Little Busters!: Refrain!

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Little Busters! RefrainΒ (720p – 100MB)

Little Busters! Refrain!
littbus (short)
lb! (short)
litbus (short)
Little Busters! (official)

Riki and his friends have been managing to form a complete team for the Little Busters baseball team and after overcoming some of its new members’ internal conflicts, Riki and Rin slowly approaches the “secret of this world”.

Will they be ready for the truth? In this world devoid of logic, something has started to move and soon will come the time when the lives of the Little Busters will change forever.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 3.94
Start Date – Oct 5, 2013
End Date – Jan 1, 2014

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Little Busters is a story that should be experienced in its totality in order to understand and appreciate it. While the story arcs have individual appreciable value, the the underlying themes and implications as well as the character relationships all build up to a greater story in Little Busters!: Refrain.

Little Busters!: Refrain completes the story of Little Busters, and fills in that empty feeling from the end of the first season. There are animation quality improvements and a more dramatically intense storyline, filled with much more characterization for characters you may have felt were mere hollow stereotypes.

Little Busters!: Refrain brings a darker and more serious tone to the series, while shedding light on the mysteries and anomalies that are going on with the world. The unveiling of the “Secret of the World” could completely change your opinion of the series, as mundane events are now filled with hidden implications.

Like most of Key’s works, they follow a motif that starts out uncertain and wrapped in slice of life, but is enhanced and better developed in the latter part of the story. Basically, if you’re a Clannad fan, consider “Refrain” to be the “After Story” of Little Busters. It includes the final arcs of the series and cleverly wraps up the story.

If you’ll take the series purely, you’ll find a wondrous tale of love and friendship.If you want the full immersive experience from Naoe Riki’s perspective, check out the Little Busters! visual novel, which contains the full story that the anime series is based on. The original Little Busters visual novel is translated in English and available to download.

Little Busters! Refrain (Sequel)

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    This little busters refrain episodes are so cool on the episode 4 beacuse Riki-kun love Rin-chan.Rin said Let’s date said Rin-chan said Riki-kun Eah!,Me and you said Riki-kun.Said Rin-chan That’s right. Said Riki-kun Okay.At the night, Riki-kun unsleep that Rin-chan text Riki-kun said Rin text How are you,said Riki text,I’m good

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    can you upload it again?

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