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The life-and-death sibling story follows http://anidb.net/ch59629 [Hasegawa Utsutsu] and http://anidb.net/ch58367 [Yume], a boy and his little sister who find themselves all alone. One day, Yume sees a mysterious red butterfly and her body undergoes a strange metamorphosis — into a creature that eats humans. Utsutsu struggles to find a way to restore his sister.
Source: ANN
Note: The first eight episodes were pre-aired at a special event on 21.12.2013, regular TV broadcast started on 10.01.2014.

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 2.37
Start Date – 2013-12-21
End Date –

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Ep Num# Date Title 1 2013-12-21 Emergence
Uka 2 2013-12-21 Episode 2
Renshuku 3 2013-12-21 Episode 3
Hanmyou 4 2013-12-21 Episode 4
Shundou 5 2013-12-21 Episode 5
Kato 6 2013-12-21 Episode 6
Sanshoku 7 2013-12-21 Episode 7
Houran 8 2013-12-21 Episode 8
Rachuu 9 2014-03-07 Episode 9
Tenshi 10 2014-03-14 Episode 10
Kodoku 11 2014-03-21 Episode 11
Youka 12 2014-03-28 Episode 12

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Episode 8 : Direct Download
Episode 9 : Direct Download
Episode 10 : Direct Download
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