It pleases me to show you some actual work in progress for the new automated platform and desktop/mobile apps, this time towards something concrete.

PS: I request and recommend all our donators to join our discord so they can get early access to the Beta of the app and provide their valuable feedback and suggestions.

Discord –

The home screen showing new larger tile format, with titles at bottom

Anime Details or anime page when you select a anime from home or any of the screens, it has most of the necessary details about the anime. We will later add related and similar anime below the download/files block and creators, currently trying to get a working Beta of the app ready.

Unfortunately, unlike AOT, all files are now stored and categorized under a single folder of the anime only, as such there won’t be separate posts or pages or blocks for 720p or 1080p, instead all files for that anime will be listed together, sorted alphabatically so first eps on top, latest/last eps on bottom.

Further, we have made it so the app reads the filename and detects if there is 1080p tag in it, if it is, it shows that Yellow/Gold highlight to let you know if the file is 1080p or plain HQ (which is anything that is not 1080p, so can be 720p or lower)

Furthermore, to make it look more appealing, we only show a shorter form of the filename in the list, but when you hover it, you will see fullname of the file so you can check for yourself which subgroup it is, its quality and other info

Similarly we also show you the date it was last modified or updated in the DB, which can let users know if a reported file or broken file or file with problems was recently updated

Let me know your thoughts and again, please join us on discord to see and be part of the development of the new app-based platform.

Regarding confusion of AnimeOut shutting down and Update on new Platform

First to update you all, we have resumed work on the new platform again since a few weeks and are already working on its Desktop app. The API, backend and storage layer is already ready.

I request anyone interested in following the development of the new platform/app, providing feedback or want to try it before anyone else to join our new discord:

Now with this update, some users are getting confused on future of AnimeOut and a few Patrons also messaged us asking if AOT is closing.

AnimeOut will stay as long as its needed to migrate and transition to AnimeWatch which will have both website and app, so AOT wil shutdown (or rather redirect to animewatch) once the animewatch website is operational and public use ready.

Closing AOT doesnt mean any loss as it will be replaced by new platform. So were just shutting it down because its underlying technology is still the same and limited what we started using 10 years ago. Then we will try and migrate and transition everyone to the app, as we want to do away with website for various reasons.

Once everyone is used to the app, we will disable downloading via the website as well and redirect everyone to download inside the app.  In App, users wont have to deal with logins, download managers, slow downlaod speed, VPN/Proxy, etc. as all of those will eventually be built in features of the app.

for website authorities can check/track where its hosted, server ip and download links and all that shit and even take them down how they gonna do that in app, as app is not hosted anywhere and directly runs on users I mean a high level intellectual can do that still, but its not easy and will take someone with expertise knowledge to do so.

So long answer short, AOT will close when and because it will no longer be needed due to everyone using new platform in coming months.


Mega, Filehosts and Torrents have been discontinued, please do not ask for reupload to any filehost, we will not do it.
If there is any problem, speed issue or any issue related to our DDL (Direct Download) servers, please let us know at

You can also join our Discord channel to talk with other users and our Staff members directly -

We are now focusing on our new App-based platform AnimeWatch ( more and more, as such, updates to AnimeOut website itself and even new Ongoing releases might not be as fast as before.
We request everyone to please start using our new website and platform, AnimeWatch, instead as that will be the eventual future of AnimeOut.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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