Monogatari Series: Second Season

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Monogatari Series: Second Season (720p BD – 90MB)

Monogatari Series: Second Season
Nekomonogatari (Shiro) (synonym)
Kabukimonogatari (synonym)
Hanamonogatari (synonym)
Otorimonogatari (synonym)
Koimonogatari (synonym)
Onimonogatari (synonym)
Zenmonogatari (synonym)
MSSS (short)

* Based on a series of light novels written by [Nishio Ishin] and illustrated by [Vofan]. [Araragi Koyomi], a senior year high school student, has never been particularly popular among girls. However, at one point he was made into a vampire, and although he was treated and became human again, his vampirism never entirely disappeared. Since then, he has become surrounded by strange girls; those who, not unlike himself, came into contact with supernatural beings.
In this season of the Monogatari series, Koyomi`s relation with each of the heroines develops, while deeper trouble continues to arise. Since [Oshino Meme], the exorcist who helped him become human once again, is no longer around, he must deal with the problems on his own now.
— written by Hinoe

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 20
Rating – 7.81
Start Date – 2013-07-07
End Date –
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Episode 1 : Direct Download |
Episode 2 : Direct Download |
Episode 3 : Direct Download |
Episode 4 : Direct Download |
Episode 5 : Direct Download |
Episode 6 : Direct Download |
Episode 7 : Direct Download |
Episode 8 : Direct Download |
Episode 9 : Direct Download |
Episode 10 : Direct Download |
Episode 11 : Direct Download |
Episode 12 : Direct Download |
Episode 13 : Direct Download |
Episode 14 : Direct Download |
Episode 15 : Direct Download |
Episode 16 : Direct Download |
Episode 17 : Direct Download |
Episode 18 : Direct Download |
Episode 19 : Direct Download |
Episode 20 : Direct Download |
Episode 21 : Direct Download |
Episode 22 : Direct Download |
Episode 23 : Direct Download |


Kabukimonogatari ED : Direct Download |
Kabukimonogatari OP : Direct Download |
Nekomonogatari Shiro ED : Direct Download |
Nekomonogatari Shiro OP : Direct Download |
Otorimonogatari ED : Direct Download |
Otorimonogatari OP : Direct Download |
Onimonogatari ED : Direct Download |
Koimonogatari ED : Direct Download |
Koimonogatari OP : Direct Download |
Koimonogatari OP2 : Direct Download |

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  • uhh. shouldn’t this have 26 episodes?

  • Clarie Eiralc

    thanks for this

  • einvaust

    this is encode 8bit or 10bit ?

  • i already explained it many times in comments below,

    THE 26 EPISODE CONTAINS “3 RECAP” which i consciously skip.
    26 – 3 RECAP = 23

    • Cookie Prowl

      Oh shoot, sorry, haha, didn’t read through all the comments

  • kosh54

    Can someone please reupload the Nekomonogatari [coalgirls] Mega links…
    The torrent doesn’t work…direct download only has Commie versions…

    This comment section was the most recently posted one / active… please?..

    • kosh54

      This :
      Nekomonogatari (Kuro) (Episode 1-4) (720p BD – 90MB)

      • kosh54

        Also….please reupload Koimonogatari OP2 – Mega link not working 🙁

  • Ananth Kishore

    Please reupload mega links. the container is empty. 🙁

    • reuploading it will take few minutes after this post to finish the process

  • Mykk

    Hi. I download all the episodes the OP and ED are not playing using MPC-HC from CCCP site. what should i do?

    • Zero992

      Blue ray versions dont have opening and endings in them. Opening and ending are on separate videos.

      • Mykk

        My Problem:
        This what i saw in my slider
        Prologue > Nekomonogatari Shiro 01 > Preview

        The OP and ED are not included.

        • Zero992

          Yeah i told you OP and Endings are put out of the episodes in blue ray editions. Look a bit further down you will see OP and ED on separate files. Its just how bluerays are made. TLDR OP and ED are cut out from episodes

  • Oshine

    Mega liks are up to 23 only. Can you plz up the rest? tyvm

    • Oshine

      And also I noticed Onimonogatari OP is not there. Or it’s just there’s no OP?

      • its only 23 Cannon EP’s the other 3 are Recap, and no onimonogatari op didn’t included in the BD box

        • Oshine

          Ah, I see, thank you TheOnlyZii.
          Sorry for the inconvinience then 😛 and ty for your work 😀

  • highdensity

    It’s 26 episodes, right? Also, pls reupload the Megabatch, other files won’t download 🙁 Thanks 😀

  • JSAnime

    Mega is still only up to 13 ep, the rest aren’t there. Please upload please. Thanks!

  • AnimeKnowAll

    The files in megalinkz is only up 2 ep 13. Pls re-upload.

  • Akash Sharma

    Please reupload it on zippyshare !

  • Guest

    Please upload it on zippyshare

  • milanfan

    Koimonogatari OP and ED direct download doesn’t work. Can you fix it?

  • Oira

    sooo…i was like…i thought it was 26!!! then i saw the TV version that the episode 13 of the bd was the episode 15 of the tv…and episode 16 was a recap…(well episode 16 was the latest thing i have watched) sooo…pls answer my question…what episode will i need to download to continue the series? :””> thanks in advance

  • Only 3 bd volumes available to date if you wanted the complete series download from the TV Version

  • lee_shaoran
  • domarco

    Yes!! BD version finally, thank you zii 😀


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