Nichijou (720p – 100MB)

* Based on Arai Keiichi`s gag comedy manga serialised in Shounen Ace.
While the title suggests a story of simple, everyday school life, the contents are more the opposite. The setting is a strange school where you may see the principal wrestle a deer or a robot`s arm hide a rollcake. However there are still normal stories, like making a card castle or taking a test you didn`t study for. The art style is cute but mixes with extreme expressions and action sequences for surprising comedy bits.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 7.59
Start Date – 2011-04-03
End Date – 2011-09-25

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##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 01 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 02 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 03 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 04 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 05 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 06 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 07 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 08 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 09 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 10 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 11 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 12 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 13 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 14 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 15 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 16 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 17 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 18 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 19 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 20 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 21 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 22 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 23 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 24 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 25 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##
##[AnimeOut] Nichijou – 26 [720p][Underwater-Commie][Cyber16].mkv##

Nichijou Mega Batch

In the first episode, it was so funny that I thought it would be the best comedy in this year. But the later episodes shows me disappointment, some scenes are rubbish. If you like funny anime about little girls, I recommend A Channel, it`s much better than this show

Very funny at start. Gone a bit too stupid with screaming and such in the late 10`s (bu around 17th-18th episode) Maybe they ran out of jokes. Anyway, always a fun comedy to watch specially inside hakase`s house (IMO).
Great watch, give it a good try, if you like comedy, you won`t be able to say no to this.

Nichijou is a pretty crazy random anime filled with funny moments. But what makes it really great is superb animation detail that goes into some of the scenes. It`s really amazing. And makes it all the more enjoyable.

If you don`t like this show, you are a failure as a human being.

must be watched anime. its majestic comedy

i should be tired of these kinds of shows…yet I cannot deny the charm this show has. Its funny, cute and well animated. If you have enjoyed anything in the likes of Azumanga, Lucky Star, or Pani Poni Dash, this show is for you.

Epic randomness and random Epicness combined. Loses some steam in the middle segment, but gets great again pretty soon. Very funny moments and gigs.

For those who find Azumanga a little bit too slow.

There is even some character development. And even a possibility for some `manly` tears in the end – but definite LOLtears all along…

Lame start but gets funnier and funnier as episode goes on, does have many random unusual jokes but isn`t bad at all and still highly recommended for those who wanted some laugh.

DAMN HILARIOUS…. I don`t know what else to say…. as long you`re human, you`re gonna LOL

great slice of life comedy :thumbsup:
i`m still wondering why the creator used “selamat pagi” (its mean “good morning”), did he has relation with malaysia/indonesia?

possibly the greatest comedy ever made, On par with Excel saga for how funny it is

If you like anime about little girls, steer clear. If you like FUNNY anime, this is the one. It`s a must see for everyone that enjoys comedy and far better than Azumanga Daioh, in my opinion.

Even when the original material is thin, KyoAni manages to make something out of it. If it wasn`t for the infrequent miss, Nichijou would be perfect. It`s still one of funniest shows out there.

OMG this is soooo hilarious. At first I think it`s just some kind of odd Japanese joke (in fact, some scenes do have an odd Japanese jokes), but later I found out that you don`t have to understand Japanese jokes to enjoy the show.

I also guarantee that you don`t have to be very picky in found out what fansub you have to watch.

I hope this tittle goes on a gazillion episodes.

Nothing has made me laugh this much before. Totally recommended

I thought Seto no hanayome was the master of comedy, but i can honestly say that Nichijou is the king of comedy and definitive one of the best anime ever made!
I totally laugh out loud enough that my neighbours visited my entrance, pissed off that i laugh so loud that they can`t sleep! 😛 A must see!

A hilarious slice of life comedy on the adventures of high school students! Captures the little moments of life. Also blows them out of proportion for hilarious shenanigans.

Comedy can`t get any better

For me a pinnacle of randomness, wackyness and fun. Something different from other new shows.

Laughing because of randomness a couple of times in every episode is guaranteed. If you really want to laugh and if you have wacky humour sense then don`t miss this show. A must see for comedy genre fans.

compared to this, Lucky Star was sad… I cried laughing watching this.


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