Nisemonogatari (Bluray) (100MB – 720p)

Synonyms: Nisemonogatari (main),Bogustory (synonym),Impostory (synonym),NMG (short),Nisemonogatari (official),Nisemonogatari (Histoires d`Imposture) (official)
Type: TV Series
Episodes: 11
Aired: 2012-01-08
Ended: 2012-03-18
Rating: 7.86

* Based on a series of light novels written by [Nishio Ishin] and illustrated by [Vofan].
If Koyomi Araragi thought his life couldn’t get any more complicated after meeting Hitagi Senjogahara, Mayoi Hachikuji, and Suruga Kanbaru, he’s sorely mistaken.

Without any knowledge of how it came to be, Koyomi finds himself in an unknown place as a prisoner. The reason for and answer to his predicament seem to lay in Hitagi’s past and the con artist Kaiki Deishuu, but it becomes clear that there’s much more to it than that, and it will threaten the well-being of those Koyomi holds dear.

The second story arc of Nisemonogatari focuses on Koyomi’s sister Tsukihi. When Koyomi meets a pair of enigmatic women who know suspiciously too much about him and his friends, he couldn’t have anticipated the ramifications of their presence. Now Tsukihi’s life may very well be at risk, and the cause behind it will shake the foundation of everything Koyomi knows about his sisters.

Ep Num# Date Title
1 2012-01-08 Karen Bee, Part 1
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 1
Karen Bee Sono Ichi
2 2012-01-15 Karen Bee, Part 2
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 2
Karen Bee Sono Ni
3 2012-01-22 Karen Bee, Part 3
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 3
Karen Bee Sono San
4 2012-01-29 Karen Bee, Part 4
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 4
Karen Bee Sono Yon
5 2012-02-05 Karen Bee, Part 5
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 5
Karen Bee Sono Go
6 2012-02-12 Karen Bee, Part 6
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 6
Karen Bee Sono Roku
7 2012-02-19 Karen Bee, Part 7
Karen l`Abeille, Partie 7
Karen Bee Sono Nana
8 2012-02-26 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 1
Tsukihi Phoenix Sono Ichi
9 2012-03-04 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 2
Tsukihi Phoenix Sono Ni
10 2012-03-11 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 3
Tsukihi Phoenix Sono San
11 2012-03-18 Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 4
Tsukihi Phoenix Sono Yon

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Episode 1 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 01 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 2 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 02 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 3 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 03 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 4 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 04 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 5 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 05 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 6 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 06 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 7 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 07 [Karen Bee][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 8 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 08 [Tsukihi Phoenix][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 9 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 09 [Tsukihi Phoenix][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 10 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 10 [Tsukihi Phoenix][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv
Episode 11 : Direct Download: [AnimeOut] Nisemonogatari – 11 [Tsukihi Phoenix][BD][1080p][ReinForce][RapidBot].mkv

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Episode 05 : Direct Download
Episode 06 : Direct Download
Episode 07 : Direct Download
Episode 08 : Direct Download
Episode 09 : Direct Download
Episode 10 : Direct Download
Episode 11 : Direct Download
Episode ED1 : Direct Download
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Mega Batch

Nisemonogatari Batch


Its Kiss x Sis: Bakemonogatari Edition!

A fanservice season for Bakemonogatari fans.


Do not watch it, if you really enjoyed bakemonogatari. Its nothing but SHAME. I just cant understand why would they create this kind of stuff. Disappointment of the year.

A harem by any other name.
While there`s still the witty wordplay, awkward scenarios, and sometimes intriguing moral dilemmas of the -monogatari series; it may only be found in minute quantities, buried underneath reams of garish fanservice, topped off with an interesting yet somehow superfluous art style. Altogether masquerading as something more meaningful. Not only that; one would be lost without having watched the first series.
It`s unfortunate that content of this sort sells all too well, for it would have made for a much more enthralling experience had it elaborated more on its source material.
Fitting alternative titles that the group Commie have alluded to would be “Incestory” or “Fanservicestory”.

i love this show, same as bakemonogatari, but what is so shame in this series is the music. they didnt work on back music and OST as much as bakemonogatari…the show is more silent than bakemo…shame shame….

A worthy continuation of Bakemonogatari, maybe shifted a little too far toward the erotic. Do not expect a straightforward plot developement, this work strongly focuses on dialogue, which remains the main reason for watching this picture.

While i love bakemonogatari, and i enjoy.. nisemonogatari, this sequel lacks pacing and covers it up with too much fanservice up until the real awesome stuff happens in later episodes.. which is a shame really..Still it lights up my saturdays greatly! 🙂 reccomended

One of the best series ever made. In fact the whole “monogatari” series is just amazing. Hope to see more of the serie animated.

An excellent implied conclusion to an amazing series.
All of the recommendations stating this is full of fan service have really done this anime no justice — there is some, specifically two episodes worth, but that does not mean that the epic storyline in this anime has faltered, if at all.
Definitely a must watch.

A bit more fanservice heavy than Bakemonogatari, but the dialogues are just as good.

Still one of the best animes I`ve watched, the creators didn`t lose their sharpness. This new series isn`t only the old gags mixed with fanservice, there is a whole new case to solve and we got to see more of the characters we learned to love, and the animation also improved, the character design is more beautiful and the backgrounds are very artistic.

One of my absolute favorites.

In two words: must see!

Superb. Awesome. Extremely cute. Very erotic. Hilarious in many corners. I LOVE ALL OF THE MONOGATARI SERIES!

Monogatari Series: Second Season (Sequel)
Bakemonogatari (Prequel)

KissXSis (2010)

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