302 Uzui ….
48303 “Asakusa” ….
48304 Yoshinao no Tsuma ….
48305 Sewayaku no Joseito ….
48306 Teitoku ….
48407 Hachidairyuuoh The Hachidairyuuoh (八大竜王, Eight Great Drag….
48409 San Lorenzo ….
48410 Godaichou The Godaichou (五大頂, Five Great Peaks) is a g….


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