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Persona 4 The Animation (720p – 100MB)

Persona 4 The Animation
p4a (short)
Persona 4 (short)
Persona 4 the ANIMATION (official)
Persona 4 The Animation (official)
Persona 4: The Animation (official)

When [Narukami Yuu]`s family moves to the rural country town of Inaba, he`s expecting a lot more peace and quiet than he`s been used to in the big city. Instead, the peace has been shattered and the only quiet is the quiet of the grave, as a rash of mysterious murders and kidnappings sweep the countryside. With the police stymied, Yuu finds himself joining with a group of eight other teenagers in a desperate bid to solve the mystery. A mystery that is somehow connected to both the local weather patterns and a strange video game world which Yuu, his friends and the enigmatic killer can all enter. And where each must wield a unique weapon and learn to use amazing powers if they wish to survive. Journey beyond the Velvet Room as the hit PlayStation 2™ game becomes a spectacular anime in Persona 4 the Animation!
Source: Sentai Filmworks

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 25
Rating – 5.79
Start Date – 2011-10-07
End Date – 2012-03-30

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Ep Num#DateTitle
12011-10-07You`re myself, I`m yourself
You`re Myself, I`m Yourself
Tu es moi, je suis toi
Eu Sou Tu, Tu Sou Eu!
You`re Myself, I`m Yourself
22011-10-14The Contractor`s key
The Contractor`s Key
La clef du contractant
A Chave Do Contratante!
The Contractor`s Key
32011-10-21We are friends, aren`t we?
We Are Friends, Aren`t We?
On est amies, pas vrai ?
We Are Friends, Aren`t We?
42011-10-28Somewhere not here
Somewhere Not Here
Quelque part, ailleurs
Somewhere Not Here
52011-11-04Would you love me?
Would You Love Me?
Tu veux bien m`aimer ?
Vai Me Amar?!
Would You Love Me?
62011-11-11I`ll beat you, and beat you good
I`ll Beat You, and Beat You Good
Je vais vous crever, et pour de bon !
Vou Te Socar, E Socar Bonito!
I`ll Beat You, and Beat You Good
72011-11-18Suspicious Tropical Paradise
Suspicious Tropical Paradise
Un paradis tropical douteux
Suspicious Tropical Paradise
82011-11-25We`ve lost something important again
We`ve Lost Something Important Again
On a encore perdu quelque chose d`important
Perdemos Alguma Coisa Importante De Novo!
We`ve Lost Something Important Again
92011-12-02No one sees the real me
No One Sees the Real Me
Personne ne voit celle que je suis vraiment
No One Sees the Real Me
102011-12-09Real Me Doesn`t Exist
Real Me Doesn`t Exist
Real Me Doesn`t Exist
112011-12-16Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can
Attrapez-moi si vous le pouvez
Prenda-Me Se Puder!
Catch Me If You Can
122011-12-23It`s Not Empty At All
It`s Not Empty At All
Ce n`est pas vide du tout
Nem Um Pouco Vazio!
It`s Not Empty At All
152012-01-20The Long-Awaited School Trip
The Long-Awaited School Trip
Le voyage scolaire tant attendu
The Long-Awaited School Trip
162012-01-27Although the Case Was Closed
Although the Case Was Closed
Although the Case Was Closed
172012-02-03I Want to Know the Truth
I Want to Know the Truth
I Want to Know the Truth
182012-02-10Anniversary to Become a Family
Anniversary to Become a Family
Anniversary to Become a Family
192012-02-17It`s School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!
It`s School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!
It`s School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!
202012-02-24We`ll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel
We`ll All Meet at the Amagiya Hotel
We`ll All Meet at the Amagiya Hotel
Don`t Save Anyone Anymore
Don`t Save Anyone Anymore
222012-03-09It`s just like Heaven
It`s Just Like Heaven
It`s Just Like Heaven
232012-03-16In Order to Find the Truth
In Order to Find the Truth
In Order to Find the Truth
242012-03-23The World is Full of Shit
The World Is Full of Shit
The World is Full of Shit
252012-03-30We Can Change The World
We Can Change the World
We Can Change the World

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I`ve been playing Persona 3 Portable for roughly 50 hours, and must say that for anyone who enjoyed the game, chances are will enjoy this show.
I haven`t played any other of the Persona games, but this anime sure borrows a lot of elements from P3P – which I found a good thing. The producers sure know how to please their fans.
Bottom-line is; fans of the games will enjoy the show more than those who are not.

I`m a rabid Persona 4 fan and this is actually what got me watching anime again. 10/10 stuff, it was close enough to the original plot as it could be considering it was so few episodes but still wholly enjoyable. Recommended to all.

Normally you`d praise an anime for sticking close to the source material, Persona 4 – The Animation, however, suffers greatly from doing so. The structure of the story is not well suited for an anime and thus feels very predictable. The characters however work great in their anime format and the animation and music is rock solid. If you`re like me and you`re a huge fan of the game, don`t hesitate to watch it. However if you`ve got no previous interest in Persona 4 be aware that the anime starts off really slowly, however it should pick up towards the middle of the season.

*First, check to see if we share similar anime tastes.* I wasn`t impressed, but I`d recommend this for fans of the game. This might leave people with mixed feelings. While it can be cheesy and formulaic, it also does a good job of emulating a game-like storyline (where clichés can actually be a good thing).

Changed my mind… originally I didn`t know what to think and didn`t really like it… after ep 10~ I really started to like it, so much that I bought the whole line of Persona games for the PSP/PS2. Just not sure at this point if I should play the Persona 4 first before watching the rest of the series.

Quite good, I think most existing fans of the game except the most die-hard purists will appreciate the adaption. Excellent art, good and interesting presentation choices, the liberties they took with the story and dialogue all make sense in context and stay true to the broader characters and themes. Those who have not played the game or series will probably miss out on some of the deeper significance of some events, but I think will still be able to enjoy this.

Just stay away from the “True End” episode. It`s a mess in just about every way possible. Some interesting presentation ideas, but the whole thing reeks of trying to just animate 30 minutes of iconic scenes from the ending without trying to make any kind of narrative or dramatic sense. Luckily, the series ends on a perfectly acceptable note without the OVA with only a couple minor plot threads unresolved.

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