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* Based on a manga by Ueshiba Riichi, serialised in Afternoon.
The story revolves around Tsubaki Akira, who one day notices the anti-social transfer student Urabe Mikoto drooling on her desk while she is sleeping, and he tastes it. Eventually the two begin to date and get to know each other better.
Source: ANN

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 13
Rating – 5.39
Start Date – 2012-04-08
End Date – 2012-07-01

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2012-04-08 Mysterious Girlfriend X
L`enigmatica fidanzata
Nazo no Kanojo
2 2012-04-15 Mysterious Bond
Legami enigmatici
Nazo no Kizuna
3 2012-04-22 Mysterious Test Tube
Nazo no Shikenkan
4 2012-04-29 Mysterious Girl Meets Girl
Nazo no Girl Meets Girl
5 2012-05-06 Mysterious First Date
Nazo no First Date
6 2012-05-13 Mysterious Step Up
Nazo no Step Up
7 2012-05-20 Mysterious Flu
Nazo no Ryuukou Kaze
8 2012-05-27 Mysterious Sensation
Nazo no Kankaku
9 2012-06-03
10 2012-06-10 Mysterious Affair
Nazo no Aventure
11 2012-06-17 Mysterious Cultural Festival
Nazo no Bunkasai
12 2012-06-24
13 2012-07-01 Mysterious Girlfriend and Boyfriend
Nazo no Kanojo to Kareshi

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This has to be one of the weirdest romance anime I`ve ever seen. The whole Ptuopathy idea is disgusting and the character design kind of sucks compared to most anime nowadays. For fans only, 4/10.

Well what should I say… original yes, but a little bit to weird. Ontop of that I`m getting tired of the “snapping” Urabe. Ontop of that why are most boy`s in this setting such pathetic figures… I would love to see an anime where the male AND female part don`t beave like total idiots when it comes to love and feelings for each other 🙁

Best word for it “unusual” overall it`s a nice show and if you fallowed the manga you know that it has a decent flow . I don`t really know if there are fans for this kind of show but, that`s all that it gets from me , since it`s kind of weierd >.< This series might be enjoyable for the female main character and her quirks as well as these nice and painful embarrassments of first love. But by the second half it is exhausting to follow the slow pacing and to witness the dumb male character. The strangest thing remains the fuss about the drool: I was willing to accept the gross ritual as a metaphor, but was more and more pushed off when it turned out to be just a silly plot device for characters unable to speak to each other. In the end this is a series for these who are looking for an ecchi anime above the average or who are into a drool fetish. But look elsewhere if you are searching for a lighthearted and believable teenage romance. Japanese romance at its best: out of 13 episodes, the first is to acquaint as boyfriends, being the remaining 12 the attempt to understand the concept of "boyfriend". For those fond of this theme, panties and boobs, this is a good show. Alot of drools were wasted making this anime. U will learn to accept and stomach DROOL after all the 13 episodes. Oddly refreshing....and when I say odd I mean you need to get past the scissors, the saliva and the backwards quality in animation (relative to today`s standard). Get past these 3 things and you`ll find yourself watching a rather cute story about first love. A must for any light romance fans, recommended for all else. It felt like I was watching this for the second time even though I know that is not possible. In retrospective, I have read the manga years ago, which just tells me that they have stayed very true to the manga. There probably won`t be a second season to this as, from what I recall, it would require a genre change (to ecchi, perhaps). So if you`re going to watch this then consider going the extra mile and reading all of the manga. A few weeks ago I read the description of this show and thought "this sounds kind of dumb", then today I was out of shows to watch so grabbed the first 5 episodes and damn if I`m not hooked! Nice premise, really digging the vibe on this one. I should have known better than to question something done by Subdesu without actually watching it first! Probably the best original anime this 2012 spring season. It`s kinky, it`s sexy, it`s a little unusual - not for the kiddies who find sharing bodily fluids `gross` - this is what being in an adult relationship is about, and Nazo no Kanojo X is not afraid to explore it in a unquiely creative, not overly-fanserviced way. Definately recommend for the more mature audience This really is something... first time i saw it i was like "WTF?"...but the story is somehow original and this Urabe has one of the sexiest voices i`ve ever heard in an anime so far... Just give it a try... I think a lot of people miss what this show is about by focusing on the weird stuff. This show is first and foremost a romance; it has some good comedy elements and well placed ecchi that isn`t totally over the top. The drool seems weird at first, but because they don`t take it to extremes it`s not really gross at any point. Very worthwhile to watch. Just get over the "ewww" that many may think and enjoy one of the best ecchi romance anime that exists. Definitely not the best but still a very good one. really an unusual and weird class of anime. Un anime bastante inusual y extraño Not bad for a short, nice watch. Definitely an odd one, but nevertheless fairly by-the-numbers romance. Really intresting and entertaining series that should not be underestimated. A fresh anime with unique music, plot, and main voice actress. For once a school romance where you can`t foresee the whole thing... Strangely unique and enjoyable for my 1st series of this type. Glad I found it. Take it from someone who`s been watching anime for 5 years almost every day - this an absolutely delightful romance. And even if it wasn`t, incredible performance of Urabe by Ayako Yoshitani should be enough for one to give this series a try. I`ve seen all 13 epsiodes. I`d rate it 9.3/10 and recommend it without reservation. There is enough already printed in the manga to support a second season, so I`m expecting that. Nice story with a cool new idea. Can`t wait to see a second season. Really different romantic series. One of my top 10 favorite of 2012. Good characters, nice animation, lovely music and a very lovely story.


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