Mitsudomoe (720p – 150MB)

* Based on Sakurai Norio`s gag manga, serialised in Weekly Shounen Champion.
The somewhat precocious and sadistic girl Mitsuba (oldest), the somewhat lecherous muscle girl Futaba, and the somewhat mysterious girl Hitoha (youngest). Better known as the (mischievous) Marui Sisters, this is the story of how these three triplets go about their days in class 6-3 with their cute yet wild antics.
Source: Manga-Updates
Note: The first and second episodes were aired during a special event on Sunday, June 20, 2010 in a school gymnasium in Tokyo. Participants were chosen through an e-mail lottery held until Wednesday, June 16. The regular television broadcast started on July 3.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 6.45
Start Date – 2010-06-20
End Date – 2010-09-26

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2010-06-20 The Marui Family! The Good, the Bad, and the Fearsome!
Marui-ke! Ii Ko Warui Ko Osoroshii Ko!!
2 2010-06-20 Those Three Girls Won`t Stop!
Mitsugo ga Tomoranai
3 2010-07-17 Full of Strangers
Fushinsha ga Ippai
4 2010-07-24 Milk and White Pants and Yours Truly
Chichi to Shiro Pantsu to Shousei
5 2010-07-31 Bra! Bra! Pig!
Bura! Bura! Buta!
6 2010-08-07 Hats and Underwear Go on Your Head!
Boushi to Pantsu wa Kaburu Tame ni Aru!?
7 2010-08-16 I Can`t Help Being in Love!?
Gachi de Koishite Shouganai!?
8 2010-08-23 RUNNER
9 2010-08-30 Santa Claus Is My Sweetheart
Henjin wa Santa Claus
10 2010-09-06 Chijo ni Naru
11 2010-09-13 Things Get WEIRD in 5 Seconds
Maji de Hen Suru Go Byou Mae
12 2010-09-19 I Can`t Reach You
Kimi ni Todokanai
13 2010-09-26 A Day at the Marui House
Marui-san no Katei no Nichijou

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Agree completely with Yoru-chan. So I`m dropping at the half of the first episode. I`ve already watched Hanamaru and Kodomo, so no copies for me. Btw the one that I really like is Kodomo no Jinkan.

This is a very fun and silly anime with a unique art style. And it gets funnier as the show progresses. Highly recommend! πŸ™‚

While i watched i felt like i was forcing myself in doing so. But still was fun to watch and relaxing? Have a lot of funny and ass hurting moments. Picked it since i was bored, time well spent. πŸ˜€

first i thought it wouldn`t be that good but i was wrong. it`s fu**ing hilarious and really enjoyable.

While it may be funny, there isn`t much that sets it apart from Kodomo no Jikan and Hanamaru Kindergarten.
All three are about new teachers who have just embarked on their very first class.
All three have very similar looking main character teachers.
All three have the main teacher in love with a big breasted co-worker (before a fellow teacher, the gym teacher and now a nurse)
All three have three main loli`s with very similar personalities to their counterparts.
If you liked either Kodomo no Jikan or Hanamaru Kindergarten you may like this but the similarities are a little … annoying in my opinion. Like I said there isnt much that sets this apart from the other two so … : /

its funny as hell xD

One of the funniest and cutest shows I`ve seen.
The jokes tend to be a “bit” dirty so I hope you don`t mind it getting weird.

Judging by the first episode, it will be more akin to South Park than Kodomo no Jikan.

comedy from misunderstanding πŸ™‚
funny, hilarious, silly anime
don`t be fooled with elementary school setting
watch this and you won`t regret πŸ˜€

Don`t get discouraged by the visuals or elementary school setting. Anime could hardly get any funnier than this imo.

So inappropriate that you have to see it! Great show that will surely make you laugh. Funny art makes it even more special!

If you are a person who LOVE comedy, then you have to watch this serie!
There is NO ending laught!
This is a must see serie!

Funny as all hell!!! I laughed so much it literally hurt!!!

its story is about elementary school students funny misunderstandings. very funny and a very must see

I hope this anime goes on for a bazillion seasons. Mitsudomoe was the funniest anime I`ve seen since azumanga. You have to watch this.

hilarious. not for kids.


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