RahXephon (main) (720p – 204MB)

In the year 2012, Tokyo is suddenly attacked by a mysterious organization called MU.
At that time Kamina Ayato is just a regular high school student. His father passed away when he was young, and his mother works for the government. Ayato meets a mysterious woman named Mishima Reika and discovers the existence of the angel-winged giant robot, RahXephon. Surprisingly RahXephon can synchronize with Ayato. So could he be the key to save Japan?

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 6.71
Start Date – 2002-01-21
End Date – 2002-09-10

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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2002-01-21 Over Lord
Invasion de la capitale
2 2002-01-28 Awakening
3 2002-02-04 Welcome to Our Town
Une ville pour deux
4 2002-02-18 Watch the Year Hand
Sa propre montre
5 2002-02-25 On Earth As It Is in Heaven
6 2002-03-04 Lost Songs Forgotten Melodies
7 2002-03-11 Phantom in the Cloud
Le jour du rassemblement
8 2002-03-18 The Dreaming Stone
Froide nuit, sainte nuit
9 2002-03-25 Sanctuary
Le temple du temps
10 2002-04-16 War in the Rememberance
11 2002-04-23 Nightmare
Le circuit de Kioja
12 2002-04-30 Resonance
13 2002-05-07 Sleeping Beauty
14 2002-05-21 Time After Time
15 2002-05-28 Childhood`s End
La nuit des enfants
16 2002-06-04 The Moon Princess
17 2002-06-11 Ground Zero
Retour au labyrinthe
18 2002-06-18 The Memory of a Lost City
Les liens du sang bleu
19 2002-06-25 Ticket to Nowhere
20 2002-07-02 Interested Parties
21 2002-07-30 Goodbye My Friend
22 2002-08-06 Downfall
23 2002-08-13 Where the Sweet Bird Song
24 2002-08-20 Twin Music
25 2002-08-27 Deus Ex Machina
La musique incertaine de Dieu
26 2002-09-10 Time Enough for Love

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RahXephon E01 ‘Invasion of the Capital’
RahXephon E02 ‘God and Man Awaken’
RahXephon E03 ‘City of Two’ [720p miniHD] [v2](100MB encoded)(OZC)(Dual Audio).mkv##
RahXephon E04 ‘His Own Watch’
RahXephon E05 ‘Nirai-Kanai’
RahXephon E06 ‘Obliterated Cities’
RahXephon E07 ‘Day of Assembly’
RahXephon E08 ‘Bitterly Cold Holy Night’
RahXephon E09 ‘Small Shrine of Time’
RahXephon E10 ‘Sonata of Reminiscence’
RahXephon E11 ‘Kyoja Circuit’
RahXephon E12 ‘The Black Egg’
RahXephon E13 ‘Human Specimen 1’
RahXephon E14 ‘The Boy in the Mirror’
RahXephon E15 ‘The Children’s Night’
RahXephon E16 ‘Island of Others’
RahXephon E17 ‘Return to the Labyrinth’
RahXephon E18 ‘The Bond of Blue Blood’
RahXephon E19 ‘Blue Friend’
RahXephon E20 ‘The Artisan’s Battle’
RahXephon E21 ‘The Carved Seal of Xephon’
RahXephon E22 ‘Operation Jupiter Obliteration’
RahXephon E23 ‘From Here to Eternity’
RahXephon E24 ‘Doorway to the Tuning’
RahXephon E25 ‘God’s Uncertain Music’
RahXephon E26 ‘Far Beyond Eternity’


RahXephon is one of the most underrated and unpopular Mecha series by Sunrise (probably due to no promotion) however, it is also indeed the second best Mecha series I have ever watched aside Gundam. The story may feel like Evangelion and is similar but RahXephon is 5 times better than Eva. I personally suggest any mecha fan or anyone looking for a real good action, adventure, romance and mecha series from the Classical times without any harem or ecchi bullshit in plot. Its a series I really reckon everyone to watch.

To be honest, I`ve seen the series 3 times now over the years, and I still have a hard time telling what`s going on. It could just be that I`m stupid, but either way, it`s been entertaining every single time.

Despite being insanely similar to Evangelion (which I didn`t like), RahXephon turned out to be a favorite of mine.

anyways good anime
should put tragedy in the category section

Better than NGE and without loose ends.

A nice, complex plot, totally worthwhile. There`s a lot of similarities between NGE and Rahxephon, but you can enjoy both of them without any problems. Story is good and solid, nice characters (not so deep as NGE ones, though). If you liked NEG, you`ll like Rahxephon for their similarities. But if you didn`t like NGE, you would still like that one for its sensible differences and great story. Recommended!

Absolutely incredible show. Very underrated. Confusing sometimes, but everything is logical if you give it a thought. Don`t miss this one!

A Very VERY interesting anime! I haven`t seen NGE, so I can`t comment on it, however, all I have to say is that you have to wrap your head around the mythology, sci-fi, politics, romance and philosophy to fully appreciate it. I for one, haven`t taken the time to analyze it from top-to-bottom, but I will eventually…. =)

Rather complicated, not for everyone … But you will not waste your time watching this series …
PS. I also think it`s better than NGE …

Better than NGE in my opinion, with a very satisfying ending. You should really give this a try if you like Mystery and Mecha anime. The soundtrack is varied and superb too.

It`s one of the best anime i have saw last few months.

really amazing anime tobad real life now a days aint like the would make it allot more interesting:3 must watch

A whole lot better than NGE`s schizo ending!!! This anime had a great plot with great music to tie it together.

Must See, i cant believe its not very popular. This is by far the best anime i have ever seen, totally obliterate NGE.


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