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Nana (synonym)
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Nana (official)
Nana (official)
Nana (official)
Nana (official)
Nana (official)
Nana (official)
Nana (official)

One day [Komatsu Nana] (Hachi) decides to go to Tokyo where she wants to start a new life with her boyfriend Shoji. There are only a few seats free on the train and thus she decides to sit next to a girl whose name is [Oosaki Nana]. As a vocalist Nana aims for a debut in Tokyo with her punk band Blast to become professional musicians. Her boyfriend [Ren] already made it as a guitarist for the famous Trapnest there.
After arriving in Tokyo their ways part – or so it seems. When searching for a flat to live in, they meet again and eventually decide to share it together. This strengthens their bond and together the Nanas go through their love lives and career in Tokyo.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 47
Rating – 8.26
Start Date – 2006-04-05
End Date – 2007-03-29

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Ep Num#DateTitle
22006-04-12Love? Friendship? Nana and Shouji
Amore? Amicizia? Nana e Shoji
Koi? Yuujou? Nana to Shouji
32006-04-19Nana and Shouji, Love`s Whereabouts
Nana E Shoji, Il Destino Dell`Amore
Nana to Shouji, Koi no Yukue
42006-04-26Nana`s Love, NANA`s Dream
L`amore Di Nana, Il Sogno Di Nana
Nana no Koi, Nana no Yume
52006-05-03Ren`s Dream, NANA`s Thoughts
Il Sogno Di Ren, I Pensieri Di Nana
Ren no Yume, Nana no Omoi
62006-05-10Snowing in Tokyo! Nana and NANA
Verso Tokyo mentre nevica, Nana E Nana
Yuki no Joukyou! Nana to Nana
72006-05-17L`arrivo di Yasu, la stanza 707
Yasu Toujou! 707-goushitsu
82006-05-24Strawberry Glass and Lotus Flower
Bicchieri con le fragole e fiore di loto
Ichigo Glass to Hasu no Hana
92006-05-31Nobu in Tokyo! NANA`s Song
Nobu arriva a Tokyo!
Nobu Joukyou! Nana no Uta
102006-06-07The Handsome Youth, Shin, Appears!
L`arrivo di Shin: Il bellissimo ragazzo!
Bishounen Shin Toujou!
112006-06-14Sachiko, Is This on Purpose?
Sachiko, E Se Lo Facessi Apposta?
Sachiko, Waza to Da yo?
122006-06-28Urgent Approach! Shouji and Sachiko
Kyuu Sekkin! Shouji to Sachiko
132006-07-06Sachiko`s Tears, Shouji`s Determination
Sachiko no Namida, Shouji no Kesshin
142006-07-12Family Restaurant of Carnage
Shuraba no Famires
152006-07-19Blast, First Live
Blast, Hatsu Live
162006-07-26NANA`s Love`s Whereabouts
Nana no Koi no Yukue
172006-08-02Trapnest, Live
Trapnest, Live
182006-08-09Hachi`s Prayer, NANA`s Thoughts
Hachi no Inori, Nana no Omoi
192006-08-16NANA`s Prize
Nana no Gohoubi
202006-08-23Sudden Development! Hachi`s Fate
Kyuu Tenkai! Hachi no Unmei
212006-08-30Dreams of a Suite Room
Suite Room no Yume
222006-09-13Wish Of July 7th, Hachi`s Love
Tanabata no Negai, Hachi no Koi
232006-09-20I do not want to pass over to anybody
Dare ni mo Watashitaku Nai
242006-09-27Hachi`s Confused Heart
Midareru Hachi no Kokoro
252006-10-04A Capricious and Selfish Man
Kimagure de Katte na Otoko
262006-10-12The Passing Hachi and NANA
Surechigau Hachi to Nana
272006-10-18Hachi`s Desired Future
Hachi no Hoshii Mirai
282006-10-25Hachi and Nobu, Urgent Approach
Hachi to Nobu, Kyuu Sekkin
292006-11-01The Problem of Expressing Love
Aijou Hyougen no Mondai
302006-11-08Breakdown, NANA`s Heart
Kekkai Girigiri, Nana no Kokoro
312006-11-15Hachiko, Pregnancy
Hachiko, Ninshin
322006-11-22Don`t Let Go of My Hand
Tsunaida Te o Hanasanaide
332006-11-30Hachi`s Choice
Hachi no Sentaku
342006-12-07The Broken Strawberry Glass
Wareta Ichigo no Glass
352006-12-14Reira`s Loneliness
Reira no Kodoku
362006-12-21Blast`s New Song!!
Blast Shinkyoku!!
372007-01-17Hachi, High-Class Housewife
382007-01-24The Trigger of Fate
Unmei no Hikigane
392007-01-31Look, Hachiko
Hachikou, Mitero yo
402007-02-07Blast, Debut!
Blast, Debut!
412007-02-14Blast Lodging Together
Blast Gasshuku
422007-02-21NANA, Sudden Fit
432007-03-01Blast, Guerilla Live
442007-03-07Blast VS Trapnest
452007-03-14Blast`s First TV Performance
462007-03-22Reunion! Hachi and Shoji
Saikai! Hachi to Shouji
472007-03-29The Fireworks Display, Hachi and Nana
Hanabi Taikai, Hachi to Nana

