Robotics;Notes (Complete Batch) (Episode 1-22) (720p|100MB)

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Robono (short) (720p – 100MB)

Robono (short)

It is the end of June 2019. A device called the PhoneDroid, more commonly called the PokeCom, has gained wide-spread acceptance.
On the island of Tanegashima, the Central Tanegashima High School`s Robot Research Club is on the verge of disbandment. [Yashio Kaito] shows absolutely no interest in the club despite the situation and being one of the club`s only 2 members. He is fully absorbed in developing a robot fighting game. His attitude causes friction with [Senomiya Akiho], the other member. Akiho is the reckless Club President. She is determined to save the club by completing the construction of a giant robot.
One day, whilst Kaito was in a park, working on his computer game as usual, he hears a girl`s voice and discovers the A.R. annotation of the Kimijima Report. It is an allegation of a plot by one [Kimijima Kou]`s with world-wide implications.
~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 22
Rating – 5.35
Start Date – 2012-10-12
End Date – 2013-03-22


Ep Num#DateTitle
12012-10-12Because Gunvarrel Is Waiting
Gunvarell t`attend
Gunvarrel ga Matteru kara
22012-10-19Because of Dreams, Hopes and Passion
Yume to Kibou to Roman ga Atte koso
32012-10-26Tanegashi Accel Impaaaact!
Tanegashi Accel Impact !
Tanegashi Accel Impact!
42012-11-02Let`s Build a Giant Robot of Justice Together
Issho ni, Seigi no Kyodai Robo o Tsukurou
52012-11-09Onii-chan Tte Yonde Ii desu ka?
62012-11-16It`d Be Sad to Have a Dream End
Yume ga Owacchattara, Sabishii
72012-11-23Thank You Berry Much
Merchi beaucoup
Arigatou Gojaimashita
82012-11-30I`m Nae Tennoji! Nice to Meet You!
92012-12-07Because It`s the Product of Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Chi to Ase to Namida no Kesshou desu kara
102012-12-14A Robot That Only We Can Build
Uchira dakara Koso Tsukureru Robo o
112012-12-21The Flag Has Been Cleared
La condition est remplie
Flag ga Tassei Saremashita
122013-01-11Until You Like Something About Them
Tant que tu n`en aimes pas au moins un
Doko ka Hitotsu demo Suki ni Natte Kureru made
132013-01-18What a Screwed-Up World
Nantoiu Kurutta Sekai
152013-02-01I`ll Let You Dream
Kimi ni Yume o Misete Ageyou
162013-02-08I Love Giant Robots
Kyodai Robot ga, Daisuki Desu
172013-02-15The Robot Research Club Is Hereby Disbanded!
Robot Kenkyuubu wa, Honjitsu o Motte Kaisanshimasu!
182013-02-22The Real Gunvarrel Is Standing Right There
Soko ni Honmono no Gunvarrel ga Imasu!
192013-03-01I Never Should`ve Had a Dream
Yume Nante, Motanakereba Yokatta
202013-03-08Does She Still Like Robots?
Est-ce qu`elle aime toujours les robots ?
Ima de mo Robot ga Suki Desu ka
212013-03-15Gunvarrel Forward!
Gunvarrel ! En avant !
Gunvarrel Hasshin!
222013-03-22Now It`s Time for Our Game
Koko kara wa, Oretachi no Game Da

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Those expecting another great masterpiece like steins gate will be let down. The story is just a mystery towards the end in the meantime nothing memorable happends. They could have kept it shorter and made it more interesting but it seems more eps of mystery keeps us busy of watching this slightly steins gate related anime.

Considering the fact Robotic;Notes is supposed to be the spirit successor of Steins;Gate, the amount of anticipation I personally held for it was probably unreasonable. After months of delaying, however, I finally manned up and finished this series on one sitting. My very personal verdict is this: its slow, boring, generic, poorly written, unmemorable and ultimately – dull. Its saving grace are its somehow likable characters and its top-notch animation quality. That said, for those who have yet to enjoy Steins;Gate, Robotic;Notes might hold a `better` merit.

After the first few episodes I was worried that this anime would turn up to be a mini robot battle anime, however that was just a short side story. This anime is mysterious and is about corporations in secretseeking to destroy the world as we know it; and the protaganist little by little getting to know about their plans.
For people that liked either Steins;Gate or Chaos;Head.

After watching this show i dont feel neither disgust or excitement… I just dont feel a thing. The plot was good enough to not be called pointless but previsible enough to not be called good. Characters have enough development but they feel so generic with no impact at all. And all the angst moments felt so fake and pointless, that they really added nothing to the show.

So… yeah. It`s not a waste of time but dont expect anything from this.

High school meets giant robots. It has a somewhat cliché but captivating plot, memorable characters across the entire fun-to-annoying spectrum, and intriguing conspiracy. However this series falls short of the plot standard Steins;Gate set for me; nevertheless a should-watch if the tags and genres interest you.

As a spiritual successor of sort to Steins;Gate, this series falls quite short of the standard that it set. While Robotics;Notes hardly lacks in the quality of its visuals, audio, or even the conspiracy theory backdrop that the scriptwriters seem particularly fond of (that links the other 5pb series together), the story and setting itself is nowhere near as gripping as the story in Steins;Gate. Perhaps largely due to the comical `giant robot` theme. However, this is by no means a poor series. It ticks almost all the boxes that would make something a good show, except for being particularly memorable.

It starts slowly, but main plot and feelings of characters get deeper as story continues. It has some strange interesting thing in it, which makes it worth watching. What to say, with next episodes it get better and better, now i wish i could see some next season and see what mean couple last seconds of last episode. GO Gunvarell !

Good thriller, with some comedy and has a pretty good story.

Personally I loved Chaos;Head (The VN is on a completely different scale compared to the though.) and obviously Steins;Gate (which followed the VN 97%, and thus the anime was just as awesome.)

When I started this show I expected atleast one eccentric character, conspiracies, humor and a tad bit of the eerie feeling that I`ve come to love in these “series”. And it lived up to my expectations without fail! The original works for these shows are so great that it`s almost sickening, and I LOVE following the story once again in the form of anime.

I`d recommend this show anyday, It shares a character with Steins;Gate (Nae) and in the first episode they use the core “line” of Chaos;Head (Whos eyes are those eyes?), being a fan of all 3 shows, this really warmed me up.

I loved every minute, there`s always this “slow” start which gradually escalates into something epic and mindboggling. And that ride is priceless.


Chaos;Head (Same Setting)
Steins;Gate (Same Setting)

Dennou Coil

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