Mardock Scramble (main) (720p – 300MB)

Mardock Scramble (main)
Mardock Scramble (official)
Mardock Scramble (official)

* Based on [Ubukata Tou]`s Mardock Scramble science fiction novel series.
Rune Ballot is a down-and-out teen prostitute in Mardock City. One day, she`s picked up by an ambitious casino manager named Shell who gives her everything she could want. Renewed by a false innocence, a false past, and now the false life Shell has given her, Ballot feels grateful. However, she can`t help but be curious about why he`s done so much for her, so she does some research about his past on a computer. This turns out to be a mistake which will change her life greatly. When Shell finds out what she`s done, he attempts to burn her to death by blowing up her car.
Due to the high crime rate in Mardock, a new law called “Scramble 09” has given police carte blanche to take extreme and otherwise illegal measures to revive crime witnesses. With this in mind, they allow a professor to bring Ballot back from the brink of death by reassembling her entire body with reinforced synthetic fiber. When she finally wakes up, her confused mental state eventually turns toward revenge as Shell is revealed as her killer.
Note: The [Gonzo] anime studio had planned an original video anime (OVA) project of Mardock Scramble in 2005, but had cancelled the project in December of 2006 for “various reasons.”

Anime Type – Movie
Total Episodes – 3
Rating – 7.04
Start Date – 2010-10-08
End Date – 2012-09-29

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Story is a bit different … but can see the reasoning…. esp when its happening all over the world. … but animation is amazing… Overall a 9.5 from me. One to watch

they managed to destroy the anime with the 3rd movie. i mean, half of the movie was a poker game! come on!
only the first movie was awesome

1st was awesome, 2nd not good. i hope the 3rd will be the masterpiece

longing for pure mature cyberpunk action thriller – look no further! (ok… still 2 parts to wait for…)

read the book before the anime came out and couldn`t put it aside.. the anime is one of the best i`ve seen in some time and everyone who liked the anime will love the book

This is a must see for several reasons. It has amazing pace, despite being a movie (most movies fail in this point), so you can still enjoy it if you usually just watch TVs. It has a cute, touching girl with her harsh situation. It has a mix of Scifi/Supernatural powers. And it has a few of the most amazing actions scenes ever. Ever watched the real movie “Equilibrium” with that Gunkata or whatever it was called pistol style? Well, the girl in this show is doing some crazy dual wield action too, just a lot faster and a lot more perfect, to be enjoyed at your leisure.

Epic … in everything. Watched all three movies in one go. Speechless at the moment..

Well it does have some solid animation there coupled with a nice pacing to the plot too. And its cyber punk-ish without and wimpy characters.
Character design and development are impressive. I especially like Rune Balot, a very strong girl character with some soft spots too.
Only complain might be 40 percent of the whole story was in a casino – I actually felt like I was watching some HK God of Gambler movie. But in honestly, it does pace itself very well and the plots involving the scenes were also key points – so I can`t really complain much.
All in all, its a solid anime movie – highly recommended! to the point that I will rate it “Miust Watch”

If you are serious cyberpunk fan, then you definitely must watch this! This is THE real deal.

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