Noragami Aragoto (COMPLETE BATCH)

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Noragami Aragoto (720p – 100MB)

ノラガミ (japanese)

Anime Type – TV Series Total Episodes – 12 Rating – 6.35 Aired : Jan 5, 2015 to Mar 23, 2015 Producer : Bones, Avex Entertainment, Dentsu, FUNimation EntertainmentL, Shochiku, Kodansha, Movic, Ai Addiction Genres : Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural Duration : 24 min. per episode In the second season of Noragami the main focus is on Bishamon, god of combat. She has many shinki due to her being unable to abandon spirits attacked by Ayakashi. She has a large group of shinki with her as leader, causing her trouble as she sometimes cannot tend to all of them properly, especially when one of them gets sick or is in pain. She has a strong hate for Yato, as a dark past binds the two of them. How will the horrifying events dated hundreds of years ago in combination with current evil happenings affect Yato and Yukine? noragami aragoto

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Episode 1 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 2 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 3 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 4 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 5 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 6 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 7 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 8 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 9 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 10 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 11 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 12 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 13 : Direct Download | Torrent

MEGA Batch

MEGA Batch Noragami Aragoto

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  • amiris

    it would be awesome if there’s a blu-ray version

  • BiscuitDip

    Everytime i download an episode, it ends up being fully black and not showing any footage. Help :/?

    • Cyber16

      Upadate your media player.. best use KCP media player.. the best one to watch animu

  • eririn

    can we get the ova links please?

  • noorey

    Can we get any other links please?

  • Ravi Rishie

    Pls upload the complete batch mega link!!

    • Cyber16

      Will try to do it…. tho am not sure as mega is quick to DeLete shit

      • Ravi Rishie

        All is Well…and ur work is appreciated!!

  • mi

    no mega links ? 🙁

  • Cyber16

    I’m procastinating… Got no shit done. Seriously. Sorry. Will try to update DDY version until 9… aaaand.. IDK what to say. The guilt is strong in this one.

  • Ya-chan

    None of the torrent links are working

  • Sachin Kanchan

    are all eps Rapid or only 6

    • Tuphan Hamal

      Nope , They are up at least 12 .

      • Haikal

        I think what he say is: Does all episode are rapid version or only episode 6

    • Solekids

      no, they will release other sub version soon….

  • Clemmont Alura Meates

    encoder seems to not even be interested in doing the job properly

    • ChrisX- P

      they`re not paid for their anime and they not seek for money i think you`re better couraging them than saying some bullshit… you`re downloading the anime for free+subs is it not enough for you? learn to be grateful

      • Clemmont Alura Meates

        I know that they aren’t getting paid so what ? I used to encode I never got paid but I still delivered and made sure there weren’t any problems.

        If your going to be or “try” to be an encoder do the task properly rather than lazing and half assing the job.

        I am grateful, But if your going to half ass the job then why upload at all ?
        I feel insulted every time I see something like this because I know I can do a better job than these people that don’t go all the way to deliver.
        They either don’t maintain there links or they simply “can’t be bothered” fixing the problems within the video or clip.

        Why don’t I upload anymore you might ask?
        Because I have a job and I have other things to do rather than siting in my room all day behind a computer screen.
        Encoding is something you should commit to and with out commitment you will make one lazy half assed encoder.

        In saying that I’m not trying to offend all the decent and well presented encoders out there, keep up the good work!

        That’s all I have to say now if you will go away and next time come up with a very decent or valid statement, I’m sick of dealing with incompetent fools like you over the internet. I wish to not here from you again because I simply just don’t have enough time to spare on pointless debate or argument, But if you really want to get roasted and embarrassed then go ahead be my guest bud!

        • ChrisX- P

          Thank you for telling your story… Glad to hear you have changed from losers to less losers..

  • FieryMarsX

    Episode 3 is HS not DameDesuYo

  • Aureus

    May I know when will the proper subs version of episode 2 will released by you guys?

  • Zain

    ep 2 there’s no video only sound

    • dwawe

      Be sure to update your video player to latest version.

  • Sher

    Please fix…

  • Cyber16


    • FieryMarsX

      Episode 3 is HS not DameDesuYo

  • Karakuri

    No file?

  • FieryMarsX

    Link not working?

  • prrg :3



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