Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (720p-100MB)

Synonyms: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Japanese: 魔法少女リリカルなのはViVid
Anime Type : TV Series
Total Episodes : 12 (Finished Airing)
Rating : 7.24
Genres : Action, Adventure, Magic
Air Dates : Apr 3, 2015 to Jun 19, 2015

Set four years after StrikerS, Nanoha finally has time to get off her feet. Now explore the Nanoha world in Vivio Takamichi’s shoes and her device, Sacred Heart. 4th season of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha series.

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Nanoha’s really grown on me, from a series I didn’t think much of the first time I saw it to one of my favorite franchises today. I was excited when they announced Vivid, because it’s the first new Nanoha anime to come out since I really became a fan. So how does it stack up? For me it was a 7.5/10 series (rounded down to 7 for reasons I’ll get to) and mostly met my expectations, but it also had some issues that kept it from matching the heights of previous seasons. Here are a few of its biggest strengths, weaknesses, and things that could go either way depending on your personal tastes. If you don’t want to read everything you can skip to the tl;dr section at the bottom for my quick take on whether or not you should watch Vivid.

+ Some of the new characters. Corona and especially Einhart are worthy additions to the Nanoha cast, with the latter’s personal growth driving much of the story. Rio has less to do in these 12 episodes but also shows some promise if there’s ever a second season. Several characters who played smaller roles in StrikerS also get more (and welcome) development.
+ Voice cast. Returning veterans like Nana Mizuki, Yukari Tamura, and Kana Ueda have been voicing these characters for a decade and don’t miss a beat here. The real star of Vivid to me, though, was Mamiko Noto as Einhart. She’s a complex character who has to be played as confident and ambitious, but still likable and sympathetic, and Noto’s performance has the right mix of noble-born grace and emotional vulnerability to make the character work. I also liked Yumi Uchiyama in a small but memorable role as a delinquent fighting in the tournament.
+ Lots of well-animated fight scenes. The switch from Seven Arcs to a higher-budget studio in A-1 is most noticeable in the fight choreography, which compared to earlier seasons has more dynamic motion and hand-to-hand combat, a much wider variety of combat styles, and a whole lot less of characters just standing in one place and beamspamming each other.
+ World Building. StrikerS gave us some of the history of Midchilda. Vivid goes further back in time, exploring some of the history of the Belkan home world and the Ancient Belkan empire. Anyone interested in learning more about the Nanohaverse will enjoy those parts.

* The entry barrier. This is NOT a series for first-time Nanoha watchers. Most returning characters get little or no introduction (and a lot of them are walking spoilers for past seasons). Some, like Ixy, never even appeared in the anime before, only the audio drama CDs, but Vivid still expects you to know who they are too. The show doesn’t review old concepts like intelligent devices or the differences between Belkan and Midchildan magic, either. Veteran Nanoha fans will appreciate not hearing all that again, but anyone coming into this series without watching the first three seasons is going to have lots of unanswered questions.
* Missing old favorites. This is basically a spinoff series focusing on Vivio and her new friends, and the returning cast with the biggest roles all come from StrikerS. Except for one arc, even Nanoha and Fate are rarely seen outside their homes, while other fan favorites from seasons one and two only make brief cameos or don’t appear at all.
* Genre switch. Even though it has transformation scenes and a few other magical girl trappings, Vivid isn’t a true magical girl series. It’s really a shounen tournament battle series with all the staples of that genre: training scenes, monologues about getting stronger, rivals-turned-friends, new characters who are abruptly introduced and given backstory two minutes before their first big fight, etc. If you like that kind of anime, great. If you don’t, Vivid’s not going to change your mind.
* Fanservice. Nanoha’s no stranger to fanservice anyway, but compared to previous seasons Vivid ups the stakes with lots more panty shots, ripped clothes, girls bathing together, and so on. A-1 also updated the old character designs to look “cuter” than before. As usual, some fans will welcome these changes, and some won’t.

– The Stakes. The first three seasons of Nanoha all involved major threats, with deadly consequences if Nanoha and her friends failed. Vivid’s stakes are so much lower that it practically feels like a slice-of-life show compared to its predecessors, and the dramatic tension that powered the climaxes of earlier seasons just isn’t there.
– Vivio. While I applauded Mamiko Noto earlier for the way she balances Einhart’s personality, Vivio’s a much more straightforward “cheerful child” type, and Kaori Mizuhashi doesn’t have to stretch herself much in the role. Unfortunately, it also makes Vivio a rather one-note character, and not nearly as interesting or as developed as her rival Einhart. That may change if we get a second season, but saying that also brings us to one of the biggest problems with this series.
– The Ending. As in, there isn’t one. It just adapts 12 episodes worth of material from the manga and stops. Now this isn’t an issue if A-1 announces another season, but right now Vivid is glaringly incomplete. That’s also the biggest reason I’m only giving it a 7, at least so far.

Watch It: if you liked all three prior seasons of Nanoha and you’re just happy to spend more time in its universe, even if it’s mostly with a new set of characters.
You May Be Disappointed: if you really just want more of the classic season 1 and 2 characters (none of them have large roles in this series), or if you aren’t a fan of shounen tournament battle anime, since that’s Vivid’s main genre.
Don’t Watch It: if you’ve never watched Nanoha before, because you’ll only get confused and spoiled. Go start with the first season instead. You can always come back to Vivid later.


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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie

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