PaniPoni Dash! (Complete Batch)

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PaniPoni Dash! (400p – 60MB)

* Based on the manga by Hikawa Hekiru.
The 10-year-old Rebecca Miyamoto becomes the new teacher of a classroom full of weirdos. Despite her cute looks she is a little beast and can be pretty sarcastic and offensive. The school is not safe any more now that she is in charge of a class and her students, Himeko, Ichijou, Rei and Mesousa a white rabbit who took a liking to Rebecca help her to rough up the school and the neighbouring class with its teacher ojii-chan.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 6.62
Start Date – 2005-07-04
End Date – 2005-12-26

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12005-07-04Summerwear in the Coldest Season, Winterwear in the Hottest Season
Fusa ni Katabira, Doyou ni Nuno Ko
22005-07-11A Safflower Stands Out in Any Garden
32005-07-18It`s Always Harder on the Ones Who Have to Watch
Yamu Mi Yori Mirume
42005-07-25Don`t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch
Saiten o Homeru ni wa Nichibotsu o Mate
52005-08-01It Is a Treasure If It Is Fulfilling
You ni Kanaeba Takara Nari
62005-08-08Poking s Bush Only Lures Snakes
Yabu o Tsutsuite Hebi o Dasu
72005-08-15Good and Bad Luck Are Decided by the Person, Not by the Calendar
Kikkyou wa Hito ni Yori te Hi ni Yorazu
82005-08-22Bear with Sansho Spice Is Like Carp with Pepper
Kuma ni Sanjou Koi ni Kojou
92005-08-29There Are Eight-Year-Old Sages and 100-Year-Old Kids
Hassai no Ou Hyakusai no Warabe
102005-09-05Even a Thoroughbred Has Its Habits
Maiba ni Kuseari
112005-09-12Inscrutable Are the Ways of Heaven
Ningen Banji Saiou ga Uma
122005-09-19There Are No Classes Among Humans but There Are in Humans` Hearts
Hito ni Kouge Nashi, Kokoro ni Kouge Ari
132005-09-26The Wages of Sin Come Like the Tip of a Needle
Aku no Mukui wa Hari no Togari
142005-10-03Hugging a Stone and Jumping Into an Abyss
Ishi o Idaite Fuchi ni Hairu
152005-10-10Endure Patiently and You Will Not Wilt
162005-10-17Adversity Makes a Man Wise
Kasuka naru yori Kenka naru nashi
172005-10-24The Way to Heaven Does Not Favor Anyone
Tentou to Oyanashi
182005-10-31Good Things Come to He Who Waits
Kahou wa Netemate
192005-11-07Art Causes Harm to the Body
202005-11-14A Wise Man Will Know Not to Approach Danger
Kunshi Ayauki ni Chiakyorazu
212005-11-21A Demon Wearing Clothes
Oni ni Koromu
222005-11-28Today a Man, Tomorrow a Mouse
Kinkaichijitsu no Hae
232005-12-05Misfortunes Never Come One by One
Yowari Me ni Tatari Me
242005-12-12You Are Responsible for Your Own Death
Shishite Shikabane Hirousha Nashi
252005-12-19A Time of Crisis
Kikyuu Sonbou no Aki
262005-12-26No One Knows What May Happen Tomorrow
Issun Saki wa Yami

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##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 01 [400p][60MB][gg-KAA][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 02 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 03 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 04 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 05 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 06 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 07 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 08 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 09 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 10 [400p][60MB][Oyasumi][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 11 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 12 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 13 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 14 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 15 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 16 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 17 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 18 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 19 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 20 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 21 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 22 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 23 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 24 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 25 [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – 26 [400p][60MB][Bizarro-gg][Cyber16].mkv##
##[Animeout] Pani Poni Dash – OVA [400p][60MB][gg][Cyber16].mkv##

Madcap comedy for people who like a-gag-a-second otaku references and “out of left field” sketch comedy. Hilarious for those who do, tiresome for those who don`t.

absurd comedy at finest…

Seriously amazing show

The dumbest humor is the best one (c)
Love this one.

Hilarious, fast paced, absurd with lots of japanese humor and amusing characters – But us Gakujin won`t get many jokes anyway unless explained – I read the Alien Captain was voiced by the same voice actor as Picard in the Enterprise series – which makes the character here a parody – maybe there are other cases I haven`t found yet ^^

It shares the same basic structure/atmosphere as Azumanga Daioh, but it`s seemingly been written by a staff who begins each workday with several pots of of black coffee laced with LSD. The fast pace and lunacy may be overwhelming for some viewers, but it`s well worth the effort for fans of weird/twisted humor and cultural references (note: this is a rare case where the English dialog is a worthwhile alternative). And while fans of other SHAFT comedies should not expect something quite as well done as the similarly zany Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, it`s still worthwhile.

Very fast, fresh and immensely entertaining take on parody anime. Also the animation and character design is unique and stylish.

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