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MM! (main)
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* Based on [Matsuno Akinari]`s MM! light novel series.
Because of an traumatic incident in the past, [Sado Tarou] has turned into a masochist, deriving pleasure from when cute girls violently beat him up. He will never be able to `normally` love if he stays like this though and his friend [Hayama Tatsukichi] suggests to look for help. So to cure his condition, letting him confess his love to [Shihori-hime], he visits the Second Voluntary Club, that supposedly fulfils the wishes of students. Arriving there he only finds [Isurugi Mio], a deluded girl believing she is a goddess, and [Yuuno Arashiko], the girl that unintentionally turned him into a masochist…
— written by foo2
Note: The first episode was screened together with [Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls] as part of the Media Factory Anime Festival 2010 on Sunday, September 26, 2010 in Tokyo KFC Hall. Participants were chosen through a postcard lottery held until Friday, August 27, 2010. The regular television broadcast started October 2, 2010.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 4.65
Start Date – 2010-09-26
End Date – 2010-12-18

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2010-09-26 My Free-Fall First Love!
Chokkakkou First Love!
2 2010-10-09 The Distance Between Similar People
Nitamono Doushi no Distance
3 2010-10-16 The Dog-Fight for You
Kimi no tame no dogfight
4 2010-10-23 This and That Silly Couple
Sonna Konna de Couple Ba-Couple
5 2010-10-30 Genius Girl Is in a Raging Panic!
Tensai Shoujo no Bousou Panic!
6 2010-11-06 My Trouble-Filled Home
Souran Darake no My Home
7 2010-11-13 Love Triangle in the Summer?
Manatsu no Triangle Love?
8 2010-11-20 B de L na Ren`ai Moyou
9 2010-11-27 MFC`s Great Conspiracy
MFC no Karei Naru Inbou
10 2010-12-04 Sadistic Lady Arashiko
Sadistic Arashiko-jou
11 2010-12-11 The Lost Memory
Ushinawareta Memory
12 2010-12-18 The Christmas Wish
Christmas no Negaigoto

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##[AnimeOut] MM! – 02 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 03 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 04 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 05 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 06 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 07 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 08 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 09 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 10 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 11 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – 12 END [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – NCED1 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – NCED2 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – NCOP1 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – NCOP2 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! – NCOP3 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! Hidden Cam 01 – Isurugi Mio [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! Hidden Cam 02 – Yuuno Arashiko [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! Hidden Cam 03 – Hiragi Noa [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 01 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 02 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 03 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 04 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 05 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] MM! SS! – 06 [BD][720p][Kira-Fansub][AKS].mkv##

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100% recommended for the fans of the genre !
It`s silly , its weird… but hell is it not FUN !

It got nice characters , good dose of stupid funny moments , and no real plot as expected from something of that genre >.>
What else can u ask for 🙂

hilarious !!!

just watch 🙂

Cute and funny anime.. Not into Masochism, but this anime is good. really good. 🙂

The art, plot is fine and I don`t like masochist either so the comedy didn`t get into me much. But the characters development was good. The more I watched, the more I enjoyed the series. Overall it`s a decent anime

so funny, give it a chance

Hilarity ensues. The last time I cracked up laughing was watching episode 2 of Azumanga Daioh. This series introduces some original comedy that was completely unexpected when I started watching. Hooked, lined, and sinker.

at episode 5 I almost peed myself. that just about sums it up 😀

have seen two ep`s now and i can already say that this is teh shit! awesome comedy that will nearly kill you.

Mayo Chiki!
Yahari Ore no Seishun Lovecome wa Machigatte Iru.


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