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Strong anime about character development, bands and self achievement. A bit too much drama in the romance part for my taste, but on the whole it`s a great anime.

this anime is an unique…….. no words

This anime is really good…

Read my comment on this anime for more info.

finished this series in 2 days….awesome storyline n love both main characters!!!

test recommendation for test user, ignore me.

A well written story that kept me glued to the series till the final end.

best anime ever
you should give it a try, you will not regret watching it

Simply the best. Very realistic, funny, touching, and sad. It`s the best I`ve ever watched. Watch it, you won`t regret it!

One of the best animes i have ever seen and if you are reading this you should watch it too!
For a anime that can make you laugh and even make you feel good it can drag you down to deepest level of hell in an instant.

This is one of those animes that you can`t keep you emotions apart.

Stayed astray for a lot of time due to tags incoherence with my preferences and oh boys was I fooled.
You can`t go wrong with this anime – it`s a gem. The believability of the characters and their actions is so real that it`s just brilliant. Romance and drama are mixed in a spectacular way creating emotional moments that will stay with you for quite some time.

Simply the best in the romance category. Also, amazing music!

Good lord, what is there to say about this one?? I didn`t even feel I was watching an anime with this. I was so into the characters that they became real people for me, struggling with real issues that actually mattered to them. All the characters are very distinctive, especially the two main characters (both Nanas). Many people seem to think that Komatsu Nana was a slut, but this is not true at all. She is just a young girl in the midst of growing up. She is very innocent and naive, and because of this, she follows her emotions without thinking sometimes. And because she is so innocent and naive, she has never learned to deal with the strong emotions that are rampaging throughout her life. That having been said, the last 2 or 3 episodes are very confusing, so plan on reading the manga also. So, collect your snacks, grab your hankie, and sit back and watch this series!

must watch

This is about love, fame, friendship, and sex. The characters are interesting and well draw. The story is realistic, and full of emotions. It was good, but the ending is a cliffhanger, so something are left unknown. But that`s cuz they were planning for a second season, but the manga writer fell ill so the manga was never finish. This is a masterpiece and it is my all time favorite.

Interesting and unique characters with a great touching story told in an exceptional way.
Horribly depressing but worth every minute of it.

I like music-centric anime, and the Rock theme was even cooler. But what makes me recommend it is the extent to which I could sympathize with the characters. It was amazing.

One of best animes i`ve ever seen (of drama ones). If u like to watch how people deal with unusual hardships put on their way… u got to see it. It`s most depressive anime i`ve ever seeon too, but for this one, it`s advantage πŸ™‚

Can`t wait for 2nd season, hopefully there will be more πŸ™‚

For me, Nana is the best shoujo. The storyline is great and the characters have complex personalities. Furthermore the story is so captivating, you end up living it with the characters.

A must see !

I`ve watched over 400 anime so far, red countless manga and it`s the fisrt one that made my cry. I just fall apart and cound`t bring myself together. Must see !!

An amazing story. Has great music, and characters you come to know very closely. A warning though: If you watch this, you must go and read the manga to continue the story, otherwise the ending will leave a very bad taste in your mouth, and we all know there is nothing worse than an amazing anime with a crappy ending.

It made me laugh, cry, hypnotized me and had me singing its OP and ED`s in my head forever… watch… NOW!!!

Paradise Kiss
Hachimitsu to Clover
Kaikan Phrase
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien


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